Body Camera Footage Shows Minnesota Police Shooting Of Daunte Wright | MSNBC

Body Camera Footage Shows Minnesota Police Shooting Of Daunte Wright | MSNBC 1


  1. I’d like to see that argument hold up in court for anyone who doesn’t have a badge. “Oops, I meant to taze them but I don’t know the difference between the grips of a tazer and a glock.”

    1. @Knatgeo Zirconium Tasers aren’t really that bulky. They weigh less than a loaded handgun: in fact, an X26 weighs 7 ounces (half a pound), while a loaded Glock 17 weighs about 32 ounces (two pounds). You’re right in that they’re usually yellow, though.

    2. @STEELER 4 LIFE Law enforcement experts say the gun should be holstered on the officer’s dominant side of the body, and the Taser should be placed on the nondominant side. So if an officer is left-handed, the gun should be on the left side.
      Steve Tuttle, vice president for strategic communications at Taser, noted some of those differences to CNN: A gun is heavier. A Taser has a different grip and feel. When you take the safety off on a Taser, an LED control panel lights up.

      There’s more: Tasers can be different colors (yellow or black), and the holster is different from a gun’s.

    3. Yeah I feel you but if he never had resisted. The officer wouldn’t even had had to even resort to weapon use.

  2. Boy I miss 20 years ago when the only thing the entire state of Minnesota hated was Gary Anderson

    1. Daunte shouldn’t have resisted arreest. He acted a fool and tried to fight the cop and of course that’s not mentioned or even acknowledged

    2. In the gun control debate, Minnesota police are showing they are precisely the type of people that shouldn’t have guns.

  3. “ accidental discharge” is a fallacy. What that was is a “negligent discharge”. Even if done without intent, it was negligent.
    That officer is responsible for that shooting , even if unintended , through negligence.

    1. @Mark Vincent Baculna yes, the discharge was intended. It is only criminal negligence if use of deadly force was not justified.

    2. @daft wod where? His record is weed and disorderly conduct. Where are you seeing guns on his record? Sources cited please. I’m looking right at the minnesota courts page and it’s not there.

    3. @Garrison Barnett no, it’s not. It’s not his fault she was not equipped to do her job properly. Stop excusing them for murdering people.

    4. @Jo No. Her not being trained properly and her using her gun instead of taser caused his death. Stop defending their BS!

  4. She didn’t know the difference between her gun and taser?! Wow, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

    1. @Surfer Dad oh, please, humans make mistakes. Just because she’s a wearing uniform, don’t mean she ain’t human. However, There’s a strong case for negliance here.

    2. @chuck wick She was no rookie, the officer who fired the shot, Kim Potter, is a 24 year veteran of that police force.

    3. @Liberal Dumbfuck A leftist who’s right on this. It had everything to do with it. stupid actions, get stupid consequences.

    1. @DrCognitive
      Yeah there are a bunch! But that 1 good to! My point is the way this network aired it in this segment! They had the same video! Not cool in my book! Let us see the whole thing and decided for ourselves! NOT JUST HERE’S A BIT!
      I can’t stand spin! No matter the network or the story!

    2. The police absolutely need way better cameras and when they exit the vehicle at a stop they need to stay on. It ridiculous that in today’s age of liberal surveillance and taking control of everyday freedom that these idiots don’t have 8 cameras on at all times. I set troops in war have better cameras then these useless shill that are helping to destroy my country.

  5. ⚠️ WARNING, you are about to enter a total war zone in the comments. Here’s a cookie to keep you safe: 🍪 Have a great rest of your day!

    1. @Anabella Chiclana its very refreshing to see someone try to keep a discussion open & neutral. I hope people be respectful and not try to use honeyed words to hide hate & bias.

    2. @Reddregus Watkins aw thank you!! I know right? I just hope this helps humans treat others like other humans:))

    3. @EMS it’s human nature that many people resist arrest. It’s a peace officers literal job to keep the peace and diffuse situations. If they cannot handle the job, they need to lose it. Resisting arrest does not warrant murder. Ever. Period.

    1. A loaded Glock weighs almost 3 pounds while a taser weighs half a pound. This cop had zero situational awareness to not know she had a loaded firearm in her hand and not a taser. She never should have been given a badge.

    2. @D P And a taser is placed on the non dominant side and have a bright color so she should know she pull the gun from her dominant side.

  6. These body cams are the best thing that happened to the police since the invention of tasers. Absolutely brilliant!!

    1. @chuck wick yep, lots of police are masons and join to further this agenda. Ps, I take no political side. They want us divided.

    2. Just goes to show how not even complete video footage can talk sense to these blm crazies, meanwhile we’re the ones getting censored.

