Bolton: Trump 'Doesn't Pay Much Attention' To Intelligence, & Is 'Dangerous For The Country' | MSNBC 1

Bolton: Trump ‘Doesn’t Pay Much Attention’ To Intelligence, & Is ‘Dangerous For The Country’ | MSNBC

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton joins Andrea Mitchell, reacting to the retirement of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's by saying his work “merited promotion,” and that his retirement is "a loss for the country." Bolton criticizes Trump's pandemic response as "clearly inadequate" and delayed as a result of concerns of upsetting China and jeopardizing his re-election, as well as Trump's consumption of intelligence, saying he "doesn't pay much attention to it." Aired on 07/08/2020.
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Bolton: Trump 'Doesn't Pay Much Attention' To Intelligence, & Is 'Dangerous For The Country' | MSNBC


    1. @Tyeler Nowell wow you truly will believe anything I didn’t is a corrupt worthless piece of trash no. I guess it was okay for his son to earn $80,000 a month at a job he had zero experience in and the best part was Joe had no idea what his son was doing on lol you probably believe that too

    2. @Tyeler Nowell Two Landslides in November. One the Trump Landslide Victory and the other in your pants after you Chit Yourself again lol

    3. @science wins Many people knew from the start Trump had no clue and would resist help. Trump knows all the best words. Trump’s favorite word is stupid and I believe that’s what he really thinks of America.

    4. @Andiamo 18 lol its funny you talk like biden is corrupt yet trump has how many non payment lawsuits against him? Buddy there are many forms of corruption and the orange big mac is corrupt in a different way, your just to blind to see it. Or maybe you do and all your doing is denying it so you can feel better. Wouldn’t surprise me, its what trump does and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    5. @Tyeler Nowell Biden’s son was making $80,000 A month at a job which he had Zero experience in and when Joe is asked he said he had no idea what his son was doing. Let me guess you believe him lol

  1. I thought Trump supports our Troops? I guess not. He supports those that murder people that he can pardon! Lt. Vindeman is a hero and patriot..

    1. @Tyeler Nowell Servicing a bunch of guys at the same time with your mouth is not really serving your country Tyeler

    2. @waqaa I think you need to achieve some kind of STABILIZATION concerning your sexuality before you lose whatever dignity and credibility you may have left

  2. The proof of Trump’s lack of intelligence is that he thinks if he does everything PUTIN tells him to do that Putin won’t put out the pee tapes once he’s out of office. I can’t wait .

    1. It would not matter. He has done far far worse and his immoral base could not care less. They would probably applaud his pee pee tapes.

    2. trumpski WANTS SO BADLY to be a member of the “dictators club”, and Putin is happy to string him along BUT
      bunker baby, they will NEVER let you join… NEVER!
      you never were loved by your “father” or family, the boys at military school and Wharton wouldn’t have anything to do with you, the good ole boys on Wall Street and Atlantic City laugh at you. Obama uses you as the butt of his jokes. Why would Putin let you join them?

    3. Or maybe he’s thinking of hiding in Moscow like Swoden did. I believe he could still be useful if he can provide even more insight about how the US operates…Who knows ?

  3. November can’t come soon enough!! BOLTON is a complete coward….not testifying in the impeachment trial, because he thought the Democrats didn’t do a wide enough scope on the facts…..what is wrong with this man? HE’s a traitor!! NO BODY SHOULD BUY HIS BOOK!!!

    1. He’s brave only when it’s time to send someone else’s son or daughter into battle…

  4. Violence is implied in all racism. With trump It’s actually a cover for his violence. Socially acceptable reason to seek violence. End racism

  5. a person that doesn’t listen to intelligence is not very intelligent so he has to pay someone to take his SAT to be admitted to a university..

    1. @Dave Schultz Seems to be difficult for you to stay on topic. And this is not my or others first time admonishing your comments.
      Why is that ?
      Is it a “focus” issue ?

    2. Donald tDUMP: “ I know words more than anyone.”
      Reporter: “ Sir , What is SAT ?”
      Donald tDUMP: “That’s the day between FRI and SUN.”

    3. @Erjon Çaushi no wonder trump dosent trust our intelligence agencies…he thinks they are the deep state

    1. Quivver77 At least this Mr. Magoo, can articulate his thoughts The other Orange Clown cannot even read a Promtboard !!

    2. @Willie White not possible! Not even as bad! I don’t think he would sell the U.S. out to the Russians!

  6. Vindman and Duckworth are honored patriots who served their Nation, who bled for their Nation. Only this morally bankrupt administration could question their patriotism. You can question their policy, disagree with the politics, but their love of this Nation is beyond reproach

    1. @Andrew S Two things. First your are the first person who said the went outside his chain of command. Secondly at what point would you speak up if any? What if your commanding officer was breaking the law? Costing people’s lives. Messing up the fate of the nation? Where would you go to that officer?

