Bolduan gives Trump a protip on racist remarks

#CNN #News CNN's Kate Bolduan evaluates President Donald Trump's claim that he "spoke very quickly" to deter supporters' chants of "send her back" against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).


  1. Melania’s parents became American citizens in 2018. Fast tracked by the Chain Migration Policy that Trump now vows to abolish.
    Throw the bums out!!

    1. Banglaz Bless be careful brother you know white people don’t fight their own battles.

    2. @The One I think you have some serious mental issues to deal with. You are at a serious disadvantage. Think about this; I know what you look like, but you have no idea what I look like. Can you really be that dumb? Just think if someone really took you serious. Next thing you know, you were shoot in the face what a APC 45, G2RIP round and never even seen it coming. You seriously need to use your brain instead of being sidewalk splatter! You are one sad little man and the intelligence of a rock!

    3. @The Onelove America, The Native Indians Loved The place and you Devils came and Murdered them and then Enslaved Africans….

  2. Lol “I did, I started speaking very quickly” show’s video of him silent while they chanted for 14 seconds. Not only did he lie (shocker) he throw his cult under the bus in front of the “fake news” cameras.

    1. Cute Little Suzie your full of crap! your boy’s a racist who threw y’all under the bus! don’t get anal about spelling cos your all mad

      now get back under the bus like your master ordered!

    2. Barack Hussein Obama #1fan lol was my spell check I can’t spell 😁 bro tbh life’s too short for that kinda bullshit America’s president is racist and Anal Suzie is worried about spelling? Onward!✊

    3. Wayne Kirby, why would someone’s being gay or trans be a reason to disrespect or dislike them? I can think of a few reasonable reasons to dislike and/or not feel respect for a person, but can you explain why who they love and their gender id should be one of the reasons?

    1. Ash Roskell

      Your photo is in the dictionary when I look up: Deranged!!! Soros has paid billions for ignorant people to do weird stuff, even the chants in the rally were paid by him or someone from Clintons camp!!!

    2. Osckarre Even the Dalai Lama promotes the “Go back to fix your country”. I always suspected him of being a Zionist Nazi wanna be.

    3. Ash Roskell. You cannot be that stupid. You and i both know there is much more anti Semitism coming from the left in this country. Defending Hamas and Hezbollah over Isreal? Come on! Trump is the only President to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel! Your words are hollow, incorrect and totally devoid of reality! Now, let’s talk about Omar’s anti semitic comments all over social media? Who BTW is a Democrat. You in the left are so far off in your dream world. Your party are the true Nazis and facists.

    4. And you are clearly stupid if you are comparing trump to Hitler. If Omar hates this country then she should go back to her home land…. oh wait a woman just when there and got killed by a terrorist.

  3. Donnie Trumpo is an experienced scoundrel, and he knows perfectly well how to swindle you out your money and yuor mind.

    1. @Cute Little Suzie Socialism is already very much in this great nation, it’s just a very expensive, inefficient disorganized version.

    2. VladI so explain the tax cuts for the lower and middle class that have only put money back into the pockets of most Americans

    3. @Rusty Kunts Sure, more than 80% of those cuts went to the top 1%. And the cost was a trillion dollar deficit.

    4. Lee C I don’t know the exact percentage but I can tell you that 80 percent was not to the 1%

  4. Another kkk rally with their grand dragon… Trump is filth and those who support him are to !

    1. @Veronica Franks… Funny Ofcourse.. You must be sending your children to Hillary’s pizza party and attending sprit cooking with her friends.. Enjoy debauchery.. 🖕🖕🖕

  5. Who is he trying to kid? He loved their chant! He spotlighted and denigrated the Congresswoman and he knew his “cult” members would respond with the chant, as they did about Hillary. Same strategy that he used in 2016. No surprise.

    1. Janet Muto : Anything, so long as we’re NOT talking about Epstein’s Saudi Passport, in a fake name, and the Trump connection to the Saudis. And, it seems to have worked? . . . 🤔

    2. Patrice Boulanger : If they moved that lectern to the side, you’d see Trump was having an Orange Orgasm. He only regrets he can’t grow man hair on his face, so he could have a little Hitler moustache 😡

    1. Suzie can u even debate or r u a brainwashed follower zombie, sheep, robot, lemming, like your idol pathological liar trump, when u can’t debate, u call people names. How old r u & do u know the definition of a pathological liar? It means the person lies constantly & that’s what trump does.

  6. Where did that old lady who talked to McCain get that Obama was Arab? From Fox News and its tentacles of hatefilled lying right wing “media”. They’re the real fake news.

    1. To her bigotted brain, Arab = Muslim = bad.
      That’s all the math you need to know to be a Fox News viewer.

    2. You know I was thinking the same thing earlier today. I think she was a plant myself, someone to stir the pot with racially charged questions. If I’m wrong, then it just shows some people really choose to be ignorant and not educate themselves on issues.

    1. Report why these dummies are coming for all those alike with brown eyes unless I’m to high & drunk & im just imagining things 🤔

  7. He began speaking very quickly? He waited patiently while they chanted and posed like Mussolini.

    Fascist and racist.

    1. @Captain Diggler The best racists are the white liberals that move back into the city, but don’t send their kids to the majority black school in the district because of the “bad teachers”. It ain’t the teachers that are fucking up the school. Well, I wouldn’t call it racist, more like “race reality”.

    2. @low key lol doe this sound patriotic about the country she resides in ?
      Do your self a favor this is not a racial thing this is bipartisan problem ! If she feels if U.S is responsible for 911 then perhaps she should stay in her country not here ! Btw she also criticized U.S involvement in Venezuela mean while China and Russia has funded Maduro / Chavez starve and torture its own citizens !
      Dummy ! Lmao .

    3. @Captain Diggler more importantly, how many affairs has trump had with blacks? How many black porn stars did he screw?

  8. 1:54 this is how a decent man reacts…
    Even if I dont agree with McCain, he did great and was classy at that moment.

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