Bolt and Business Manager Part Company

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  1. Them used bolt money without his consent bought stocks and thought they would make a profit then put bolt money back. However, it look as if the stock market crashed or the stocks they bought price dropped and lose all the money. Just my opinion πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    1. @CHINEYMANMUSIC β˜€οΈ They need to put these people in prison and through away the key. All the persons that are involved in this should be held accountable.

  2. Business managers can be dangerous with your money . Hope Mr Bolt recovers his hard earned money . Sad situation.

  3. Who audit these institutions? How often are they audited? Honest person like myself application is not even considered, yet the crooks are getting employed. When it’s not the bank killing you with fees, it’s the employees robbing you.

  4. Let’s see if the individuals are prosecuted. And the funds returned. Jamaican justice is a joke to the rest of the world. The system only acts when they are under scrutiny from outsiders.

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