Bloomberg’s Candidacy Gets Real: Former NYC Mayor Qualifies For His First Debate | Deadline | MSNBC

Bloomberg’s Candidacy Gets Real: Former NYC Mayor Qualifies For His First Debate | Deadline | MSNBC 1


Bloomberg qualifies for his first 2020 Democratic primary debate, John Heilemann and Chris Matthews discuss. Aired on 2/18/2020.
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Bloomberg’s Candidacy Gets Real: Former NYC Mayor Qualifies For His First Debate | Deadline | MSNBC

43 Comments on "Bloomberg’s Candidacy Gets Real: Former NYC Mayor Qualifies For His First Debate | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Can’t talk 60 Senators because it boomerangs back everywhere.

  2. How can you not get that we don’t want another billionaire oligarch. Bloomberg is not going to be President. Get over it.

    • Adrian Caraballo | February 18, 2020 at 8:23 PM | Reply

      @Richie Tattersall Wow what a stupid uninformed statement. Your naive enough to believe that his class intrest align with ours. This man endorsed George W Bush both times which gave us the disaster in Iraq. He supported the Republican opponet in the Senate races to the tune of 17 million dollars allowing them to keep their republican majority allowing for Brett Kavanaugh to be put on the Supreme Court. He has been Trumps friend and golfing buddy for years and was even on the apprentice. He also endorsed Rudy Giuliani but remember to people like you Bernie is not a Democrat.

    • @Adrian Caraballo stop with the rediculous accusations about Bloomberg. He helped the mid term candidates get elected. His promises are almost the same as Bernie’s. Bloomberg has appeal in the battleground states. Stop the gossip and let the procedure play out and it will sort itself out. Bottom line is anyone over trump and that means everyone.

    • Adrian Caraballo | February 18, 2020 at 9:03 PM | Reply

      @Paul Baransky That procedure being having unelected delegates overide the will of the voters to install a Republican oligarch buying the election. Your a perfect example of Turkey’s voting for Thanksgiving.

    • @Adrian Caraballo Gosh, Richie Tattersall didn’t say anything of the sort. His whole post was a comment on similarities between Bloomberg and Trump switching parties. Nowhere did he imply that he was specifically FOR Bloomberg or AGAINST Bernie. It’s time to slow down, take a breath, and try some reading comprehension.

  3. What a joke, I’ll take Bernie over these puppets.

    • @Joey BoX0RoX typical case in point…..noone can have an opposing opinion to you Sanders people!! This is what will give Trump a win in the next election! I agree with Chris Matthews and Jennifer Palmieri!! Sadly you all think the same way ‘my way or no way’! Destructive……at least with a Democrat as president even if it isn’t Sanders there may be some movement towards things like climate change inititives or minimum wage or even eventually a better healthcare system for everyone. With Trump none of those things will happen. But You Bernie people can’t see supporting anyone other than Bernie and are willing to destroy everyone else and work against your own interest! A cult like support just like Trump supporters working against your own interests just because he’s “their guy”.

    • Juan Minjarez
      Many, not all, of you here who profess to be Bernie Sanders supporters will never mention that Trump is not fit for the office and that he doesn’t deserve four more years.
      Why? Because many of you are really Trump supporters in disguise. Your intent is to sow division again as you did in 2016. It worked then, so you’re hoping it will again in 2020.
      Say that Bernie becomes the nominee, then you guys will start following Trump the Republican’s talking points by filling the comment section with lies, conspiracty theories and misinformation about Bernie and his family and by trying to brand him with the ‘Socialist’ label in an attempt to scare the middle class and the wealthy.
      We will see many of you switch from pushing Bernie to trying to tear him down, so Trump will win. Then, some will wonder, where are all the many Bernie supporters who use to fill up the comment section all over the Internet, and how come so many commenters are posting anti-Bernie and pro-Trump comments.
      Those of you who are genuine Bernie supporters, don’t be fooled by them. IF they are evasive/mealy-mouthed in their criticism of Trump, by claiming ‘both sides,’ (a popular one), then you know you have a Trump supporter, masquerading as a Bernie supporter. That person is ready to switch as soon as Bernie becomes the nominee and will end up taunting you about how Bernie is going to turn America into Venezuela and lies much, much worse than that.

    • Anyone taking money from the corporate machine. I wasn’t talking about Trump. Bernie is running a clean campaign, free from corporate corruption. Pete, Amy, and Joe are dirty. Bloomberg is a Republican, trying to buy his way in to the office. For forty years Bernie has been on point. People fear change, and Bernie represents major change.

    • Rain Walker

      What made me come off like Trump supporter? Chris Matthews is trashing Bernie. He’s a scared old man, who make millions to feed people lies. When was the last time Bernie was given a layup question? He is fighting the RNC and DNC.

