Bogoch urges continued caution: 'Virus has not gone away' | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

Bogoch urges continued caution: ‘Virus has not gone away’ | COVID-19 in Ontario

Dr. Isaac Bogoch discusses Ontario reopening to stage 3 to allow indoor dining, gyms and cinemas to reopen.

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    1. Since lockdowns yield the same outcome as remaining open, just at a slower burn, what does critical thinker suggest to control spread without collapsing the economy?

      Unlike current politicians, I only ask that you consider collateral damage.

  1. “expert” — I have more trust in used car salesmen. And wth did I buy that ’73 clunker anyway???

  2. Toronto is literally the last major city to open, despite having one of the lowest infection rates. What a joke

    1. That’s what happens when paranoid hypochondriacs are allowed to determine public health policy.

  3. Ah yes the TV doctor strikes again. He is such a joke and a sellout. He just loooooves seeing himself on television.

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