Body language expert breaks down the debate performances 1

Body language expert breaks down the debate performances

Body language expert Mark Bowden breaks down the performances of the federal leaders in the English-language debate.

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    1. Trust me. As much as I don’t like Trudeau, he is still a better option than O’Toole. I would vote NDP but that will further divide the vote. Sucks being a libertarian because I cannot agree with any one of them. I live in Ontario and Blanchet would be a sweet PM

  1. Ah ! Am boycotting this election since Not even one of them said : LOVE YA CANADIANS ! And am running as a parallel candidate : Eye Love Ya ! Love is Action for me not just bla bla bla. Will Do 3 Things : Travel Coast to Coast and encourage regular training as it has been medicine and therapy for me personally so pushups, squats, hawks and dancing marching steps. 2) Make sure Canadians have their food, housing and transport secured so that they can volunteer, do community work, grocery shop, socialize,etc. 3) Kisses, hugs, tickles, massages to all Willingly Loving in Ottawa in or outside of Parliament and on Sussex Drive. Fourth Dimension to that Trinity WILL DANCE FOR MOTHER NATURE the Greatest Artist and to Attain Harmony Between Civilization and Nature. THis is my slogan : Rainbow Dragon Knock em All Out ! Love ya !

    1. You either had a stroke, or took too much “medicine”. If strokes were contagious, I would have had one while reading this.

  2. Rightly so regarding Blanchet. He (says) he has no interest in being PM of Canada.
    re: Trudeau: Did anyone check him for pot? Seemed a bit laid back at times.

  3. Were you watching the same debate I was? Because Trudeau was elevated and extremely defensive LOL. He knows he’s wrong (or maybe he’s in denial… who knows) and tried so hard to come back from it but honestly, fell overwhelmingly short.
    Biggest clown of them all.

    1. He isn’t analyzing what they were saying he was analyzing their body language. I agree with you for what he was talking about his voice was very quick and uneasy but his body language was strong and professional.

    2. @Vulvex It’s pretty insidious how they bring in a “body language expert” because everything else Trudeau said and did aside from stand firmly and blink infrequently was completely inadequate. They need something to describe him as strong and confident.

    1. @Chan B I know. Ironic to think these PPC voters might actually be the reason Trudeau squeaks by AGAIN. For those who don’t understand, voting PPC in this election only helps Trudeau win…

    2. @TheRickibobby yeah, great job PPC voters. You’re helping Trudeau win this election. Don’t complain when he wins because you helped make it a reality.

  4. Clever rainbow lighting in the background of the debate stage.

    Sensitive to the climate. The Canada I recognize and love.

  5. Or maybe the leaders of establishment parties have teams of body language ‘experts’ coaching them and others don’t?

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