Bob Moses Is Absolutely A Historic Figure: Rev. Al | MSNBC 1

Bob Moses Is Absolutely A Historic Figure: Rev. Al | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel pays tribute to civil rights leader Bob Moses, who passed away at the age of 86.

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Bob Moses Is Absolutely A Historic Figure: Rev. Al | MSNBC


  1. R.I.P Bob Moses the fight Goes on voters right Housing rights Human rights the fight continues

  2. Bob Moses was an humble giant. No one in the Movement had more integrity. I met him a couple of times and am honored I could be part of the work he envisioned and inspired.

  3. Those of us who are white are fighting the voter suppression laws being placed on all of us right now from the Nazi fake “Republican” officials. We need to thank these early civil rights/voting rights workers. They set the pattern for making certain that all of our voting rights were guaranteed. You make a mistake if you believe that this is just a “black” issue or a “democrat” issue. These guys are attempting to take the power away from white Republicans as well. Educated Americans from previous generations put heart and soul into assuring your privileges.

  4. What a shame that he had to pass away, knowing that the future of voter rights was under serious threat!

  5. “Well, the one thing we got right/ was the day that we started to fight/ Keep your Eyes on the Prize.”

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