Book Details AG Barr's Realization That Trump Would Lose The Election 1

Book Details AG Barr’s Realization That Trump Would Lose The Election


New reporting from Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker in the book 'I Alone Can Fix It' details when former Attorney General William Barr realized then-President Trump would lose the 2020 election.

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Book Details AG Barr's Realization That Trump Would Lose The Election


  1. Yes Claire ! Barr needs to be indicted for abuse of power. His only concern about Trump losing is that he would get caught on all his crimes.

    1. EXACTLY. Once he saw the writing on the wall (of the BIG LOSS) he skedaddled away (2 weeks prior to his end of term), bec you know, he suddenly GREW SOME MORALS/BALLS apparently.

    2. @Keith Jones “Just part of their formula: whataboutisms; deep state nonsense; possession of information the rest of us don’t have; disbelief in what you can see, hear, and experience; outright lies; fearmongering”

      Yep, you summed it all up very accurately!

  2. We had to know this was coming. Even Trump himself gave interviews to these writers.
    Just ask Bob Woodward. Hey, Bob! You’re up!

    1. Agreed he always wanted to downplay the virus to Bob Woodward not too panic Americans and look what was the outcome after

    2. @Charles A Smith And control people with HIS narrative, devoid of facts.
      What an insult to his fellow Americans.

  3. Don’t listen for another second to Bill Barr. He believes in the same religious type of government that exists in Iran. Mixing religion with government has failed every single time.

    1. Mr. “religious” approved of Drump’s grab’em by the P comment!? He’s Such a “Godly” man!?! NOT!!! 🤯🙄👎👎👎

    2. He believes in following religion as much as I do, and I don’t believe in following any religion at all. He only seeks power.

    3. Barr believed that crime was caused solely by immorality, without any other factors like poverty playing a role. Around the time he expressed that he produced a report entitled “The Case For More Incarceration” which used skewed or false data to call for a much harder stance on crime, resulting in the increase in private prisons and increased mass imprisonments.

    4. @Sandy Allen one thing is worse, people not even believing in god but using those techniques like big Orange, because lets face it, he is his own god.

    1. @GOP PEDO TRUMP you have the writing skills of a ten year old. Go back to school and get off you tube

    2. @Drought Tolerant HORSEHOCKEY. State your references. NO wrongdoing has been found from the Maricopa election ballots, per REPUBLICAN Governor Ducey. There’s my reference, put up or shut up. (edit typo)

    3. @Becky Carter Becky, so many agree with you. However if nothing has been done yet with the ringleaders such as trump, guiliani, trump’s sons and a few congressmen and one certain senator, I’m afraid nothing will be done to hold them accountable for inciting the insurrection in the first place. Look at what is going on with Republican controlled state legislatures. The GOP knows it can no longer win an honest election in the light of day. So now they are reshuffling the deck and are now dealing the cards from the bottom of the deck. But thanks for your post.

    1. @Mauser Rudy Giuliani…… William Barr, two corrupt fake lawyers, whose time will come..

    2. @Mauser That woman wasn’t “assassinated,”she entered the Federal building without authorization, and she was stopped in the same manner as any foreign invader…

    3. @Mauser Hitler’s brown shirts also had demands they called it “Kristallnacht”, the night of broken glass… There should have been more casualties..

    1. He always was. Barr has been known as the cover-up king since his role in helping the GOP escape Iran-Contra.

    2. History will tell us all the shady doings of BILL BARR Thanks to modern technology is recorded he is responsible for the MESS I cant wait for the History Books 🤔

  4. What he did regarding covid alone should disqualify him from even being a citizen of the US not to mention put him behind bars for the rest of his miserable life.

    1. @felixcoqui very very well put. Obviously you have done your fact-checking. We need to vote him away

    2. @Paul Lee Wrong. The CDC cost millions by denying Hydroxychloroquine’s benefits. It had to be bad because Orange Man told us about it.

