Book claims Trump said bunker leaker 'should be executed' 1

Book claims Trump said bunker leaker ‘should be executed’


Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender talks about his new book "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost' that details the chaos inside the Trump White House including and episode where Then-President Donald Trump told a number of his advisers in 2020 that whoever leaked information about his stay in the White House bunker in May of that year had committed treason and should be executed for sharing details about the episode with members of the press.
Trump, along with then-first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron, were all taken to the underground bunker for a period of time during the protests spurred by the police killing of George Floyd as protesters gathered outside the building. Bender writes in the book that in the days following his time in the bunker, held a tense meeting with top military, law enforcement and West Wing advisers, in which he aired grievances over the leak.
"Trump boiled over about the bunker story as soon as they arrived and shouted at them to smoke out whoever had leaked it. It was the most upset some aides had ever seen the president," Bender writes.
'Whoever did that, they should be charged with treason!' Trump yelled. 'They should be executed!'" the book reads.
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  1. Trump is still scamming. Losing the election has become his most profitable scam yet. Trump has received $170 million for alleged election fraud that he can spend anyway he wants,
    including transfers to personal and family accounts.

    1. @Dennis Harrell That die has already been cast. He will never see the Whitehouse again. Unless they let him hang a picture in his future living quarters.

    2. America is never gonna recover from totalitarianism. “Baby Hitler Tramp ” is a stain oxyclean can ot rub out. Capitalism should have worked, but scammers are in the wings waiting with a gun as ALWAYS.

    3. He is still pulling it in his new grift asking to people to join him in the media law suit in fact its just asking trumpets to donate well trumpets he is laughing at you all the way to the bank

  2. Is anyone surprised by this? Trump never met a Dictator that he didn’t like. So, it’s only natural that he wants to be one himself.

    1. @john maggi Propaganda sites like this and other stated unequivocally that Pres Trump ordered a church cleared to have a photo op. It has been proven that was a lie. just one example I have many more of the media lying. I even have a few retractions idiots never read. How did Barr act as a “fetching boy” I asked for proof and all I got from your sorry a$$ is liberal media talking points. I deal in facts not BS. Move along and let someone with intelligence and proof talk, your simply not worth my time.

    1. @R W I thought Trump had the best people? Whatever happened to that?

      The sad bit of this all is that it was the only way to influence Trump without losing your job… It is the same reason children lie: when they get punished too severely. It’s the punishment they are trying to avoid. Loving parents don’t have lying children. It tells you something about Trump and his policies.

      Other Presidents and companies have ‘leaks’ too (usually when they try to do something sneaky) – but never on this scale.
      Again, it tells you something about the policies, the atmosphere, the mindset of this administration. Divided and conquered, desperately leaking, while also trying to charm the toddler in chief with false praise.

    2. best seen in Pence and Graham I guess…
      Pence who keeps hoping he can survive the minefield and manifest when Trump finally goes down and Linsey who basically said Trump was a complete moron who would destroy the GOP – yet now he has gone all in: The GOP is nothing without Trump.

    3. @R W Have you ever thought if Trump had a more competent administration that he could have accomplished more and leaking would have been less? There are no leakers in the Biden administration because they are competent and busy doing the business of the people. Not hosting a reality sh!tshow out of the people’s White House.

    4. What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually. In lieu of sticks and stones, I’m going with Bunker Bunny Trump and variations on that theme, from now on.

    5. @R W : Some things are not meant to be kept secret, madam. That’s why they call it, “discretion.” Nobody leaked anything that wasn’t in the country’s best interests. Especially Bunker Boy’s cowardice

    1. Still singing that tune after our pipeline was shut down and this administration gave Russia the green light to pipe that oil out of Crimea via Nordstream?


    2. @Kristjan Martin illegal xl pipelines that makes us still depended on another country( canada). Thats not still independent and illegal because there wasn’t a permit. Would you be okay if government drill under your house illegally?

