Boehner Torched After Blasting ‘Lucifer’ Cruz And GOP He Enabled | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Handed out money fr tobacco industry on the floor of congress. A pox on him and his family, for five generations

  2. john bonehead – I guess he thinks enough time has passed for people to forget the roles he AND lyin paul ryan played in the mess this country is in because of their orange menace.

    1. @William Thompson 😆 in your whitest, slave owner fantasys. “Buut, buut Buford they are clamoring for our Southern geential & gawd fearing law & order😜

    2. @William Thompson I’m a lifelong republican and no matter how bad Joe is, he’s still better than trump

    3. @Fender 89 guys like you have no logical response…I personally don’t care for Trump..but democrats don’t recognize brilliant…

  3. Years from now, many people who supported the mess that’s going on from the despicable disgrace called the tRump republicons will some day do as John Boehner. They will ask themselves, what in blazes was I thinking.

    1. @darena12 correct they are terrorists and need to go through deradicalization programs of some sort. They are mentally ill and a danger to those around them. Rabies is the closest comparison

    2. They are quite clear in their thinking. What they will ask themselves is, why the folks who raised them planted the seeds of hate in their minds against their fellow countrymen.

  4. there is an element of Republicanism that seems to be trying to separate from the Supremacist movement of the Republican Party…trying to find a sensible and respectable place to take a stand. History just wont remember the Republican party well…when all its policies finally revealed themselves as anti- democratic….in direct opposition to what THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT.

    1. But who cares? Certainly not the people who vote for them , it goes in one ear and out the other. Think about this for a minute, how can 74 million people continue to fall for this party?

  5. Here’s a book: The Grand Old Party Cook Book, recipes that will have them eating each other up. Um Um Good.

  6. Quite a definition of leadership: “I was against what they were trying to do, but as a leader, I had to be in front of that wrong thing”

  7. Gingrich, Bennett, Boehner, Cantor, De lay, Hyde, and many more got the country to this point. And Gingrich is still selling the horseradish up to this day.

    1. Can’t agree more bro
      We certainly have a problem
      Bunch of true descendants of the barbarians to deal with

  8. I’m sorry, “Is John Boehner credible and consistent…?” What kind of question is that? He’s a Republican to his rotten core. He’s made a career of peddling toxic BS, even if it wasn’t as immediately lethal as the Trump venom.

    1. Republicans are a party of Christians accusing other Christians of not being real Christians and liars accusing everyone else of being liars. It’d be funny if they weren’t threatening to end democracy.

    2. @Time Stamp Amazingly well put. The GOP has been acting in bad faith for many, many years with few exemptions. Disgusting.

  9. They’re always speaking out when it’s too late. He had the power to stop when he was speaker and he fed into it.

  10. he’s dead on. Cruz is a despicable human being. just look at the fact that while his state was in crisis while he was going to Cancun for vacation until the press destroyed him, then he tried to blame his daughters. even though he invited his college roommate???

    1. Cruz did nothing wrong! What use was Cruz gonna be on the ground during the blackout? He’d just be on the phone, bullying municipal and utilities workers to get his own power and water back on. He’s useless. Better to get him out of it.

    2. you followed that story closely, contrived and laced with propaganda and innuendo, as it were, and then, as was the objective of the two State TV Goebbel-esque networks, CNN and MSNBC, they filled your brain with the venomous hate that they intentioned and programmed for your high gain sheep-herd receptors. It was a match made in heaven.

  11. Money , power, superiority. That’s all they care for, remember that he is pushing for sales of his book.

    1. It was once said the more people hate a person who owns a book, the more people have a interest in buying and it worked in the past. He will sell loads regardless what is said. It’s unfortunate but truthful.

  12. Did I just hear a grown man say that he had an obligation to lead people even if it was leading them the wrong way? And that’s the character of the GOP leadership? Brilliant!

    1. Just proves that the voters need to do their homework and make sure they know who they’re electing to represent them.

    2. He should have lead them off the cliff.
      That would have been the end of the GOP no good people.
      Now he wants to say how bad he was back then that’s why the blind man will always be blind and leading the blind.

    3. Well Boehner is a bonehead to this day & he’s horrible & he’s the architect for “crazy town” but at least he’s a predictable GOP revisionist . He’s correct about Cancún Cruz though. The fact that Boehner blamed Tom Delay is typical. David Corn from Mother Jones is right to call Boehner a coward, an enabler and just garbage is spot on.

    4. what’s the wrong way, protecting American citizen’s rights against a totalitarian political party of bullying, canceling, bigotry, racism, and tyranny ? You heard right you just processed it the way a fake news organization would process it, through a pernicious filter of propaganda and misinformation.

  13. Remember when you thought that there was nothing worse than the “tea Party”? Omg they were babies compared to what is going on with “Q” stuff!!!

    1. They were the same. At present they are claiming their gun to our heads is a taser, but deception was just as evil.
      Boehner was evil, if you are not so demented as o have forgotten.
      The dementia is popular – it is always ahistorical, always unprecedented in tiny demented minds.
      These people and their voters since reagan and nixon were always evil.
      That they are now old women and wheezing fat men your and our grandparents and parents, does not make them good or holy.

  14. Boehner has forgotten that Frankenstein was not the monster. His whole speel is utterly pathetic. He supplied the arsonist with the matches, now he’s aghast that the house is indeed, on fire. Yeah, okay.👍😒

  15. Let’s be real: He ONLY cares about power and money. Do whatever it takes for number 1–ME.
    Give him what he deserves….ignore him.

  16. David Corn’s analysis is right on. Boehner took the Tea Party baton and ran with it. Now he is trying to spin it.

  17. “now that he’s trying to sell books”.. of course he’s changing his tune now because he knows the base he was pandering to during his time in office isn’t that into ‘book learnin’..

  18. Your show was on trac to expose the real issue and you cut short. Your very intelligent guest was on point – THE MOB MENTALITY MAKES COWARDS OUT OF MEN WITH THE PROMISE OF POWER AND ITS TRAPPINGS.

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