Body Camera Footage Shows Officers Assaulted By Mob On Jan. 6 | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @jeff mcgowan
      Gramps make yourself useful.
      Go to uncontrolled intersection and make yourself useful as a human speed bump.
      It’s all your old intellect is capable of.
      Gotta go.
      Have to program and a business to run.
      So you can collect democratically fought for entitlements that Trump was going to take from you if he had a second term.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx To be honest, Marjorie taylor Greene the Q-Anon Karen said herself that the Californian bushfires were caused by a ginat Jeiwsh space laser. “Can you beam me up Scotty?”

    1. @Mr JL it’s ok for you but not others. The democrat party of today. True two faced trash.
      Well if you don’t find fault in your actions don’t expect others to find fault in there’s.

    2. @Wally Censorship I really hope the 200+ terrorists arrested by the FBI so far in relation with the the terrorist attack of Jan 6, use that defense in court…that’ll be fun ro watch.

    3. Why can Russia 👹 ARREST THOUSANDS!!!🤬🤬🤬….

      And AMERICA 🙏 only a ..HUNDRED!!!😳🤬🤬🤬 And a Handful 🤬🤬🤬😞

  1. It’s an interesting proposition that Cruz, Hawley and others are being investigated for intentionally stalling the count to give the protesters time to get there.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx The difference between objecting electors and telling lies about an election is that Democrats never incited violence to overthrow an election. Democrats conceded to have a peaceful transfer of power. Democrats didn’t desecrate the Capital where people died. Protesting is one thing, overthrowing an election is treasonous.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx Election losers have, for the most part, always conceded and committed to a peaceful transfer of power. If you are referencing the couple of times a democrat has spoken up on the house floor during a certification of electors, these times were to bring awareness of widespread voter suppression that has been proven. This insurrection was different and based on lies of a fraudulent election. There is NO defense for what happened. Those who think they can formulate excuses for attacking, beating, and murdering on our capital are truly not patriots.

  2. You can come up with legal reasons why Drumpf should not be impeached, but he is convicted in the public eye by overwhelming video evidence.

    1. GOP who won’t convict…are they cognizant of Joe Bidens approval ratings right now?? The public is not on their side

    2. The GOP don’t want to convict because then they’re risk other parties committing crimes in January from here until the end of time. But they have to hear it from their base. GOP are more afraid of losing reelection than they are of setting such a dangerous precedent. Maybe the videos will get through to the non-job Republicans.

    1. 40 years ago Barry Goldwater warned Ronald Reagan about letting the crazies into the party, Reagan didn’t listen

    2. @James Ricker
      The Republicans are only taking part in the Impeachment trial to protect tRump, and in so doing to ensure that they get a position in tRump’s Patriot Party!
      They know that the GOP is Finished!
      So what’s next for America?
      Will tRump’s Patriot Party appoint tRump President for life, and dissolve congress?
      What’s good for president Putin is good for tRump, and these far right Fascist in the now debunked QOP Repugnant Party!

    3. It is not the party. “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or abstain and blame it on a process issue. Gives them cover, gets the job done. Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or abstain. Spread the plan if you agree.

    4. It’s time for some GOP rebranding…
      They should change their mascot from an elephant to an Ouroboros; the snake that eats itself.
      It’s so much more fitting.

    1. Right, a dog bit me yesterday. I know that SOB was a republican too. The corruption goes beyond humans my friends, pets too are now attacking are liberties.

    2. Don’t forget they are the ones that are out there stating pro-life to sale them to pedaphilics and prostitution.

    3. @Craig Norris You need some help. The Videos show the truth. Along with the Tweets, & the FACT that Chump NEVER called in the National Guard when this was happening….for hours! Pence finally did that. Chump BELONGS IN PRISON FOREVER

    4. @IRISH ROSE I didn’t see burning churches or women getting run over by v8 muscle cars. I’ve been looking for the videos though. I just need to point out when people get carried away and over dramatic.