    3. Who knows that Biden told Putin. They didn’t release the transcript….. But you don’t care do you?

  3. Trump knew the bunker story portrayed him as a coward.
    He was never on a path to re-election throughout his presidency.

    1. Don’t be so sure of that. There were lots of people with videos on Republican Voters Against Trump who only finally abandoned him after he botched the response to covid.
      It’s terrifying to contemplate.

    2. He actually could have. The GOP was lockstep with him. His poor leadership killed his reelection Ala bush 2

    1. @Keith Jackson so, you’re not paying attention, are you? Does it hurt? Your cult is strange. Luckily you’ll all be out in a year.

    2. @James Little okay princess. Isn’t this the third or fourth time the big “storm” was supposed to have happened?? Don’t you ever get tired of looking stupid

    3. Trump still lives rent free in these lunatics heads. The man is a legend. He doesn’t even have to do anything for them to start spiraling.

    4. @Days Of Noah having read some of your other posts,I find your knowledge of god somewhat lacking but not as lacklustre as your knowledge of current affairs or history.

    1. Get ready for 2022 & 2024! Getting the house and senate back and 2024 Trump back in the whitehouse( if not before)! We are comming back mutts! Youre not getting away with 2020. The audits are gonna twist your heads off. And stop calling the Jan 6th planned event an innsurrection! And

    1. @mimi murphy I don’t see my comment removed. Why do you think they will remove you? You’re not advocating for violence or crime or anything like that

    2. Yea wanting fair elections and voter id is such a terrible thing demo s is the slimiest waste of space on this planet

    3. Oh man. You just don’t get it.
      Keep watching CNN without cross check with other Media???
      You’ve been brainwashed.
      Am out!

    1. @Mike B Just because he didn’t hold rallies, doesn’t mean he he hid in a bunker. Trump on the other hand, he ran to the bunker like a coward.

    2. @Mike B
      Biden in his basement- pandemic and still won presidency.
      Trump in his basement- hiding from non-fascist & BLM and still lost, BIGLY.

      Keep melting.

    1. @BigBadJerry Rogers don’t have to I’m making great money right now and it wasn’t 2019- it was 2018 in December two weeks into December just before Christmas when I lost my high paying job 3 months into President Biden’s presidency I got my high paying job with a $7 raise I’m happy

    2. @Paula Gray it’s kind of funny as soon as I knew Trump got to be president I knew he was going to crash the economy I saved my money all through his presidency . I was prepared for 2 years being out of work but it was only 1 year and 3 months with the minimum wage job it only cost me $100 a month extra to live so I didn’t get hurt that bad. I was prepared for it. after 30 years of watching what the Republicans do every time they get in office after three recession at the Republicans hands I don’t think most people didn’t realize but we was going into a recession again with Trump so I prepared myself for it

    3. @Hand Ofgod We knew he would leave us in a hole one way or another whenever he was done being president, it was just a matter of how he would put us in the hole and how deep it would be. While he was dithering with the idiotic vanity border wall project he left us vulnerable to a pandemic. Major strategic mistake.

    4. Exactly. I do not know of one single person in my extended family and friends who were better off, even before Covid. Nothing had changed for us out here in the middle of the country.

  4. He always says stuff towards others that truly applies to him.
    He said treason and execution.
    Yes, let’s.

    1. @NiNi J projection is the word, but just how stupid ,do you have to be to fall for it. The majority of magats are not THAT dumb,theres an underlying theme of racism ,that dump cosigns ,and THAT’S ,what binds them altogether.

    2. @Jay Will you magats ,will soon transform into a fly on vp denses head,all is left ? Smack ya with a fly swatter…
      Bye bye fly

    1. @Rob Lee Well, Drumpf lost the lawsuit against O’Brien and Warner Books, but I’m sure he claims he won that as well.

