Body cam video shows cop shooting Black teen who had charged two women with a knife 1

Body cam video shows cop shooting Black teen who had charged two women with a knife


Columbus, Ohio, officials released additional body camera video on of a police officer fatally shooting a Black teen who charged two females with a knife.
"We don't yet have all of the facts but we do know that a 16-year-old girl, a child of this community, tragically died last night," Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther told reporters.
"Bottom line: Did Ma'Khia Bryant need to die yesterday?" he added. "How did we get here? This is a failure on the part of our community. Some are guilty but all of us are responsible."
Ginther said state investigators will determine "if the officer involved was wrong, and if he was we will hold him accountable."
Police identified the officer who fired the shots as Nicholas Reardon, who was hired in December 2019. The officer is off street duty pending an investigation. Calls seeking comment from the police union have not been returned.
The fatal shooting comes at a time when police use of force around the nation — and in Columbus specifically — is under new scrutiny. In February, former Columbus police officer Adam Coy was indicted on charges related to the fatal shooting of Andre Hill, a 47-year-old Black man.

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  1. “She was a peaceful little girl, she promoted peace”
    She didn’t look so peaceful when was moving to stab that other lady in the neck…

    1. @Mike X In this specific case she did have a weapon and she was literally about to stab someone. A police officer can’t stand by. He did what he had to do

    2. @Me1586 Me sorry, my empathy stop short when ur trying to kill someone… The only criticism i have is was 4 bullets necessary. But whether he should have shot her, no doubt. Look at how close the knife was to the girl in pink’s head. Had the police didnt fire at the attacker and as a result the girl in pink was stabbed in the head, would we be having this conversation? No. Instead we will be asking the question of the lack of intervention instead.

  2. The father literally could have saved his daughters life by pulling her away but instead choses to kick the girl that was on the ground. Yeah, father of the year right there.

    1. @James Quinlan Says the person that hasn’t touched a gun *ONCE* in their life. I can’t waste the time telling your dumb self why that won’t work.

    2. @Ida Mae Dewberry cause the stupid shick was trying to stab that girl was he supposed to let her get stabbed

  3. Lebron trying to turn this poor officer into a villain was disgusting, he was in an impossible situation

    1. @James Baron I’m not saying the cop was wrong or right. I was just trying to give context. No one in these comments will be making judgements on this case so our opinions don’t mean nothing.

    2. @David Coleman  @David Coleman  bro stop to be stupid!!! watch, think and then say something, use your brain at least once….the dog was without a leash, 99% he was on her arms all the time, and even though it’s not a excuse, you’re here talking bs because the girl dressing pink is not your daughter because if it were your daughter you would be here congratulating the police for saving your daughter, don’t you!!!??????
      stop being hypocritical and don’t fight against facts and reality

    3. @David Coleman You are correct but there are a lot of dumb ideas floating around out there. The sad truth is that a young girl lost her life and it wasn’t necessary. Not saying the cop was wrong, I believe he did the best he could given the circumstances and how little time he had to assess the situation. The girl could have chosen to just keep her attackers away by holding the knife and threatening to use it should they attack her and waited for police, she could have tried to escape, there were a good amount of people involved in that situation that could have tried to de-escalate before police even got there.

      All in all this shooting and so many others could be prevented but we have to look at each police interaction and look at the facts before rushing to conclusions on whether every shooting is an instance of police brutality and/or systemic racism. I do believe there are certain things that could be done and that some form of police reform is probably necessary but I also think that most police officers are there to try and make their communities a better place. Every organization has its bad apples as every organization is a reflection of society at large. There are good people and there are bad people.

    4. Cornwall1888 – He’s made this into a race issue in keeping w/embracing the culture of victimhood. He’s a racist idiot!

  4. Erin Burnett: “she _appeared_ to have a knife.” Let me fix that for you Erin: She *had* a knife!! Was that really so difficult?

    1. @David Lee What in the living hell does this have to do with gun control? SHE WAS USING A KNIFE! Also, many cops have been killed with knives. You don’t just “tackle” someone in the middle of a knife assault.

    2. @David Lee
      Lol. An attempted knife murder is a “results {sic} of a lack of gun control.” You liberals are straight up *_CRAZY_*

    3. @David Lee What you should have said was don’t let your daughter or when you have a daughter pick up a knife because at her furrnel you going to tell everybody she deserved it right . Even a toy knife . White police officer need to arrest their own people for now on point blank period history speaks for itself

  5. Congrats to the officer for saving the girl in pinks life. Thank you for your service. Well done.

    1. @BrotherHusbands I’m glad the other Woman survived and yes the 16 year old should’ve dropped the knife as dirrected and she’ll PROBABLY be alive you just make it seem like you’re happy about the entire situation…

    2. @Mel Hicks “Always?” Soumds like you think in black and white, all or nothing thinking. That’s extreme and you’re not helping yourself, nor the world.

