1. 3rd their wasn’t a second a judge threw out the NFL’s argument the pats were cheating with footballs then the comish went back to court for the right to suspend any player any time for what ever he wants and he won that case

    1. Not really. They’re likely never going to get another MLB job because that type of suspension, including what it was for, will hang around their necks like a scarlet letter.

    2. They’ll be tainted for the rest of their lives. When Jose Altuve enters Cooperstown in 15, 20 years, what will the media, fans say when he gets the call?

    3. @gfear24 Its’ a slap on the wrist because no players were suspended and the owner pretty much got off scot-free.

    1. @Lioninthenight I don’t follow your rationale when 2 of the 4 games that it took to win the series was won on Dodger field. The Dodgers’ key players(Turner,Seager,Belliger,Puig) just did not hit and Hinch out coached their manager. And that’s the facts, not speculation.

    2. @Calffrey Turner The fact is the Astros cheated. They cheated throughout the series. The Dodger beat them on their home field, too. And game 5 wouldn’t have been close had the Astros not cheated. The Dodgers scored 12 runs that game both fairly and the right way. They would have won the game. Dodgers win that game then the series would have ended in game 6 when Dodgers won 3-1.

    3. @Lioninthenight Every team in the league is guilty of stealing signs.
      I admit that the Astros took it too far by using technology but you are incorrect to think that the Dodgers would absolutely have won that series if not for this cheating issue. In addition, I predict the Astros will this season again win 100 games and make it back to the World Series. They are just too stack. They have 6 players(Bregman, Altuve, Corea, Springer,Verlander,Alverez) in their lineup that are in the top five in their league(AL) at their positions. No other team in the major league can make that claim. Yes, Cole is gone, but there are some young horses down on the farm and we will have Corea back at full strength and Alverez for a full year.So, keep crying, you sore losers and watch the Astros keep kicking your asses. And that’s all I got to say!!

    4. @Calffrey Turner You have have zero to say. I already have given you ample evidence why the Dodgers would have won the series had the Astros not cheated. Both teams had access to a center field video feed at home and on the road. The fact is the Astros used it for cheating, and the Dodgers did not. Dodgers farm system is the best in the majors. Bellinger, Muncy, Seager, Turner, Verdugo are better than what you have. The Astros should have their rings and trophy confiscated from them. They will forever have an asterisk by their name. They didn’t win anything.

    1. They need to execute the coaches by drawing and quartering, enslave their children and take all their women. Then they need to erase the team’s name and ostracize their families for 5 generations.

    2. And strip all the steroid home run users of their stats like Bonds, McGwire, Sosa? The home runs happened the games happened put an asterisk next to the championship but it dam well happened.

  1. This is a MLB issue–investigate all. Interesting to hear Correa’s stories–who gave him the “OK”. Crane ” throw them under the bus! save a lot of $$$.

  2. I’m glad he brought up the advantage the astros had knowing when not to swing. That’s a huge advantage when pitchers lose their ability to make batters chase pitches.

  3. I’m with Pete Rose’s comments on this, Any player who knowingly used the info at the plate must be suspended and fined.

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