Bobby Rush: Congress Was Determined To Pass Bill Making Lynching Hate Crime | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Bobby Rush: Congress Was Determined To Pass Bill Making Lynching Hate Crime | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


After nearly 200 previous failed votes, the House overwhelmingly approved legislation to make lynching a federal hate crime. Congressman Bobby Rush sponsored the bill and joined Stephanie Ruhle to talk about this historic moment. Aired on 02/27/20.
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Bobby Rush: Congress Was Determined To Pass Bill Making Lynching Hate Crime | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. Nunsuch stfu why are you so mad that now it’s a hate crime to lynch people ?? You racist pos aren’t even hiding it anymore. And then you’re all upset knowing dam well you never had the balls or plans to lynch anyone. Staying behind a cp screen and making clearly racist comments have worked well enough right ?

    2. @Ricky Fontaine
      So, by your distorted rationale, if a White guy hangs a White guy, its a hate crime?
      Lay off the meth dude.

  1. Yeah, Harris and Booker will have some explaining to do when Juicy Smallcheese is convicted. Timing is everything.
    The Silent War Continues..

    1. Shawn Corbin that has nothing to do with Lynching still not being banned until now. That’s sick. You know it’s all fun and f**king games until the shoe is on the other foot. No one people stays on top forever then what?

  2. This anchor-bimbo makes such face like it was republicans who historically were rejecting the bill. No, dumb libturd, democrats stood against this bill.

    1. lol, you’re some kind of history major? The Dixiecrats fled the Democratic Party in droves when Johnson pushed for the Civil Rights legislation in the 60’s. They became the KKK and White Nationalists you now stand shoulder to shoulder with. wake TF up.

    2. @Chris Newton the kkk and white nationalist existed before the 1960s. Democrats figured out that by giving out welfare to poor minorities and poor whites that they could control them. Thats why a lot of urban and rural poor communities vote Democrat. I’m not conservative or liberal and its always funny watching people debate politics when both sides are garbage full of crooks.

  3. So let me understand this. “Lynching” is hanging someone/ killing someone. Which is already illegal. Killing by any means because of race is a hate crime… that’s already illegal…. what does this do exactly

    1. @William Henry Van Etta Thank you. All politicians though not just dems. Only 4 voted against it. Plenty of gop traitors too

    1. Not entirely. In Nevada if someone shoots your dog you can indeed hang them at 12pm friday under Nevada state law. It was a fringe law implemented in the 1880s and has not been removed. So Don’t shoot dogs in nevada

    2. Tristan : They didn’t make it a hate crime, from what I understand. This bill simply makes it a federal crime.

  4. Sub titles please!! Didn’t know that LYNCHING was legal GTFOH 1619 this centuries late. They don’t use rope anymore LYNCHING is done by guns now

    1. MUSA X : Lynching has never technically been legal; it simply wasn’t prosecuted if the lynchers were white and the victim was black (there were some non-black victims as well, in which case the law was slightly more likely to take action). This bill is simply the first time it has been recognized as a federal crime, which makes it significantly harder for local law enforcement/judiciary to brush it under the rug.

      And I agree that subtitles and/or closed captioning should *always* be available on news program videos.

    2. @ErykaSoleil No buck broken Bobby needs sub titles. LYNCHING is done by gun now .. WHITE supremacy has retired from using rope ..
      Good bye

    1. Daniel Boynton : Brandon McClelland, aged 24, was lynched in Paris, Texas, in 2008. He was dragged to death behind a car, and no charges were ever brought against anyone due to a “lack of evidence.” It is important to note that lynching is not just limited to hanging; it is defined as any mob killing for an alleged offense, without a legal trial being held.

    1. Yeah, hangings have gotten out of hand, all over the country. Thanks to the hard work of Senators Harris and Booker, the hangings should slow down, maybe stop. Look what happened to poor Jussie, bless his heart.

    1. @Crown royal Especially Nancy Pelosi. She’s been hanging herself with her own rope for so long, it’s thinned out quite a bit.

  5. Wow, you made something that is already illegal, illegal! I’m SO glad you get paid by my tax dollars to get those hot-topic issues sorted, well done!!!!!

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