Bolton: Trump-Pompeo Negotiations ‘Delegitimized Afghan Government’ 1

Bolton: Trump-Pompeo Negotiations ‘Delegitimized Afghan Government’


Former National Security Adviser, Ambassador John Bolton tells Chuck Todd that he gave former President Trump "advice on how to maintain a minimal military presence" in Afghanistan. 
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  1. This coverage is brought to you by Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BAH, General Dynamics and every other company reaping the rewards of endless war.

    1. @Chris Smith I am a retired defense contractor and I could care less going to war is never a good reason for money……… most of us are retired military. You can joke around about that but it’s not true or funny . As a defense contractor you work no matter if there is war or not . In world war 1 Sheet metal factories made ammo. Car manufacturer made tanks people came together to build anything necessary to win a war. I’m not sure what you think contractors are but we just work like you the only difference is we are supporting one of the most advanced militaries in the world . If you have a clean background and you have the schooling you can get a job working for a large government contractor.

    2. @Chris Smith I never thought we should stay in Afghanistan but I’m not the boss . Just like you we all answer to someone

    3. @Jacek Wierzbicki Just look up, Trump’s time in Vietnam. I was being sarcastic, but it’s completely true.

    4. @Chris Smith Umm nope because they use the same arms made by the same ones. us has bought and given away so many when training all sides of every civil way we have been in since well forever

    5. @TinyMusikCoDotTv Hexi Thomas Keith Moran
      I have no love for either side.
      But, the right have gone completely insane. Filled with every conspiracy that their delusional brains need to justify their warped world view.

  2. Funny Bolton has a lot to say now but when he was asked to testify in trumps impeachment trial he was oddly silent.

    1. @suziestube brown yes I remember when Trump started running for president, the liberal media all laughed, but then when they realised that he was an actual threat to dear sweet Hillary they began their hate campaign against him, saying that he’s a fascist, he’ll start world war 2, the KKK would take over the country, he’ll ban free speech and freedom of the press etc etc. This was all lies but they still to this day make things up about him, spending public money on investigations just to bring him down. How a Republican can not be appalled by the Democrats and their lying twisted media is beyond me. I doubt you were ever a Republican. Fact!

    2. @Roger Thornhill What is this? Are you some kinda bot?

      Roger Thornhill
      Roger Thornhill
      6 minutes ago
      @Kim Decell is that like the trump university lawsuit that trump was found guilty of and settled for 25 million.

      Roger Thornhill
      Roger Thornhill
      6 minutes ago
      @Kim Decell is that like the trump university lawsuit that trump was found guilty of and settled for 25 million ?
      Or was that trumps charitable foundation that he used for personal use ?

      MSDNC’s finest! This thread will self destruct after 48 hrs LMAO!

    3. @Roger Thornhill Roger. That’s not going to do the optical trick . We know all stops must be pulled to discredit Trump. Equating his supporters to Taliban is more the kind of narrative needed. Onward .. .

    4. @Dan Wright Well seeing as 45 and the republicans are the biggest traitors in the country’s history since the Confederates…What’s your point?…

  3. Seriously?!?! You sure it wasn’t the part where we tried to put a completely illegitimate gov’t in place that absolutely no one fell for? The nerve of this dude.

    1. @TrumpHITLERJesus Christ trump was just the distraction.
      Presidents are never elected not one of them.

    2. It’s both. We pretended a government of leaders we could buy, would stick with their people. Then the Trump administration cozied up to a group that’s as bad or worse, who we have less leverage over. Their approach seems motivated by either Trump’s contrarianism, a GOP wish to see this blow up in the next president’s face, or both. But yes, Bolton helped get us into this from the start. He needs to STFU

    1. @James Caporale – I don’t like Bolton, buy I doubt if his testimony would have done any good at all. In fact, if Jesus Christ returned to Earth and said Trump was a Russian spy, they’d probably crucify him all over again. There was a lot of damning testimony during the impeachment hearing and then McConnell refused to hold a real trial with witnesses. His mind was already made up and nothing would have changed the outcome of the impeachment trial (that never was) in the Senate.

