Bolton: Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan 'Mistake Across The Board' 1

Bolton: Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan ‘Mistake Across The Board’


Former National Security Adviser John Bolton shares his perspective on the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, says it "risks very grave danger to American national security." 
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    1. @Ron K Because msdnc is pro-war. Did you see Joy Reid flip out when the Right was talking about cutting defense spending? Oh, never mind. I’m a russian

  1. Jon Bolton and the mainstream media. Actors of the military industrial complex, spreading propaganda to make their shareholders happy.

    1. I understand MSNBC wanting to get perspective from both sides, but Bolton is the biggest war hawk ever. It’s not likely to get much objectivity from him.

    2. @Trumpocalypse Uh… what? msnbc never has people on who advocate peace. It’s a pro-war network. You understand that, right?

    3. Anti-democracy Bolton. He failed America – not worthy of an interview. Chuck Todd – you made a egregious error

  2. “Look guys, you just need to understand how much money is tied up in this BS war, and we need to continue this nightmare for a steady increase in defense contractors financial growth”
    What he really said.

  3. I don’t think there was any way to “win” Afghanistain. We could have stayed there for a hundred years and not made any difference. I’m not sure we were making much difference there now.

    1. As someone who served on the ground there with the direct job to facilitate transition of authority to the Afghans, there was no scenario where anything could look like a win

  4. I feel bad for the people who will be under the Taliban again. But it’s time to get the us out.

    1. Yes exactly, we lost almost 60,000 soldiers fighting in Vietnam and now we have had official peaceful relations with Vietnam since 1995. We have supported and trained the Afghan people for 20 years, let’s leave it up to them to work out what is going to happen in their country just as you would a son or daughter after 20 years. – – – It will be interesting to see. Hope for the best for them.

  5. Republicans having a fit over Biden pulling out of Afghanistan but trump wanted to be out by the end of May and these same people were all for it.

    1. @Harry Balzac Mitch McConnell for one Lindsay Graham too. If they are you can bet there’s quite a few more. You can pull them both up talking about it on AP

  6. John Bolton influenced US policy in Afghanistan throughout the Bush Administration. The fact that we’re here is all his fault.

    It was always going to end up like this.

    1. @Ron K agreed. Wouldn’t testify against traitor trump in the impeachment, but had no problems putting it in a book.

  7. WOW – I have to say that I am SHOCKED that Bolton thinks its a mistake, na just kidding. If it went on another 40 years he would still be asking for another 40

  8. I don’t pretend to know what the best choice is for troops in Afghanistan at this point, but my instincts suggest that if Bolton is fer it I am agin it.
    As far as Germany and Korea, those troops are not being shot at on a regular basis.

  9. The mistake was ever thinking we could “win” in Afghanistan. If we haven’t accomplished anything in 20 years, we are clearly not going to.

    1. Back in October 2001 when America sent troops, I told as many Americans I could that winning an Afghan war was impossible and you’d still be fighting in ten years, but I was laughed at, American war confidence was high.
      Now 21 YEARS LATER Americans are still dying in Afghanistan. And now; Oh dear, America has lost another war and is retreating, how shameful that must be?

  10. Bolton’s argument for containment seems plausible. Why was this not discussed in Congress? They voted for the War to begin with.

  11. The troops should have been withdrawn the day after Bin Laden’s body was dumped in the ocean.

    1. The 2nd amendement people shot and killed 1.5 Million Americans since 1969, Trump (put in WH by Putin) killed annother 981,000 Americans (excess deaths) by not protecting them from the pandemic.

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