    1. If you are a Republican, you’re guilty! You knew long before Jan 6th that this thing was spinning out of control!

    1. @Mimzy Jinx Actually, not even true. His call to come to the rally in December citing ” it will be Wild!”, was the spark to get a huge crowed there to do his bidding. This gave a perfect storm to the actual part of his followers the vehicle to storm the Capitol, as they had been planning it before the vote. For months before the vote, he built up that the election would be fraudulent if he did not win. Mail in ballots being his main target, he appoints a loyalist to the Post Master General position to eliminate mail boxes and processing equipment to slow down and try to invalidate those ballots as “too late to count”. Texas was very heavy handed in the way they kept voters from even finding an “approved mail box” for ballots.
      He has stoked this fire for months calling for his followers to forcefully take back the country in his name. The final nail in it was telling them he would walk down PA Ave with them ( and didn’t ) to convince the Senate an d the Vice Poodle to “do the right thing”.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx why was he hiding behind a bulletproof screen. If the crowd was peaceful. Who was he Afraid of surrounded by his loyal supporters. . You would thing he would trust them with his own life . Violence instigators are the always the weepy cowards lol

    3. @Margaret Nicol and not a single person put every dem in check for inciting, promoting, and even justifying violent and deadly domestic terror attacks in every major city of the country all summer. Shameful disgusting double standard, but if it wasn’t for a double standard the dem party wouldn’t have standards at all.

    4. @The Blade actually a “riot” is in-fact a “riot” regardless of one’s mentality or reasoning behind said “riot”. It’s kind of a simple definition of a word. Literally comparing apples to apples. You are welcome for the education this afternoon.

  3. Trump shouldn’t be impeached he should be convicted of a treason, I believe that the only punishment for treason is still hanging.

    1. And Seattle, and Portland, and Minneapolis, and Atlanta, and DC, and LA, and Chicago, and Kenosha, and Detroit, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. All are criminals and deserve prison, couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your honesty and integrity.

    2. Article I Section 3 Clause 6 , “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or abstain and blame it on a process issue. Gives them cover, gets the job done. Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or abstain. Spread the plan if you agree.

    1. It wasn’t just he couldn’t accept he lost. It was a pre-meditated power grab. Planned right from the start of Trump’s presidency. Even before. He’s been setting this up for years.

    2. There is one thing I wonder about. This whole coup failed because the rioters were so poorly organized. They almost made it but failed in the last minute. Why didn’t Trump send professionals from Blackwater instead to take the Capitol?

  4. Keeping in mind that the reason for Trump to be desperately trying to cling to power was to avoid legal consequences of his many crimes, civil, State, and Federal.

    1. That may be the primary reason, but he also wants to continue to avoid paying back debts to Russia, S.Arabia and China, ….and generally enrich himself (and his ilk) by using the POTUS office. . E-book: ‘Right Wingers Duped’ articulates further.

  5. Q. What do you call people who enact an Insurrectionist Assault on the United State’s Capitol!?!
    A. A 2020 Republican

    1. I hear you there, but it’s hard to turn yourself in. I’ve called many times to let them know I voted republican and wish to turn myself in. No one responds.

    2. @Craig Norris Yes, I’m being Sarcastic, until Trump I voted Independent because I don’t like a 2 party system. I like the idea of 5 major parties that force coalition building to get things done. I’m now a Democrat. I voted for Reagan. Unless Congress Indicts Trump I doubt I will ever vote for a Republican Again. The over all Autocratic mindset tells they only care about power.

    3. @Jeff Carver I caught the sarcasm. I too feel their needs to be at least one other viable party. I do feel this would force them to work together and get things done. Now we just have to choose between hate on one side and hate on the other. I was a Democrat for years but they swung a little to extreme for me. Trump has now pushed me away from the Republicans. Now I feel like a man without a country.

  6. Trump said, “Come to the rally, it’s going to be wild’. What could be wild about a mundane rally? Trump has had hundreds of rallies.

    1. As an American veteran, these calls make me very sad. All the for lies of known liar. These “Patriots” need long jail terms so they can contemplate their actions.

  7. I can’t even imagine how scared those police officers must have been and continued to do their jobs protecting those traitorous republicans who didn’t deserve protecting!

  8. Just listening to the recording of the officer made me cry. I can’t imagine the fear. WTF is wrong with the Republicans what kind of blind loyalty is this??? TRUMP instigated and did this!!!

    1. Sounds more like a lefties dressed as Trump supporters, just like they been doing all year long destroying lots if cities.

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