Bolivian senator declares herself acting president 1

Bolivian senator declares herself acting president


Bolivian senator Jeanine Anez has declared herself acting president a despite a boycott by former President Evo Morales' allies that left the legislative chamber short of the legal minimum of lawmakers required to appoint her.
Morales, who has fled to Mexico, says he was forced to resign by the military and claims he is a victim of a coup. He has vowed to continue fighting from abroad.

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  1. Why was Evo Morales overthrown? He was nationalizing the highly profitable lithium industry and planning to deal directly on the international market rather than exporting the commodity at bargain prices to Western corporations. The global demand for lithium, used to make batteries for cell phones, laptops, and hybrid cars, is expected to triple in the next 15 years. 50-70% of the world’s supply of this critical mineral is contained in just one place — Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats. Jeanine is now ready to sell her country’s sovereignty to the highest bidder.

    1. J Wil yeah right. It has worked so far in Africa . Where highest bidder go to steal resources without considering environmental protection nor pay taxes . Just multi national companies and cooperation , loots and deplete the continent while being aided by some corrupt elements who are installed as puppets . Whenever the people resist this puppets and appoint good leaders ,CIA either organizes coup or murder the leaders . The likes of Thomas Sankara , Patrick Lumumba , Ghaddafi all comes to mind . Capitalism only works fine in the west not countries with weak institutions, rich in natural resources and strong foreign influences.

    2. @J Wil Go suck Wilks’ brothers dicks somewhere else, sheeple.

      And in the meantime check out Norway and why Norwegians are so fcking rich. I will give you a hint: nationalised oil industry

    1. @P J GTFO punter! This is politics, not some brat’s jack-off line-up. No one wants to know what you jack off to

    1. She is not even that. At least Juan Guaido was President of the National Assembly when he tried to oust the President of Venezuela.

    1. @Bovine One
      Lol evidence. It’s all there in history Shillbot. US imperialism in Latin America is long wrought and they will never let it go. Venezuela will tumble soon after thanks to this.

    2. @Reality Bites
      Food in exchange for freedom. Yup sounds like Western Imperialist tactics aka Gunboat diplomacy. Sounds so liberal and democratic doesn’t it???

  2. That bolivian reporter Gustavo it was so confusing, he kept mumbling and stumbling his words, such a difficult task to report the Coup and avoid calling it for what it is.

    1. erokk121 wait what? Kidnap and kill? I think your confused and meant to say the MAS party… I’m so tired of people making these crazy statements when they have no clue… please do some research before you comment as it is an insult to my family and friends in Bolivia. This was a popular uprising by all Bolivians to put pressure on a an authoritarian leader to step down. Please read previous article in post about him. I speak to my family every day about what’s happening and most people are thrilled he’s gone..

    2. If “people is thrilled” after overthrowing a democratic president then its right: it was a coup, they wished for this fascism to rise and they don’t feel any interest in voting or resolving it with democracy because they can take down the office by force at anytime, and not by voting. Watch the clip again: the senate determines an interine president without enough votes.

      I really wish “that” is the majority of Bolivia, and not an evangelical right wing minority that will roll over and rule and crushed minorities in your country. Good look with that bro!

    3. Gael Policano Rossi absolutely it is what they want which is why they voted against him running again. I don’t really understand how folks continue you to gloss over that…

    1. As A Bolivia it wasn’t a coup. Please people go to Bolivian News. Read a book. Don’t get conclusion without investigating what is the real situation in Bolivia. Only Bolivian and Bolivian News can give you the answer. Check the laws. He wasn’t supposed to to get re-elected again. That’s why the Bolivian people were protesting.

    2. @Mariana Jimenez democratically elected president run out of the country by the military. Racist far right politician who was not voted in, unconstitutionally takes power. No that doesn’t sound like a coup at all… Very normal, very bigly

    3. @C G Yeah it’s not like it hasn’t happened in the region before XD…Cold War era flashbacks to all the Coupe’s in South America and the Middle East.

    4. @Mariana Jimenez It can’t be real, all these people claiming to be Bolivian, all of them speak horrible English and all of them are pro coup, it has to be fake

    1. Right… has nothing to do with what the people of Bolivia want. Guess the US voted in the referendum to bar Morales from running for President, again.