  4. Chris Matthews is being reactionary.

    • Chris Matthews is right! The problem is noone as yet has gone after Bernie aggressively and challenge his unrealistic pie in the sky garbage! They all seem to be scared! Well grow some balls people and challenge him!

    • @jazzy tootoo They go after him at every opportunity. Bernie deflects it all simply by going back to the issues and laying out the problems in this country that NOBODY else addresses directly. So you can keep being outraged at the idea of the US joining the rest of the world and socializing healthcare, you’ll be pulled kicking and screaming along with Matthews.

  5. Time to Bern the DNC

  6. The establishment is SHAKING!

  7. Why is Chris Mathews a little bit$% about Bernie

    • Because he is 100% RIGHT!!

    • @MylesTube 5 since the democratic party is so bad and you guys always want to dump on them perhaps Bernie should run as an independent and not under the democratic party! Actually I don’t understand his participation in this process to pick a democratic nominee!! I wouldn’t let him. Period

    • @Tony_security Yeah, I can’t even believe he uttered such ridiculous hogwash. It was embarrassing to watch him lie like that. He’s pretending the Senator Sanders hasn’t been part of Washington politics for years. Moreover, Chris Matthews is now responsible for taking part in media disinformation.

    • @Verum illic Bernie Sanders is a senator, not some new and terrifying Johnny-come-lately, as Chris Matthews is well aware. I believe that his embarrassing “red scare” rant was staged and am glad that he seemed as uncomfortable presenting it as it came off. I’m sorry that Chris has lowered himself to spreading bigoted disinformation in order to perpetuate the status quo in our politics, especially when our country is desperate for changes that really do some good.

    • @Donna Voorhest That’s an interesting alternative take and an interesting possibility. If that’s true, I’d be even further disgusted with him, but I like your reply.

  8. This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

  9. “There are people who just are never going to come our way”

    – A Democrat pitching to ignore Sanders supporters in favor of Republicans

  10. Chris, this is 2020, not 1972. I think it’s time for you to retire.

    • @Tessmage Tessera Interesting…what did the polls say again in 2016 who was going to be president? And sorry, the majority as defined by you does NOT win in America. The different system in each state in the primaries are so screwed up (as we’ve seen in Iowa), leave alone in the presidential election itself (who did the majority vote for again??) that it has got nothing to do with who the majority voted for but who gets a majority of delegates. So let’s just see how the elections go before we rely on polls again as to who people will really vote for.

    • @Amanda Hooper Matthews’ position is based not in wise perspective, but in fear. Fear is not wisdom. Fear never results in positive change, nor progress. When you’ve hit the end of the box, there’s nowhere left to go, and things aren’t better or arguably even worse, it’s time to climb out of the comfort of the box.

    • 4 years ago…

    • Tessmage Tessera | February 18, 2020 at 10:08 PM | Reply

      @Tamborean Easy answer: in 2016, the polls said that the majority of Democrats would vote for Hillary. And they did. Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump did. What the polls FAILED to do was (1) they didn’t poll the Independent voters, and (2) the polls didn’t take into account what would happen if Bernie was screwed out of the nomination. See, about 12% of Bernie’s supporters wound up voting for Trump… not because they liked Trump, but because they felt betrayed by the DNC and they hated Hillary. That’s a lot of votes… and those votes are coming straight back to Bernie this year.

    • @Tessmage Tessera The problem is because they got mad, took their toys and went home (or worse, actually voted for the Thing now in the WH), we ended up with an up-and-coming dictator and the near loss of our democracy altogether. I’m currently supporting Bernie, but you can darn well believe if he does not get the nomination, for whatever reason, I will be voting for anyone but Trump. I am hoping that the “Bernie Bros” is more of a media strawman to attack, and/or a fringe internet phenomenon, rather than something real. I’d like to believe that Bernie supporters are, by and large, real and principled people, not trumpists of the left.

  11. disgusting.

  12. Let’s get Chris in Central Park pronto

  13. Heather Muchow | February 18, 2020 at 6:53 PM | Reply

    They aren’t even pretending to be unbiased.

  14. It was good to see that Chris Matthews managed to get through his Bernie rant without crying. Well done Chris. Keep taking the meds.

  15. Just open up the checkbook and the DNC will drop their drawers.


  17. TheMoonKingdom | February 18, 2020 at 8:11 PM | Reply

    I get the feeling Chris, dislikes Bernie:)

    BLOOMBUT- 31,500 X BERNIE.

  19. Lol. Chris Matthews starts attacking Bernie in a video supposed to be about Bloomberg. Lmao

  20. I’ve really admired you over the years. That’s over tonight!

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