    1. @Donor of Ruffled Feathers Sorry man but Ive been around long enough to realize some types of people gonna riot for ANY reason they can find, they’re just sitting and waiting for something to give them an excuse

    2. It doesn’t matter sweetheart. Stop gaslighting. She should’ve at most used the stun gun, not the actual gun. Don’t change the subject. Log out, byeeeee

    1. @C. M. Exactly, all these despicable human beings have this nonsensical ideology that you should be able to take officers to peak levels of stress and tunnel vision and then lose their minds when dangerous/deadly results transpire, because I guess all of a sudden humans are supposed to behave not like a human but the police droids from iChappie.

    2. Because they have minimal funding in the area, they need bodies and will hire anyone, and they don’t have enough money or public incentive to properly train the people they are able to hire.

    1. Ffs what is wrong with you? What is the message to black people? Do you want them die ? That’s what it seems like. STOP RESISTING ARREST. Please for the love of god stop inciting racial division and please black people need to listen to the police. Please. This has to stop. More black people will die if you continue to tell them to fear the police and continue to perpetuate the lie that the police execute innocent blacks. You have blood on your hands

    2. If he wasnt driving an unregister car and didnt try to run from the cops this woulnt happen…im truly sorry for the officer thats involve here…

  7. This is a difficult situation. My heart goes out to his family. To my younger generation of brothers and sisters, you have to comply with the commands given out by cops if you’re ever detained. Live to fight another day.

    1. @New Harper YOU are wrong… I have been there before…. Arrested too… I did everything asked of me, let them cuff me, put me in the back seat, didn’t run my mouth …. Went to jail, had my day before the judge & went home… I’m not judging him… I’m judging his HISTORY ! Period & his HISTORY ( arrest record & charges ) SAY he’s a repeat dirt bag & he didn’t let us down did he… You watched this video just like everyone eles. HE STARTED THE CONFRONTATION ! HE CAUSED HIS DEATH !

    2. @New Harper this type of “obey all authority figures no matter what” mindset is exactly how dictators rise to power. And racist authoritarian Republicans wonder why libertarians hate them.

    3. Sadly, there ARE incidents where ppl were obeying the commands and were STILL shot, beaten or abused.

    4. @Kenneth Padgett, Flight Paramedic, Private Pilot This is NOT 1 of those cases… & yes you are correct… However… This dirt bag had a serious arrest record & DIDN’T OBEY ! He resisted & died !

  8. She literally has the gun stretched out far enough in front of her for a long period of time. Then shot him

    1. Lol Do u keep a taser in ur home to protect ur self and family from home invasions?
      Tasers don’t do what they supposed to do half the time. Bullets do.

    2. The New Police Excuse for Murder .. just yell: “Taser Taser Taser, …” then shoot them dead and act surprised

    3. @RonRenaissance Man it’s not negligent because they’re trained professionals to make the correct decisions. Their job requires them NOT to make mistakes during times of quick decisions because if they do they’ll cost someone their life.

    4. @BruceLee’sDJstudio and please stop defending dirty criminals.

      See statements like this is why the USA is about die. We really seem to can’t find a common ground among each other. Like we all know deep down inside of ourselves that it is both the criminal and cops fault, one resisting arrest, and one not knowing how to do their job.

  9. Adrenaline rushes, muscle memory and going into “fight or flight” mode can make you do interesting things. At that point wasn’t focused on what she had in her hands but instead locked onto Mr. Wright. She lost all situational awareness and that’s how bad things happen. It’s not that she doesn’t know the difference between her gun and taser under normal circumstances but at that moment she wasn’t aware (didn’t know) that she had her pistol out. In her mind she was holding a taser.
    I bet she was a quota hire.
    Side note: Why can’t people just comply? Is it that hard? That’s how these situations can be avoided completely and you’ll look a lot better in court.

    1. If a police officer accidentally shoots you or a loved one dead I really hope you keep the same energy.
      Not complying doesn’t justify a man losing his life.

    2. “Fight or flight” could apply to Mr. Wrights actions during this incident as well. He may have fled in fear of being shot a second time, we’ll never know.

    3. BlueNinja, only the white policeman looks good in court, since the black is dead…white man police is saved by his skin colour again

  10. How in the world did he escape and end up back in the drivers seat of the vehicle? Absolutely amazing how a 125lb guy can regain control. With that said, he was only thinking of himself and there is a good chance of an accident that could involve real innocent victims.

    1. So death penalty deserved . Because he might of went from misdemeanor to violent felon in seconds and cop had to n eliminate threat

  11. 💥 It’s a blessing, that people who take your temperature at places like the airport are not armed, can you imagine getting shot in the forehead instead of taking your temperature! 🌡️🤒

  12. “I will tase you” was for the body camera only. A taser and a gun don’t look or feel the same. Next they will be saying he died of a drug overdose or he had a heart attack.

  13. I am 67 years old. I have been driving for 51 years. I have been pulled over quite a few times in those 51 years of driving, but not once did I resist, become confrontational, or try to flee. That is why I am 67 years old

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