    2. @randal gibbons Agree. He not only negotiated with terrorists, didn’t we release 5,000 prisoners? Trump also praised the Taliban and wanted to invite them to Camp David on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11. He not only has no empathy or shame, he has no sense.

    1. Don’t forget the war among themselves. Fox news and networking is all about finding and producing digestible outrageousness to bolster their viewership so to antagonize and provoke other media. Some people go for that, just like rag newspapers at the grocery store checkouts.

    1. Bolton has dual citizenship with Israel.
      He’s always been know as a spy in Washington.
      He was never in the US military but he’s 1 of the biggest war mongers in the country.

  4. Bolton has a lot of nerve to show his face publicly. Surely there are other people to draw from for these views.

  5. Give Bolton a gun and a flack jacket and fly him to Cabo. That’s the kind of soldier he is and the closest he’ll get to Afghanistan to protect our interests. Oh… and Bolton needs his pre-mixed Mojitos otherwise Cabo is out.

    1. Bolton has dual citizenship with Israel.
      He’s always been know as a spy in Washington.
      He was never in the US military but he’s 1 of the biggest war mongers in the country.

  6. All these War Hawks coming out and talking smack. However Bolton is right on what DT did to sabotage President Biden.

    1. Ha Ha Ha… it should be obvious by now (even to a dedicated minion) no one needed to “sabotage” Biden. He’s our own little suicide bomber.

    1. @Winston Smith Bolton is an unspeakable creature who never met a war he didn’t like, his biggest disappointment he never got us in a war with iran. He’s got a lot to answer for but his book on trump was eye opening if self serving.

    2. @Chris Smith MSNBC would have Mengele on if he bashed Trump. I just don’t understand how MSNBC viewers don’t demand better from this network. Karl Rove was a guest at one point! I think there are some people who are so vile and contemptible that nothing they say should be listened to. And Bolton and Rove imo fall into that category.

    3. @Winston Smith But isn’t that what the First Amendment is all about? Lack of critical thinking is the problem as to whether people choose to believe or not.

  7. Trump gave the Taliban credibility, legitimacy and international recognition the Taliban wanted all along. During the talks, he then excluded the legitimate Afghan government the US ironically help installed in the first place. He even invited the Taliban to Camp David. In short, he betrayed and threw the democratic Afghan government under the bus.

    1. @wrallpaul66 You people cannot even argue facts. Any human can be criticized. However, any critique of Trump, is considered an illness. God is the only entity than cannot be criticised. Therefore, the other part of labeling something “TDS”, is the other side believes he is god/God. I believe in the God of the Bible, Torah, and Quran.

    2. The US-imposed Afghan gov’t was illegitimate from the outset. One does not foster democracy by means of corruption at the point of a gun.

    3. @wrallpaul66 The US-imposed Afghan gov’t was illegitimate from the outset. (What was it the Republicans used to say AGAINST “nation building”?)

      And Trump’s “deal” with the Taliban didn’t include that gov’t — which gov’t the US was backing.

      Trump betrayed the people of Afghanistan exactly as he betrayed the Kurds in Syria.

    4. This is ALL Trump’s fault
      and Trump should be impeached
      biden had no choice but to do what he was instructed to do.

    5. @goe1punk Ha Ha Ha… Yep, that’s the answer… impeach Trump once again… please. Just put him back in office first!

    1. Executive privilege was invoked, or rather, it was going to be. Both Bolton and one of his top aides were subpoenaed by the House during impeachment 1. The aide took the subpoena to court, Nancy got wind of this, and withdrew both subpoenas. For both cases to go through the courts and meet their inevitable end, dismissal of the subpoenas after evoking EP, would have taken many months if not a year or more.

    2. Bolton has dual citizenship with Israel.
      He’s always been know as a spy in Washington.
      He was never in the US military but he’s 1 of the biggest war mongers in the country.

  8. I wonder if the Republican FASCIST Party will EVER take 100% responsibility for their actions. Keep voting for them !

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