    3. How about black people protest other black people? considering thousands die every week around the country by inner city violence. But they sure will speak out on the first white person involved though.

  6. *She was a Peaceful girl. She promoted Peace.*
    Obviously not that Day. She was trying to take someone’s life. Thank you to the Officer for making that quick and *RIGHT DECISION* to save that other Girl’s life.

    1. @Purple Stars Where did she get the knife because it wasn’t her house she was outside of. So she was carrying a knife and then used that knife against a person who wasn’t armed.

      People don’t like the police, police can’t police. Crime goes up, arrests go up. The people who want better move out, leaving the community to get worse and worse.

      Your probably thinking where race comes into this, it doesn’t , race is something h*tler was obsessed with. There’s just one race, the human race.

    2. @Rik rik Ok so basically these girls were chasing her home trying to jump her so she called the police and while she was waiting she got the knife to defend herself but by then I feel like her father should have stopped her because it looked like at that point she wasn’t in eminent danger and was just trying to stab that girl. The police officer had to make a quick decision so he did what his natural response was telling him to do because if he didn’t than she wouldn’t have stabbed here but I think he could have at least tackled her taking the knife away or taze her.

  7. She keeps saying that there were other options. If a taser couldn’t guarantee the girl in pink’s safety, I’m not sure what else could. Police need to be better at deescalation, but I don’t think he had any room to deescalate in this situation

  8. *How much do you want to bet Lebron James would have never Tweeted You’re Next about the Officer if it was His daughter about to get Stabbed.*
    What should be *NEXT* is to give that Officer an *AWARD* for saving that other Girl’s life.

  9. *”Officers carry guns for a reason, and sometimes we have to use them.” Thank you for your common sense, sergeant!*

    1. @David Leung and it also caught the guy in the grey hoodie putting the boot to a girl on the ground, he needs to be charged and arrested.

  10. Although their families might think their girl is all nice and peaceful, but in reality, there’s always will be a demon inside their lives and suffering

  11. I feel the news stations could be more descriptive about this, she had a knife, she lunged at someone, the police was far, makes sense what he did

    1. CNN, MSNBC, The View and ABCnews are largely staffed by left wing bigots. They intentionally misinform the public so that they can promote their hate.
      60 Minutes, CNN, MSNBC and NPR have all recently been caught lying. Its all on video

    2. Yeah the media is the problem… for reporting what happens… or you just hate that it’s being exposed?……… gotcha

  12. “she was a very loving peaceful little girl, she promoted peace” Tell me shes not talking about the girl shot on video who was in the middle of an attempted murder with knife in hand?

    1. and with her idiotic father who thought assaulting someone and sending his daughter to murder 2 other people was reasonable

    2. its like peaceful blm protestors being peacefully burning down a mexican owner business to the ground. or the black girl peacefully trying to stab the pink dress girl in the neck

  13. The cop is a hero.
    The family of the girl in pink should hold a press conference to thank him for saving her life.

    1. @Scott Parr it is the most risk free way to save the girl in pink, if the stabber was tazed or something elsed the chance she could stab the other girl was still large, thus wheh she whipped out her knife she signed her own ticket to hell

    2. @Scott Parr    no, you are ill informed and I hope you could go get some real information from somewhere that isnt twitter, doughnut operator did a video on this and I do think it is worth a watch, I hope you can change your oppinion after you have watched the video that is accually backed up by concrete video evidence and commentary. If you don’t, well Idk what you are thinking or mabye you are just completely dilusional

      Edit: Oh ye heres the video

    1. @MrArmenian17 actually I believe that is what happened. But that’s irrelevant to the events that occurred after the police arrived. When they showed up, the initial victim had become the threat and was about to stab the woman, she got shot. That’s what’s supposed to happen…she should’ve just went in her house or got away once the police arrived and let them handle it, but she didn’t, and none of the adults did anything to help diffuse the situation either. The cop made the best decision he could.

  14. “She was a peaceful girl who stabs people with love i shouldn’t know because I didn’t raise her myself, she was in foster care getting all the love and attention someone who is so loving and caring needs.”

    1. the cop should have hugged her while she was going for the stab, cuz cops lives dont matter. we must support the criminals instead of the innocent victims as long as they are black no criminal is bad

  15. The police was probably hysterical cuz the situation he was in looked very tense, the girl in the pink could’ve been killed before his eyes and he had to make the ultimate decision which led to a horrible fate to a young life

  16. Even after seeing the police officer there she STILL is trying to stab that girl in pink. I’m so glad the girl in pink is alright and I have no sympathy for the deceased. Actions have consequences….

  17. I love how the mother tries to portray her daughter as the next Mother Teresa. That cop is a hero for saving that other girl’s life.

  18. “She was a very loving, peaceful, little girl. She promoted peace.” Proceeds to stab 2 people.

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