  5. Exposure is what terrifies Donald, he is a coward. His completely fake world is crumbling around him.

    1. @RuRdy2RK how did trump take credit for Obama work , When trump improved the economy and had the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years, during his 4 years as president. The clump shut down flights from China in January 2019 and was the first to ban flights from China when biden and democrats said its was racist and xenophobic and China was the one that was withholding information till late February on the virus you know Biden good friends with China, where the big guy gets 10percent? all you have to do is search Obama saying that trump would need a magic wand to bring back those jobs. that the Obama administration lost !!!! Then search how many manufacturing jobs the trump administration brought back to the USA
      You supporting the frauds and the Arizona audit will confirm the frauds.

  6. The real reason was because we were calling him bunker boy on tweeter. And it made him look very bad. Like the weak coward, he really is.

    1. @tom martinez Trump started a violent insurrection at the nation’s capital on January 6th, 2021 in an effort to deny U.S. voters their right to chose their government. Trump also tried with violence to force Congress to not follow procedures dictated by the Constitution on January 6th, 2021. Donald J. Trump is a traitor and if you support him then so are you.

    2. it’s just a little confusion. Normally, you commit treason against the country – which is the thing that needs to be ruled by elected officials.
      Trump thought it was about him, as a person. He demands blind loyalty (sort of like the pledge to the flag) – or you are betraying him, like a traitor.

      That’s not ironic, it’s tragic at best.

    3. @tom martinez technically nothing – he hasn’t been convicted.
      But that capitol riot was pretty bad, though… Even Mitch said that was ugly AF.
      Still, not deemed treason, however…

      Treason at any rate is a term that gets thrown around for no good reason at all. Trump, his insane hyperbolic remarks, constant ranting tweets and his huge ego haven’t made arguments any better, I guess… But if your beef is with a wrong use of treason, you should take another look at Trump. Like said, he’s the one who pulls everything into the extreme (the best people, perfect phonecalls, biggest crowds, the best words, the dealmaker – somehow using a very small vocabulary, nonetheless). He’s not just some average joe on youtube, like Steve here…

      I suppose your in itself baffling selective judgement shouldn’t be surprising (it isn’t), it is the only way you can look at Trump and like what you see…
      Makes my argument here kind of hollow, but I’m a positive person: Maybe you’re willing to give common sense a chance once more.
      Democrats are dicks at times too, but Trump is just incompetent, in every sense of the word.

      Can you explain how Christians and conservatives can vote for Trump? Using facts only?

    4. @corbeau You may not like the way he says thing but he kept every promise he made except for that ridiculous one about Mexico building the wall. Energy independent, good treaties that were fair, Nato doing their fair share I could go on and on. He did more in 4 years than any president in modern history. The left is still so terrified that they continue to attack him with their “what if’s”.

    5. @tom martinez can’t say I agree, but I’m glad you agree on the insane wall 😉

      For me, I never was scared and predicted he could very well win. I don’t like the people on either extreme and Trump leans heavily on such crowds, like the proud boys, the people who were at the capitol riot – inspired by both Trump and rudy and their volatile speech combined with Trump’s inability to admit defeat. His ego bothers me and his policies, though indeed very transformative, didn’t inspire me. It had a lot to do with his stranglehold on the GOP, something that now is hard to move on from.

      He stands a good chance of winning 2024 though, depending on his mental state and the effect of Biden era policy the next years…

      Trump btw could have made it, because everything was working out for him. But… he had to declare corona a democrat hoax… making a virus political was his dumbest move, next to that wall. It vaporised all his economic gain.

    1. @verawang hevey Yet won’t advocate for the vaccine. The hypocrisy is piled high to the moon. How do Trump supporters live with themselves?

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers because they believe everything that trumps says one day they mite wake up 0

  7. Trump didn’t know his Tulsa rally was mostly empty? WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIS EYES? I still love the TikTok teens!

    1. I got one better, remember after that rally, when he got off Air Force one, his head was looking down with his MAGA hat off, and he was looking like a kid when he has to go take a bath when he was walking on the field, lmmfao ! It was a classic that was a once in a lifetime scene I’ll never forget!

  8. I do not believe that trump is afraid of germs. He would have worn a mask everywhere during 2020.

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