Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigns

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigns 1


Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has stepped down after a tumultuous year, in which the 737 Max airplane and Starliner spacecraft encountered numerous issues and delays. CNN's Richard Quest discusses with correspondent Clare Sebastian. #CNN #News

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  1. He was forced out by another ego driven executive. Nothing will change at Boeing.

  2. Unfortunately it’s to late

  3. No Worries Health & Wellness | December 23, 2019 at 10:53 AM | Reply

    Riding that “golden parachute” to a big mansion I’m sure.

  4. Everyone involved should be in jail.

  5. It was also a strange time for those 346 families. Everyone in the Boeing 737max management chain who had a say in any schedule budget or engineering process should be removed and sit in a church and repent during xmas eve.

    • I would love to see a Japanese man take over Boeing and see if Southwest ends up purchasing Airbus A320 planes that are built in Alabama, because the Japanese CEO of Boeing decides to fix the problem the best way he can by shifting the production of the 737 MAX to Japan.

  6. How many CEO have retired this year alone? Something is up.

  7. It’s funny how people want this man to go to prison. They forget, only poor people go to jail in America. Justice doesn’t exist here

  8. I wouldn’t get on anything made by Boeing.. PERIOD!! Airplanes and especially going to space..

    • @Fotes & oats exactly but I didn’t give myself that fear tbh. 1 was a dui. I was in the backseat with no seat belt. Yea, that happened. The second, it was my fault. I was watching “dr dre -let me ride ” on my phone and crashed. The third, 4th was more of a close call. Now, if I’m shotgun seat, I close my eyes and my body tense up as if we will crash but we don’t. It was crazy but it was fun. The 5th time happened this year. I crashed on a tree at my own block. I was high that time. Ask the dmv and the insurance dude.
      So yea, no planes for me.

    • Lol…well there is airbus …much safer.

    • @Elvis G I suggest you dont even leave the house sounds like your luck could endanger others in fact maybe you should be banned !!!

    • @Apex King206 that’s why I said I don’t drive. Which is good because I haven’t spend money on gasoline in like months now. I save myself 60$ every 2 weeks. I bought a bike instead.


  9. this is what happens when money and well placed “friends in high places” gets you a CEO job, and you have NO FREAKING IDEA what the company you’re running even does….and you get set up to fail because the money or investment was more important than safety and reliability…

  10. The whole board needs to resigns they all agreed to this greed to ignore the safety issues.

  11. Finally you could hire a duck and it would do a better job..

  12. If he was replaced by another dual-citizen Israeli, expect more multi-million dollar bonuses for them while they run the company in the ground like they did Sears, Circuit City, Blockbuster, Compaq, Arthur Anderson, General Foods, EF Hutton, Paine Webber, MCI, Enron, Woolworths, Pan-Am, etc..

  13. What worries me most is the horrendous company reviews on Boeing’s company culture. Very bad company culture doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of bad people at the leadership levels. And such bad culture spells absolute disaster for what it produces, and as we all know, lives are dependent on these products.

  14. Corporate Playbook: Desperate times call for a scapegoat.

    But something tells me this symbolic sacrifice will have no effect on the federal investigation this time. That plane is fundamentally unsafe, its new engines mess with the engineered airflow and cause stalls. The entire reason Boeing created the software that doomed those two flights. Watch the Vox video.

    • except that he actual is largely to blame

    • @Name Hidden There were likely hundreds of people in that decision and process not to mention and obviously dangerous company culture. Those don’t get addressed by scapegoated one dude.

    • Create stalls is not an accurate description. It causes stick force lightening at high angle of attack but it is stable everywhere and stick force gradient is acceptable within a typical operational flight envelope

    • @Appable What does that “stick force lightening” lead to? Semantics.

    • @Andrew G Depends on whether the pilot expects it. If they let go of the stick as it started to lighten, the plane would return to normal trimmed condition. If they were pulling back hard and didn’t expect lightening, then they would likely pull the plane to a higher angle of attack than intended. Since this situation would be an emergency it’s likely pilots might not remember to expect that – so it’s not safe to fly with stick force lightening. But it does not in itself create stalls, and the plane will stably return to a normal flight condition if the pilot doesn’t continue to pull back on the stick

  15. Criminal negligence… that killed more than 300 people…. should be prosecuted.

  16. Trump supporter. Good riddance.

  17. Corporate greed is completely out of control, and the 737 Max is just one example of how it can and does lead to the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. Boeing promised to deliver a certain amount of these, to beat Airbus. The only problem was, they didn’t have a design yet for new, more effecient engines, so they fitted them to the existing 737 design, and found that it caused the nose to pitch up, so they came up with this brilliant software to force the nose down, even to the point of being out of the pilots’ control when it glitches, as software always does at some point. All of this info is out there. I can’t believe they’re even still considering using the planes.

  18. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg should be in prison for murder. Resigning with a healthy outgoing package is beyond immoral.

  19. should be going to jail…346 people dead – that’s mass murderer scale…

  20. BOEING is dead, airliners will probably stay away from Boeing for the next decade, which will sink the company >Boeing is all about making their Shareholders happy, and making their planes as cheap as possible, cut the corners here and there, approve parts without proper testing, and hiring people who used to flip burgers.WHY would you buy an Aircraft or fleet of aircrafts, which are very likely to be grounded for months, or even worse, one may crash

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