Bodycam footage of police shootout with children released 1

Bodycam footage of police shootout with children released


The Volusia County Sheriff's office released body camera and aerial video of the incident when the Sheriff says two runaways broke into a home and used weapons they found inside to fire at deputies. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports on the latest developments.

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    1. @Ablestreet: Cool. You don’t have to own a gun if you don’t want to. A lot of people feel uncomfortable around them, and that’s understandable.

    2. @Reason THE SHERIFF SAID IT WITH HIS OWN MOUTH, watch the video before commenting fool! Tell that to your momma.

    3. @L. So: He didn’t say that. He said “we want to know how they learned to assemble the AK47”. You’re jumping to conclusions.

    1. @The Sanguinor POCs killing each other in record historic numbers since your “protests”
      Way too go btw. You killed more minorities than police and Joe biden combined.
      You ruined the lives of so many minorities that officer Kamala is jealous.

    2. @The Sanguinor A super elderly Jim Crow relic and biggest most notorious Racist in politics is mail president and his mail VP is a racist crooked cop.
      They are known as the godfather and mother of mass incarnation of minorities. She used her systematic power and privilege to oppress minorities.

      What are you gonna do about it?
      That’s what I thought.

    3. @King Charles You imply I’m apart of BLM when I’m not. I’d also like to see your statistics and sources as apposed to reading your rhetoric. You blame the cover of the issue without recognition of a much deeper problem. Your view is one sided. Though with little fact I’ll credit you still have pieces. Gathering information from all angles. What are you going to do about that? Praise be the fundamentally humbled and humiliated. Praise be the rational guidance of human folly.

    4. @The Sanguinor don’t waste your breathe, anyone at this day and age that needs to be convinced that BLM is not a terrorist organization is not going to learn. They have been brainwashed by Fox and OAN, it’s unfortunate but we can only lock them away now

  1. Be assured that the powers above you release the cam footage only when it’s in the police his best interest otherwise it takes months and even years to get the footage

    1. I have a question. How were these children able to get not only into this home but to the weapons. Aren’t firearms supposed to be locked up?

      Seems to be a lot of information left out! I find it hard to believe that these children just stumbled upon this home with so many firearms.

    2. @Harshit Jain you are a spam account. You’ve posted the exact same paragraph in several different threads.

    3. Here’s the problem: have you had any relationship that was completely abuse free? Anyone who doesn’t think they’re abusive just needs to Google emotional abuse and go down a couple lists to see if they struggle with doing or have done any of those activities. The silent treatment is abusive. And when a kid has already had life go wrong some of the get numb, but some of them get hyper sensitive to abuse. We all gotta be better, but especially those that deal with hurt children. Man this situation sucks, but there’s so many more that feel like running away all the time, or finding a way to get killed

    4. @The Milk Man
      Maybe they did … maybe nobody listened …
      Again, we don’t know much about the situation so I’d wait before making any hasty moral judgment here.

    5. @The Milk Man they don’t have a voice, that’s the problem. No one knows what they they were running from, but I can’t imagine it was good, given they were willing to risk their lives shooting at police to avoid going back. Try to imagine the desperation they would’ve needed to experience to do what they did

  2. This sheriff department released this bodycam footage in a timely manner. Why do we have to wait so long after other shootings for the footage to be released? Could other departments be engaged in coverups?

    1. The timetable for releasing sensitive bodycam footage is a decision lawyers for municipalities make.

  3. cops posted the body cam footage immediately this time, definitely not defensible without the vids and they know it. too bad they cant do this with all shootings

    1. They only release video footage right away when they look good, if they’ve fucked up it’s always “we’re still investigating and can’t make comments”

    2. @widder shins Sure, this is true, but with how sensitive things are with cops and shootings, smart cops are gonna make sure they have the vids out if it is defensible.
      Even smarter cops would make an obvious, on camera effort any time they can when it comes to the need to discharge their arms.

    3. @OceanFragments that’s why they always use “I was scared for my life” as an excuse even when there’s tangible evidence to the contrary. It’s like early South Park with Jimbo out hunting when he shoots anything he shouts “it’s coming right for us” so he can pretend it was self defense and then shoot everything, it was heavy in the scuzzlbutt episode in the first season

  4. The children were doing their best to escape a nightmare that they couldn’t run from this is truly sad and intense situation

    1. There have been and are 12 yo kids and younger who do all kinds of sh#t for gangs. Drug/gun running and hits to name a few. Law enforcement is less suspicious of the younger ones so there’s that. A lot of it is the tragic circumstances these kids grow up in. Yet, there are and have been 12yo kids and younger who have street smarts and an intellect that surpass most adult minds. They can be fn ruthless and colder than a bottle of liquid nitrogen in the middle of an Antarctic blizzard.

  5. Don’t you think Tamir Rice, should have got that same opportunity as the white children?

    1. Tamir rice pointed the toy gun at the officer, different police officers and department. Not everything is about race

  6. The AK was probably not disassembled like the sheriff was told by the homeowner. Homeowner is trying to cover his tail. I know grown men that own AR-15’s and DON’T know how to disassemble or reassemble their rifles.

    1. The learned how to reassemble the AK from YouTube. You can find anything on YouTube that you need to know.
      Try it. Search how to reassemble an AK-47? It’s all over YouTube. I can look up how to fix my 2005 Envoy on YouTube. And I fixed my breaks from YouTube.
      Kids can find anything they want off of YouTube. I can & you can.
      Use your brain dude.

  7. You have to consider how troubled these kids are. When I hear “group home”, I know it’s not good. The same government who wants to ban abortion needs to turn their attention to the kids who are born.

    1. Ron DeSantis and the Republican controlled Florida legislature underfunded children’s/juvenile programs.

  8. It’s a failed system when police feel that their only course of action is to shoot a child.

  9. They just found an AK-47 and pistol… and this dude’s answer is “well clearly these children should’ve been kept in a more secure location.”

  10. “Not me! I’m a responsible gun owner. My guns are safely locked away.” says every American gun owner.

    1. What % of crimes are illegal guns? Criminals dont register. Making it hard to register drives the demand market.

    2. @nyclear None, almost every ‘illegal’ gun was made and sold legally to someone in the USA initially. It only becomes illegal when someone commits a crime with it or obtains it when they aren’t allowed, too late. The point is, too many idiots and mentally ill people have guns, and they are on a short fuse each fully capable of killing dozens before anyone can think twice. If the states have any responsibility to their tax paying citizens at all its to keep the obviously mentally unstable repeat offenders from killing everyone down at the local grocery store or theater or school. People need to pass driving tests even though they NEED to have a car. If you feel you need a gun, great its your right, but you need to prove it to society that you arent insane and know how to handle it first.

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