Bodycam video challenges police account of Ronald Greene's death 1

Bodycam video challenges police account of Ronald Greene’s death


Two years since Ronald Greene's death — and two days since Louisiana authorities released a series of videos of their encounter with him — his mother says she's still in shock.
"Just trying to… bring it into reality, that this has happened to my son, grief stricken isn't the word," Mona Hardin told CNN on Saturday. "It's horrific, it's so evil."
Greene died after a police chase and his death has been the subject of a two-year investigation. On Friday, Louisiana State Police (LSP) released a series of nine body camera and dash camera videos offering a graphic account of the May 10, 2019 encounter with the 49-year-old Black man. That release came after portions of at least two videos were reported on by the Associated Press earlier in the week.
Greene's family has said they were told by police Greene died in a car accident. But the graphic videos tell a different story.
The newly released footage from the state comes from cameras that were used by Lt. John Clary, Trooper Chris Hollingsworth, Trooper Kory York and Trooper Dakota DeMoss, who are White.
The videos depict parts of the chase as troopers pursued Greene's car and tense radio transmissions can be heard describing what was happening, but at no point in any of the videos released are images of Greene's car visible.
Attempts to pull Greene from his vehicle are seen and heard.
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    1. @Dixon Uranus we can decide to be whatever colour we want in the comments. Depends on your political agenda doesn’t it. I mean, you could be a far right, white racist pretending to be black couldn’t you? (I might edit this to make you look more stupid than you are depending on your reply… think about that)




  1. The Top State Trooper in Louisiana should be fired for his department trying to cover this up.

    1. @Leroy Masten
      How do I know what? Explain what your talking about. I don’t know you to figure out what your talking about.

    2. @R Littlejohn Would this be the R Littlejohn that lived next to me a few years back and moved to BC?

    3. @Leroy Masten doesn’t matter no one has the right to treat a human being like that and saying the stuff he did to the man. The officer was clearly enjoying it. Think to yourself that could of been my child. Doesn’t matter weather he is white or black or purple no one has that right and they all should be held accountable for it.

  2. Think about how much they got away with before video footage, in the past it was your word against the police and they always believed the police because they are supposed to uphold the law but this has been going on from the beginning of this country, the brutality of black men

    1. @Sedrich McCollum CNN keeps deleting my comment. But to keep it simple, they’re on their own.

    2. @Sedrich McCollum They do not respect you, dude. Save yourself. Lol. In America, the first line of attack that the “strong” bm faces, is not from wm, ww, or any other people for that matter. It comes from his own female counterpart. They decried Ice Cube for getting together with two of the leading blk economists in America and drawing up an amenable blueprint, using his platform to try to bring attention to ways in which the American government can help close the wealth gap for black Americans, said forget all of that, and gave you Kamala Harris. Even given her despicable record with your community. The product of an Indian mother and a mixed race father. Ice Cube went on “cocktails with queens” and at the end of it all, the question those women asked was “What is in it for us? (Specifically)” As if they too weren’t part if the black collective. THINK ABOUT THAT. They move separate feom you, and they think they’re better than you. You are disposable. SAVE YOURSELF!!!

    3. @Sedrich McCollum They dragged Ice Cube through the mud for actually trying to do something to effect change for his community, but Maxine Waters can sit down with Megan Thee Stallion for half an hour, shower her with praise and talk about how powerful the song “WAP” is.
      The average American bw does not think like Erica LeShai or Shahrazad Ali. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!
      Save yourself!!!!!

  3. There’s a federal investigation into this matter. You can bet the police officers and the medical examiner are all going to be indicted.

    1. And this tragedy and the George Floyd tragedy had more than similarity in common: what people don’t know about George Floyd, when he was younger and still in Texas, was that he was FRAMED for something he didn’t do, so instead of going to prison for 10 or more years, using his previous minor misdemeanor problems to make him confess to a more serious felony he clearly didn’t do but fear would be convicted over, in a carefully orchestrated planned trial against him…

      MANY OF THE FORMER DETECTIVES whose work in that UNIT that railroaded young Floyd, in addition to thousands of other cases…. have either now been indicted OR SENT TO PRISON, already, for their actual crime activities, which ranged from what they did to young Floyd, to hundreds of other victims of police brutality & criminality. Hundreds of cases over the years done by those officers had been declared null and voided, due to the criminality of that police investigative unit, in Texas. This was years before poor George Floyd moved to the Twin Cities.