    2. @Eva Sartorius Try rewatching the impeachment hearings. Under questioning Vindman was unable to explain why he went outside of his chain of command. Maybe you can’t remember that or you did not see that. Either way, your comment is ill informed.

    3. She lost her legs but he has bone spurs, so in a way, they are both patriots he was denied service to this great nation, if only he didn’t have those bone spurs, I am sure he would be a highly decorated general by now. POS

    4. @Andrew S I also know that people who see what they want to see. When Trump was impeached some people figured he was innocent from watching the same stuff I did. You listen for what fits your agenda. I remember what could have been classified matters. Or he might have outed the actual whistle blower if he had answered the way you wanted. But you didn’t answer mt question. At what point would YOU personally go outside the chain of command. Remember this was time sensitive, if the money was not dispersed by a certain date it would have gone back into the pot and Ukraine would not have gotten the promised US aid. Soldiers were killed or injured as well. There has to be a point where your personal honor or your countries reputation for being a true ally has to come before the chain of command. You forget, I think, that loyalty to your country is a different matter from loyalty to Trump who does not give a rat’s behind about patriotism or honor. As is alluded to by the bounties for American soldiers thing that just blew up in his face. So, would you stand by while a renegade force within your government acted in its own interests which were contrary to your governments? Or would you at some point go, ‘No my people are dying’ and my country’s best interests are being subverted. You do however sound like a Trumper so I think I know the answer.

  7. If only you had a national stage to say your concerns at a time that would have had consequences to donny and his enablers.

    1. Roberto – He did have a national stage: the House impeachment hearings. He’s a bloody coward and a money-grasping jerk.

    1. @Eddie Sanchez What makes you think dems aren’t war mongers? Look around you, they’re waging war on the motherland.

    2. @James Mottley your right was it abc news that said syrian attack and used footage from a US military gun show?

    3. Sop what do we do to protest if the Supreme Court overrules the two lower court decisions and hide trump’s finances? What an absolute disgrace, the USA is no different than any other corrupt banana republic. No longer a just society

    1. That’s too simplistic of an analysis. He’s revealing what he knows now before the election and I don’t think he is motivated by fame, money, or political aspirations. So while you might have done something different if you were in his position you probably wouldn’t have gotten picked to be in that position in the first place. When the president alienates and disgusts even crusty old party loyalists like Bolton then that says something. Better late than never, and this comes before the election, so perhaps even not too late.

    2. Bolton was all belligerence towards other countries, pushing the line that they couldn’t be trusted. Well, who turned out to be a snitch serving only his own interests ?
      He’s already history but the question is – how many more like him in your national security apparatus ?

    3. Sop what do we do to protest if the Supreme Court overrules the two lower court decisions and hide trump’s finances? What an absolute disgrace, the USA is no different than any other corrupt banana republic. No longer a just society

  8. Dump bullies patriotic military members and yet he wanted to pardon a muderous Navy SEAL who bought the service into disrepute????

    1. He did pardon the Navy Seal, and invited him down to Mar A Lago, and apparently the Seal was going to campaign for him! And do you remember the Captain of the troop ship who was worried abt the spread of Covid on the ship? His superiors did nothing when he raised his concerns (there were thousands of troops on board), and then when the story became public, he got fired. Trump* again showing how he cares for the military!

    2. @Michele Z tudo isso ele inventou . este absurdo de chip.isto será o fim dele pela constituição.

    1. @Joel J não tem acordo com bandido e nem a documento assinado. Que prove .acordos ou qualquer outra coisas .

  9. I’m sure Bolton is truthful, but SHOULD have testified when asked. Vindman took the bullet Bolton was afraid of..

  10. Former Nation Security Advisor to who Trump? Why not testify during the impeachment? He abandoned Adam Schiff! He left Schiff out in the Siberian cold.

    1. And, of course, he abandoned Vindman, too. He was his boss, and could have confirmed what Vindman said.

  11. When we needed him to help the country he didn’t. Nothing he has to say will be news to me

    1. On the contrary, He’s to blame for letting it happen! … and saying NOTHING when it would have mattered.

    2. @votes- have consequences not only did he let it happen, he actively helped cover up Trump’s crimes. He is bitter he was fired and he is trying to cash in with a book.

  12. This isn’t a surprise. Trump has always avoided intelligence.
    ie: Mexico will pay for the wall.

  13. How very rich of Bolton to say, “two wrongs don’t make a right” He let his greed and possible cowardice prolong this Trump nightmare!

    1. Absolutely true! He had the opportunity to speak, but chose not to comply with a subpoena to testify under oath. No respect for this guy who can shirk his duty and then blame others. Shameful.

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