Bogoch on AstraZeneca: 'Can't ignore' concerns over vaccine | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Bogoch on AstraZeneca: ‘Can’t ignore’ concerns over vaccine | COVID-19 in Canada


Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases specialist, discussed the AstraZeneca vaccine after P.E.I. suspended use in those between18-29.


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  1. This guy was spouting about how safe and wonderful AZ was just a week ago, brushing off the concerns in other parts of the world. How deep is he in trudeau’s pocket? He is making himself look like he has the credentials of Dr. OZ.

    1. Why blame this doctor? Like any doctor he can only assess risk from the latest information coming in from across the world. And as he said, these incidents only surfaced after millions of doses have been given. The number of adverse reactions is so low considering how many vaccines have been given.

    1. @GoobNoob put on your 3 masks and stay in your basement….grown ups with critical thinking skills will pick.up the slack

    2. @Lee Harvey Oswald The virus has been isolated many times you are wrong. I can’t even imagine how someone could say that.

    3. @Pierre-Louis Boissonneau because I read it on CDC documentation….try reading….it works
      This is why they’re using mRNA injections instead of vaccines…..they can’t isolate a live sample of it for a vacvine

    1. Yes you can read most studies. If they actually release the Actual data. Recent information has surfaced that “out of date” data was released.

    2. @SteelFisher Yes, and everything out there is full of conflicts of interest, and we already know industry, along with health Canada hide data. Why would we trust it now with all the added pressure as well as the politics of it all. We’re full steam ahead going on little more than industry press releases. It’s insane.

    1. @tell it like it is That’s statistically unlikely. If you had an IQ above room temperature, you’d realize that.

  2. It’s very unfair to say to the family of someone who died from the blood clot that the benefit outweighed the risk.

  3. Listening to this guy reminds me of the medical term “numbers needed to treat”. Listening to this politically correct guy, you realize they are thinking in the aggregate & aren’t even close to knowing everything. He forgot to mention Astra is useless with the South African variant. I wouldn’t be too comfy if 55 today.

    1. This is just like the Swine Flu scare from years ago that went nowhere. Big profits in government orders for pharma stuff that no one needs.

  4. Every two days it’s something new. I can safely say even the this doctor is not sure. How can the public be assured that this product is safe.

  5. I personally gain more trust in the process and in the vaccines in general when they are willing to admit there are problems with it – if there was a big cover up that would be a way bigger concern. This is how science works – you learn stuff as time goes on, and if willingness to admit shortcoming doesn’t give you more trust in the process I don’t know what will

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