      The arrogance of white liberal Americans is unbelievable.

      I guess you wouldn’t call yet another example of a failed socialist government “real” socialism, huh?

    2. @Mulinaster ancient history are you a fckijg mongoloid this all happened after ww2 was this before you where born or do you have fetal alcohol syndrome

    1. @latengocomoburro he was allowed to run, and the people elected him too. its undemocratic to deny the people their beloved leader

  3. This mirrors what the CIA orchestrated in Chile overthrowing Allende, except Morales escaped.
    Let’s see where destabilizing South American counties leads us?
    Massive immigration to the North?

    1. @T WE Russian propaganda? Its real news!
      You act like just because its “Russian” that it has no credibility.
      You’re not gonna find any REAL news with actual FACTS here America unless you go to infowars and zerohedge of course….

      Your closed biased mind shows your lack of intelligence and just how “dead between the ears” you are.

    2. @Bantze Hotep Are you in favor of Bolivians having their own country and land? If so you are a Bolivian nationalist.

    1. @Reality Bites yes why not also don’t be surprised if he returns back to Bolivia. The new female president being said to be on a porno magazine. She may not be critize on it now if she would be living in USA she will automatically be removed from position. Bad sex conduct is a no no for Americans. But she will be critised cause she made a discriminated comment about Evo Morales she said he is an Indian and she received lots of criticism. Let’s see what happens.

    2. Jade Paz I’m sorry I don’t really understand your rambling. I do get your one statement. I don’t really care if he comes back or not. The bottom line is the revolution was successful and the people of Bolivia can now have free and fair elections to vote for whoever they want just not this guy who overstayed his welcome. He has a cushy situation now in Mexico with his buddies I’m sure he’ll stay there…

    3. Jade Paz btw, that video is fake.. was used years ago to discredit a Mexican Congresswoman..
      And in fairness the picture of Evo with Pablo and Chapo is also fake… let’s stay with the facts…

    1. @Rafael Yeomans oh. You haven’t read any other reports? Well fair enough. Personally, id start you off with CEPR’s report. It directly address the OAS’s reports methodology as well as other variables. Care for a link?

    2. @C G ok, the report those make fair points hehe, however I dont agree with some of the information its giving, i dont beleive the government followed the necessary procedures, plus most of the personal working in government institutes are evos followers, hired by evo. and returning to my previous argument, the reaction of thepeople is quite revealing. the first days after the election there was major discontent, and you can find a lot of indigenous representants stating that they no longer follow evo. the only ones continuing to fight ar good but ignorant, payed or threatened to give a good fight.

    3. @Rafael Yeomans yknow, if it comes down to opinions about the state of affairs I’d be more than glad to agree to disagree at this point. I appreciate you hearing me out, and it seems that we simply are interpreting events differently. Please don’t take my civility as an avoidance to rebut your points because if you want me to argue my position i will do so. But i believe that this forum is insufficient for either of us to change the others mind. I apologize that things got heated, you seem like a rather reasonable person. Im glad we crossed paths, and again thanks for honestly approaching the report i gave you.

    4. @C G thank you too, sorry about my lack of good or reliable sources of info. i appreciate the short and one sided debate XD, farewell

    1. Real Change think. Does America want their back yard communist?? Russia is trying to convert the American hemisphere communist because it will make them stronger against America. Think with your head. Not as a regular dumb dumb.

    2. Cheese Hate the US so much they’re willing to travel thousands of miles to come. Yeah. Thank you for speaking about individuals as a monolith based on your programmed bias. Good job.

    3. Miki Jhonson Miki Jhonson i can tell by your response you been watching a lot of mainstream news media witch is all propaganda is design to manipulate people by the way Russia hasn’t been invading other countries and killing thousands of inocente people all for oil. Stop drinking the kool aid man.

    1. Worst, this senator lady that suddenly became the “president” is a far-right member of a party with the least seats, there’s 2 other party with more seats and she isn’t even the 2 other challengers to Morales during the supposedly “fraud” election. She wasn’t even in the running, she just “step in”.

  4. Of course the US installs a Christian fundamentalist, they can’t make it any more obvious that Trump and Pence are behind this

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