      The police department, I believe in Houston, have formally came out, recently, and apologized to Floyd, even after his death in Minneapolis, over their illegal railroading him to prison over something he did do, the police said…

      Many police officers and departments across America STILL engage in such criminality; but all they have to do, they think, is just put out good sounding press releases and they’re good.

    2. @Kiab Toom Lauj I did some research on Floyd and I heard something about this that he pled guilty to something that he did not do because he was scared of serving a long sentence. Very similar to the Central Park kids who pled guilty to a crime they didn’t commit because they were terrified of going to prison for life. Could you post a link to your information so I can study it please?

  4. Demand End of qualified immunity immediately. Just looking at ‘ The level hate & anger in these men is just unbelievable, even him begging them and saying I am your brother, I am was just scared didn’t save him . This only is proof that no training will ever help these types of guys. The only way to end these kind practices is ” 1st removing qualified immunity & 2nd creating very strong ” Transparency & accountability system. Also, The fact that they covered up shows how corrupted & guilty the whole department is, as they always are caught cover up of serious cases, don’t ever believe they will investigate things in a honest way and no one should accept their joke that they will investigate themselves, their needs to be independent departments to investigate them who is in charge of all the police camera’s , in this case this poor helpless mom did better investigation and knew they were lying. I wouldn’t trust and given even these guy’s a body cameras that has off/on options. The police body cameras should be special designed body cameras that will be with on option only during all of the time they are on duty and capture everything clearly video + audio and special $$$ should be given to creating very strong Transparency & accountability. And Politicians should stop giving police billions $$$ of military equipments to them. Someone needs to police these guys or otherwise you become police & military state .

    1. @K M the far Right… wanting to create a land with only one religion… wanting to curtail the rights of women to make their own choices…. anti-homosexuality… etc etc. A bit like ISIS or the Taliban isn’t it?

    2. Don’t be a criminal and this won’t happen to you. He was resisting arrest and they were subduing him. There’s no hate involved in that. They were just doing their job.

    3. @Hector Josue Silva Acosta People don’t care about that. That’s too much common sense. That’s not allowed

    4. @Hector Josue Silva Acosta Do you even know , What is the meaning of crime and Who is the doing what here & who is the king of the big crime in this case. The uniform & badge don’t make some untouchable angel. Why don’t you go live in Russia & China, if you like to live police military state.

  5. These cops and anyone who helped cover this crime up needs to be held accountable, they must go to prison for their evil deeds.

    1. @Hector Josue Silva Acosta Wow so he was resisting arrest you say, but literally the man is in shock on the ground getting kicked and punched and even tased and you think it was his fault. This is just another classic example of how unequal violence is on outgroups or minorities in the U.S. and can be seen in other countries as well where minorities of a place are treated unequally. Regardless if he did resist some form of arrest, everyone makes mistakes in life and people should not die because they make mistakes. Being arrested as a minority is horrifying because of prior instances of others that they could relate to get unequal treatment and you are being ignorant saying that he resisted arrest as the man is seen in pain and how the police lied about this incounter is even worse. Greene was treated inhumanely.

    2. @mick mccrory Good, they should get all violent criminals off the streets regardless of their race

    3. @Logan I don’t care about this “minorites” rhetoric. If you’re a criminal you need to get dealt with. He was refusing to comply with them which is why he got tased. Just don’t fight the cops and you’ll be fine. Race has nothing to do with it.

