Body Cam Footage Reveals New Details In George Floyd’s Killing | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Body Cams is clear – how many people told the police officer to take his knee off? He only did this when the ambulance people asked him. He appears to take perverse pleasure in keeping his knee on George Floyd’s neck – even when Floyd is clearly in distress. Institutionalised racism, institutional brutality – outlaw police.

    1. ღSwnsasyღ _
      Well… it’s what’s obvious from 8,500 miles away over the last 50years…, Kent was before my time… 60 % said it was good the national guard shot American teenagers dead🤯🤯🤯 ffs , what a nasty culture that is ffs

    2. ღSwnsasyღ _
      It’s sad. The US was a nation that as kiwis… we grew up admiring, they had come n save the pacific.., paid a huge price for our existence…, the streets here n in Aussie are named after the USN the USMC… the Rangers… what the F happened… capitalism… unchained, the love of fame n profits,??

    3. ღSwnsasyღ _
      Super hard to watch, glad our old Ww2 dad ain’t here to see it… he ended with Dementia… he wouldn’t-have understood how so many in the US have remained silent … would have upset him to think the in land of the titan he/ we fought along side…. healthcare is still a privilege… not a right like everywhere else

    4. @Randy Couch ok he was a convicted felon.. so what?lol? thats not how police force should be used.. or should we just killed all the ex-cons on the street and turn all felons into a death sentence?

    1. @Arivers Nike has slaves. Good job supporting a company that treats their help like slaves!

    2. Bidens ties with China…think about it. Trump has never been a traitor. Try to make something believable up..

    1. @Tessmage Tessera ​ Yeah, let’s hope. But the cops who killed her get the luxury of time. She got 8 bullets.😕
      Be safe, be well! 🙏

  2. When I was a child, my parents taught me to respect the police. They also taught me that if I was in trouble, I should go to the police for help. The police are not like that anymore, which is extremely sad.

    1. With all the paedophiles etc out there, I respect the cops for trying to keep us all safe. However, I have seen the same ‘knee move’ performed by a white cop on a white party goer, who was pleading for the cop to let them back up from the ground and the cop wouldn’t. This was in the 80s early 90s so I know the police don’t always interact well with the communities that they police and can be too heavy handed.

    2. @yapdog ok, I’ll just admit I’m racist, because I’m tired of hearing about social justice and race issues. So yeah, I’m racist. Oh well. I don’t feel bad.

    3. @Randy J You’re admitting the obvious. That’s easy in comments. Let’s see how you do when people find out this is your account, Randy J: _”That’s not who I am! I was just saying stuff for fun!”_

    4. @yapdog see above. You’re attempting to make thought a crime. Eventually they’ll come for you. You’ll never be woke enough. Your Marxist ideals have you believing that thought is more of a crime than actual crime like murder and mob violence. Good luck. I own everything I say.

    5. @Randy J See there? I actually said nothing that’d give any indication of my views; you’re again revealing yourself. I just pointed you out for what you are. And you agreed I was right. Further, I just told you what’s going to happen to you. It’s been played over and over and over again; when someone gets caught they put up a “woke” front. It’s good that you own it, tho; you do you. Later.

  3. Mr Floyd is dead. Murdered by a cop. Let’s all wait for the trial. Dont corrupt the jury pool.

    1. News Now Frauditor Locator ? He was killed by a criminal police man, are you dumb? Serious question.

  4. These four men in uniform the publicly should be able to trust in the past if there was a problem you called the cops, however, if your black that doesn’t seem the right path. God help and protect us from the good guys.

    1. “The odds of an unarmed American who does not pose a direct threat being shot by the police are fewer than one-in-a-million — again, less than your chances of being struck by lightning, or killed by bees or wasps.”

  5. The term is depraved indifference. It is murder just like refusing to issue a mask mandate is depraved indifference. As long as more Black and Brown people die than white people this purposeful genocide will continue to have the approval of the Make America White Again cult.

  6. What happened to George Floyd will haunt me forever every time a cop gets behind me or walks toward me I fear for my life because I fear I will be shot because the officer thinks I have a weapon or fit a description

    1. you are entitled to feeling that way, i hope american police get better and do not discriminate against african americans in the future but listen, george floydd specifically was a personal case. The cop wanted to murder him the moment he realized it was george floyyd, they knew each other from working at the same club. As for other cases that are truly indeed prejudice and racially motivated those must stop

  7. all he had to do…was get out of the frigging car…..and now its all about the “almighty dollar”

  8. Toast burns.
    Paper burns.

    America burns…

    Under President Nero, who sets fires and extinguishes lives.

  9. Instead of responsible government, we got us a circus of Republican clowns burning down the tent–with everyone inside!

    1. In what way? Your leftist media spews hatred and fear instead of his and his administrations accomplishments then you should have already changed media. Learn what this administration has accomplished because the mainstream media does NOT want you to know.

  10. To dismiss police abuses as merely “a few bad apples” fatally ignores the ongoing toxic law enforcement culture that spoils them rotten and allows them to flourish–creating, perpetuating and exacerbating corruption and abuses.

    1. Yes, there will always be a few bad apples in every company. “The odds of an unarmed American who does not pose a direct threat being shot by the police are fewer than one-in-a-million — again, less than your chances of being struck by lightning, or killed by bees or wasps.”

  11. Cops never lie…they always tell the truth about the innocents they brutalize and murder, the bribes they take! That’s why innocents get killed and locked up, while the criminal cops walk free to prey upon the public they’re supposed to “protect” and “serve!”

  12. Only when law enforcement demonstrates nationally that it is capable of adequately policing and holding itself accountable can the public have the security and confidence they are there to PROTECT and serve ALL citizens. We’re sick of the carnage and misery–we’re not waiting, anymore, police, prosecutors, judges, mayors, councils, legislators, governors, Congress, Mr. President, SCOTUS. This is really a question of whether or not America wants to be a democracy, or something less.

    The Blue Wall must end, or there can not be justice for all, nor can there exist public trust in law enforcement. That simple…yet the disease persists, as DOD Secretary Esper so thoroughly and disappointingly demonstrates in trying to escape accountability for active troops being part of a force brutally attacking without any warning unarmed American civilians peacefully protesting, exercising their First Amendment rights.

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