Bolton: Lt. Col. Vindman's Retirement Is 'A Loss For The Country' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Bolton: Lt. Col. Vindman’s Retirement Is ‘A Loss For The Country’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton praised Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and claimed that his retirement from the U.S. Army is "a loss for the country." Aired on 07/08/2020.
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Bolton: Lt. Col. Vindman's Retirement Is 'A Loss For The Country' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @Reg Watson In order for this nation to function we Need to have at least two Parties to keep an even keel or we turn into a Dictatorship or are forced to live under authoritarian rule.
      The Republican party need to be ‘reformatted’ and get rid of the bad apples, and yes the Democratic has a few of those as well.

    1. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate for a second here and say that maybe Bolton rightly knew it actually wouldn’t make a lick of difference at all and that the Republicans would just acquit Trump, even if Bolton literally said Trump was taking a cut of those Russian bounties on American soldiers in exchange for intelligence he was feeding the Kremlin.

  1. Vindman’s retirement is a loss for the country, yet Bolton just sat there doing nothing to be paid for a book deal when it mattered. Shameful.

    1. @Richard Marsh lol!!! Putin?!!! Hahahahah remember when stuttering Drunk Nancy and all the democrat cultists iminaminaminapeachminted (impeachment) Trump for Mueller’s findings????????? Yeah!!! Didn’t think so. You drink little fella? Go brush yer toof and air up the tires on your house. Your sister will love it

    2. @Mueller Time

      You still repeating the same gibberish? Trump wasn’t impeached for Mueller’s findings. And he wasn’t impeached for “Russia if you’re listening” either. Does that make him a loyal patriot? Will that stop me from calling you a Vladimir Trump troll, working real hard to divide your country while Putin rubs his hands together? We both know that your approach won’t win any votes for Trump don’t we? It’s purely divisive and not at all persuasive. Like I’m going to join your cause if you talk about my imaginary sister.

      Keep up the good work.

    3. @Richard Marsh You must have some Ukrainian in you…only a fellow traveler would be so hateful of Putler…GLORY!

    4. @Richard Marsh Like I said rein in the socialists and bolsheviks, censure Bernie Sanders and then I will listen until then NFW…remember Budapest ’56 Prague ’68 and Gdansk ’80 and the Holodomor 1932-33

    1. CMH is reserved for valor under fire, so no….but the silver star with oak leave clusters…yes (for every Ukrainian who fought for and loved the USA).

    2. @Mueller Time My my you hate freedom loving Ukrainians don’t you Gruppenfuhrer Mueller?

    3. @Grim Reefer Only if rejects his party’s far left bent, not many of us old timer EEs want communism…comprende AOC tu bruja?

    4. @Dan Dobrjanskyj lol. Grupenfuher. Lol

      Name one social program you want or have that Germans under Hitler didn’t have. You can say stupid things like FREE COLLEGE AND SOCIAL SECURITY!!! Free healthcare too!!!

      Then name one gun control policy that Germans had.

      Do societies needs come before the individual? Or individual rights endowed by our creator? Choose wisely Nazi

    1. And you dont think Vindman will have a book deal? He will be stacked in cash by the time he is 60.

  2. Crocodile tears. So fake. Bolton traded money for his moral duty to be a witness in the impeachment

    1. TheBase1aransas Reporting unlawful conduct in the manner Colonel Vindman is hardly unlawful. In fact it’s a protected process under law as a check against abuse of power. What should be unlawful in the country is the use of your vote to elect a moron and self obsessed mafia wannabe to the office of the President. A slum lord should never have qualified as a candidate. His crimes against NY should have put him in Jail long ago. His misuse of Trump Charity funds should have put him in jail. His misuse of funds donated for the benefit of veterans should have put him in jail. His draft dodging should have put him in jail, as should have paying off strippers with campaign funds. His wife should have cut his nuts off. Put this racist fool out in the streets in January with a vote in November

    2. @ed rader Have you admitted you were WRONG about the Russia Hoax you paraded around for 3+ years?
      Tell your #CCP handler Americans have good memories.

  3. Ah yes let’s give more attention to this greedy sob who could have done something about trump but rather fill his pockets

    1. *what President Trump has done for African-Americans*

      Created Opportunity Zones in Poor Communities

      Restored Funding for Black Colleges

      Reformed the Criminal Justice System

      Reformed the Police

      Record Low un-Employment

      – what Obama did

      Destroyed Black Wealth in America

      Built Cages to House Migrant Children in

      Deported 2 million illegal aliens in his first 3 years

    2. Keith Johnson . Trump is a racist of blacks , no reformed the police , record unemployment , fired people in justice the justice system and replaced it with an even worse one with more corruption . Education my friend.

    1. @R Thomas Trump is the most successful president in 75 years. Democracts support BLM.

    2. William H Music 2020 the only thing Donnie Dumbfuck has succeeded in is making us the laughingstock of the world

  4. He’s on all interviews now but when it mattered he was nowhere to be found, Bolton your a scab!!

    1. @J N — no we still need to hear from him, better late than never, as the old adage goes

  5. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Shame on the republicans.

  6. These Republicans revolt me, they attack people’s patriotism while tearing down our troops when they didn’t have the stones to serve themselves. They have no clue what patriotism is. Anyone that served in the military is a hero for defending this country especially those wounded in combat defending it.

  7. For the White House to be able to reach into the military this way is terrifying. It appears that the United States has just taken a giant step to becoming a banana republic. However, that is apropos since an ape occupies the White House.

    1. Wonder what would happen if an American of Eastern European ancestry, first generation, were ever elected president. Would Putler do like Hitler and have a kanipshin? Maybe and with that bust an aneurysm and die….

  8. THIS and the Russian bounties says all we need to know about the way Trump “supports” our troops.

    1. I say put a bounty on the Russian PMCs (private military contractors) aiding the Donbas separatists….lets see how many flag draped coffins will be arriving at Schermentov Airport.

  9. I’m surprised trump didn’t have Vindman fired so he could withhold his pension payments.

    1. @Grim Reefer He could call him back to active duty if he says the wrong things as a retired or does a crime. Once back, it would could be court martial for him. UCMJ rules.

  10. When Biden is president, all those great guys will be reinstated if they wish and been given medals…they deserve it

  11. We need a president who care about us, We need a president who respects science, We need a president who leads the country to the the right direction, WE NEED JOE BIDEN IN WHITE HOUSE

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