Bolton Says He Didn’t Participate During Impeachment Due To ‘Gross Incompetence’ Of Dems | MSNBC


    1. when he testified he could have said that but no he wanted people to read his book. Profits over Patriotism.

  1. He had the firsthand knowledge, and he is complaining that people didn’t guess the perfect way to drive the impeachment? Give me a break, he has no right to point fingers. At anyone.

    What really really bothers me is that Trump has been a snake oil salesman all his life, and Bolton is defending himself with a ‘I thought it would be different and I could make a change’ . That is cognitive dissonance 101, from all those craving the power and bending their moral over backwards to justify what they did.

    1. Since when does a witness not have to testify because the witness has a poor opinion of the proceedings? WTF?

    2. I guess Bolton never heard of the Nuremberg trials. The “I was just following orders” BS doesn’t work.

    3. Bolton is just as responsible for the crisis we’re in on all fronts by not coming forward because he was more concerned about his book profits.

    4. Yup, I don’t even recall Bolton defending the witnesses who did testify as the republicans dragged them over coals.. so ya he threw them under the bus himself.

    1. Yeah, he’ll get more money from the book then he would have ever participating in impeaching Trump.

      I believe this might have been his financial calculation

    2. Well he is at least testifying that the Republican decision was partisan.
      We know that Moscow Mitch was partisan because he pleaded guilty before the trial. What corner was the turtle backed into ?
      The constitution puts the Senate in charge of sentencing only if they can be impartial and act like an untainted jury. Someone stole the last page where they say what to do about it.
      Just need a couple more witnesses from the dark side to out the Deep Bunk State.

  2. Just like the rest of the Republicans: if it isn’t broken, break it. If it is broken, dont lift a finger to fix it. C.O.W.A.R.D.

    1. If you still honestly believe that there is a difference between R and D….I [almost] pity you and I sincerely feel sorry for your family.

  3. He didn’t participate in impeachment because he wanted to sell more books which I hope no one stupid enough to buy… he’s not a patriot is a profiteering snitch

    1. The House never subpoenaed Bolton because when they did to one of his aides, Executive Privilege was invoked by the Trump Administration, and the subpoena was withdrawn. Had the House done it’s due diligence, as was done with Clinton, the impeachment process might have looked very different.

    2. Nathan Baker
      you need to read the duties of the House , Senate and Chief Justice in an impeachment process. Thank you

    3. When a rabbit is stuck in a fence he will chew off his own balls to get free. Saying anything specific about the situation is orange gas lighting.

  4. “if they (the American people) look at what’s the book, they can make up their own mind”
    No Bolton, nobody wants to look at your book. Scammer!

  5. This guy is so entrenched in his own partisanship and bias that he’s lost any concept of rational or common sense. Bolton is just another coward and a traitor to the American people.

  6. When Mr. “very stable genius” will be out of office, not just the US will celebrate, but the whole world!!!

  7. “Your Honor, I saw the murder. I refuse to testify. But, you can read all about it in my upcoming new book!”

    1. What an American. For him money is more important than to come and testify to let america know how corrupt trump and he’s ADMINISTRATION.

    2. Bolton trying to take moral high ground? He’s an amoral grub and a snake. How isn’t his book a profit of crime?? Ousted/left WH in Sep ’19. An entire pregnancy – 9 mths, to reveal all to media AND testify in impeachment trial. Instead, profited from Trump’s treason with a $2 mil book deal. Sanctimonious t*rd.

  8. A warmonger, a traitor, and John Bolton walk into a bar….
    Bartender says, “table for one?” 😄😅😂

    1. Let’s get back to the question, is Donald Trump corrupt? Half way thru still no answer. Oh Lorax!

  9. So basically Bolton is using the argument, “I would have given evidence, but you were just so bad at finding out what only I know.”

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