    3. @Donald Stanfield Trump Spokeswoman on AZ Audit Revelations: “A Crime Was Committed on Nov. 3rd – This Is a Fraud – Election Never Should Have been Certified”

    1. ALL of the Trump children, and his ex wives, will write a tell all book after Trump dies and/or goes to jail trying to buy back their souls.

    2. To understand the definition of loyalty in Trump’s language is to first understand who Donald Trump really is. His background is very revealing and disturbing.

    1. Well, if you’re a real human, you realize neither so-called side is perfectly pure. When you are genuine, you say how you see it, regardless who or what looks better. I’m not saying Barr didn’t come with his own agenda. I’m saying every now and then even a clown has a moment of clarity.

  5. Barr is like someone waking up from a spell trying to act brand new but, too little too late. The hurt is done and we won’t forget or forgive.

    1. @Marvin Martion the Republicans I trust are the former Republicans now known as “The Lincoln Project”

    2. Barr is very smart and knew everything illegal that he did. He did it consciously for personal profit. He debased and weakened the entire DOJ.

    3. This is what people don’t realize about joining the Trump administration, and continually sticking up for it.

  6. I remember when he said “history is written by the winners”. I believe in October of 2020. He also had a sh…y grin when he said it. Evil per evil.

  7. Wasn’t it obvious Barr started to conduct himself differently after Trump lost? He knew the day for reckoning was coming closer and had to stop all of his bs and that was the reason as to why he said that there was no election fraud and all was legit!

    1. Now, I wonder if Barr joined Trump administration to write a book on his experience! Barr was acting as Trump’s personal attorney than doing his job to the best of his ablity as an Attorney General, in the best interests of the country and the citizens of United States! In my humble opinion, Barr has no credibility!

    2. Patmat. 1987 I apologize for misspelling your name. I used talk and text. Are you seriously saying you think there was voter fraud??? I sincerely hope not. That ship sailed. He has committed so many fraudulent things since then. Not to mention that one he was president. He almost killed us all with just acting like covid didn’t exist. And the only choice we have is to vote him away. If the van with the guys in the white coats don’t put a net over his head and lock him up. Just my opinion I’m entitled to it and what at this time is a free country. If he gets voted in period World War 3 will begin

    1. I was thinking the same thing, I’m surprised chump didn’t tell him to gtfoh and go continue to do my bidding you silly underling

    1. Frankly, I think Barr should be called up in front of Congress and asked that question, but we already know he’s not above lying under oath. Ask V.P. Harris.

    2. @skaetur1: You’re mistaken on this point skaetur1. It was because JFK appointed his brother as the Attorney General, and because of the way Nixon behaved during his presidency, that there are firewalls built around the Justice Department, to prevent the taint of politics touching the Justice Department. That Barr was acting as a political advisor to the Trump campaign is simply WRONG, and should be addressed so it never happens again. Normalizing this politicization of the Justice Department is equally wrong.

    3. @SG I imagine it would go something like this.

      Barr: I’m trying to grapple with the word “lying”. . .

      Congress: Perhaps you’re being deceitful?

      Barr: I wouldn’t say deceitful—

      Congress: Untruthful?

      Barr: I don’t know.

      Congress: Two faced?

      Barr: I . . . don’t know.

    1. And when that happens, I will happily belly up to the bar! And have a couple of Black Russians 😉

    2. Bet V! Bbbbravilous, baravo, and I’m barrfing. BRILLIANT and bbbbrrr…..thxs,loving it,made my day! Smile!

    1. @Drought Tolerant The Marxist on the left need your rights and our constitution so do as your told wear your mask lock your self and family up let the government spy on your social media all to save you from the boogeyman

    2. 4 being a communist, along with 73 million voters, that voted for Trump. America is in a serious spot.

    3. @Drought Tolerant just like there was no fraud or corruption in the election AOC thugs criminals and felons released from prison by Harris to incite insurrection for months and wearing red hats

    4. @red rum Demented Biden is lost and comrade Harris is confused and he isn’t making ant decisions unless it comes down from Marxist with one agenda to get rights from free thinkers and destroy the constitution as they need that for Marxism to work

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