    4. @Hector Josue Silva Acosta You are simply not understanding how real life works. Many times people get arrested they resist because cops don’t always say what people are being arrested for all they know is a man or woman is placing them under arrest which can be scary. People make mistakes and this does not give police the right to take them out of the world for that and you are a crude and ignorant person for thinking otherwise. This is a race issue, many pieces of statistics prove my point. White cops are more likely to use a gun in a predominately black neighborhood and over the course of a life 1 in 1000 black men could be expected to die by a cop and these statistics even reach towards other minorities as well. Minorities overall are more likely to be arrested as well and this is completely due to socioeconomic status. The reason so many minorities are at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale is because of previous things such as redlining and so forth that stopped funding into areas primarily filled with minorities.

  6. Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted. From the cops on the scene, the ones who helped cover it up, and the medical examiner who filed the false report. If the medical examiner hadn’t gone along with the cover up, it wouldn’t have taken this long for the truth to come out

  7. It doesn’t matter what happened before. Once they have him in cuffs, it’s over. They went WAY too far

    1. @Daniel Rodriguez Yeah I am a snitch. If I see criminal activity I would report it to the police because I’m a civilized member of society. You should grow up.

  8. I’ve said this before: all body cam footage should be uploaded to separate entity and reviewed… body cams should always be running and the police should never have the ability to shut off or mute cameras. and if any officer does should be reprimanded or loss of position.

    1. In every country. More in some than others… but police brutality, abuses of power, they’re real all over. My gram used to say that school dropout bullies become cops, because they can’t do anything else. She was right.

    2. White supremacists must and will be permanently eradicated one way or another and the world will be a much better place.

  9. I’m still SMH about the blatant lie the police reported about the circumstances surrounding his death.

    1. @Kareem t All the black men in prison pretty much shows it’s not as deadly to just comply. I mean you wouldn’t have a major black prison population of they were just being killed. Pretty good evidence I would think.

  10. That whole department need to lose their jobs. A classic case of the blue wall of silence.

    1. Since this is systemic corruption throughout the entire state police force right to the top, I’d like to know how deep into the state legislature this issue goes. Bet you $1000 it doesn’t stop at the top cop.

    1. @Joshua Yancey I hear ya, u have to doe. It keeps u in check with what this world has come to. Thanx for da blessings!

    2. @Daniel Rodriguez meh, Daniel Shaver and Ryan Whitaker were white. They complied and still shot to death

  11. To the people who said “obey the law and this won’t happen”,

    They’ll completely overlook that the cops filled out a false incident report to cover themselves because they know they fucked up

    1. @GoMogolChannel There is literally no such thing as a justified shooting of a person of color anymore. I saw a video of a police officer get stabbed by a black man because she was white. She was afraid to shoot him. Only after she got stabbed did her partner shoot him. It’s insane.

    2. @SMS2884 dude, we know you’re a bot nobody believes your lie. Aint NO COP afraid to shoot gtfoh with that

    3. @GoMogolChannel lol actually alot of female officers hesitate. You can watch alot of videos of this happening. They don’t just roll up and drill the suspect.

    4. @SMS2884 so your admitting that its the male officers who are rolling up and “drilling” “suspect”….You’re “suspect” they need to go after you.

    5. @GoMogolChannel I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with doing that. Sometimes hesitation is bad. Hence why for example the female officer I’m referring to got stabbed. That was in Chicago by the way. It’s on YouTube.

  12. On a darker note, prior to body cameras, imagine all the cops that literally got away with murder or abusing their authority of the general public.

    1. @Siahwash NThere was cop in Florida that was discovered to have been planting fake evidence on random people he pulled over. In some of the videos from his own body cam some of his victims are white.

    2. Crooks have hid behind badges for most of civilization, this is not new nor will it change without us changing it.

  13. Mom, you are 100% correct, there is no doubt of the intent of those officers. That was racially motivated hatred and murder.

  14. This is insanely gone out the window with this! That’s injustice! This needs a reform.

  15. The reason the family, over a year ago, only saw short, highly edited video clips with no sounds was simple: the police was actively hiding some crime, openly planned & discussed on videos, and so they could only show the highly edited, muted videos to justify their official report of “how he died.”

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