Booker: GOP Easily Passed Defense Bill, But Won’t Defend Americans From Coronavirus | All In | MSNBC


  1. Senate Republicans gave 500 billion to corporations and rich who didn’t need it, yet McConnell and his gang don’t want to help the average (poor and middle class) American. Sad.

    1. The average and the poor don’t donate enough money to political campaigns.
      What is really amazing is how their constituents believe what they are told and are too brain dead to see when someone has done to them.

    2. Terry Wolf – This has always been the Republican platform. ALWAYS. It surprises me that people seem surprised or annoyed by this.

    3. “I need to pay higher taxes.” “The government should require the people in my position to pay significantly higher taxes.” — Bill Gates, Second richest person in the world,
      As of today. 147.000 dead Americans from COVID-19. It took 19 years for the death count in the Vietnam War to reach 58,000. The coronavirus took 104 days.
      “Our Congress passes laws which subsidize corporation farms, oil companies, airlines, and houses for suburbia, but when they turn their attention to the poor they suddenly become concerned about balancing the budget.” — Coretta Scott King, Wife of Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968, Harvard University,
      Reopening the Economy Is a Death Sentence for Workers. The wealthy may be fine with sacrificing the vulnerable, but workers are fighting for the sanctity of human life.
      We Are Moving Confidently and Proudly Into Mass Death.
      “I support higher taxes on people like me. I think America has more of a revenue problem than a spending problem.” — Douglas Durst, Multi-millionaire American real estate investor and developer, Washington Post,
      “Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.” — Lord Farquaad,
      States that moved more quickly to reopen are seeing a
      What Trump thinks about the value of human life.
      The wartime President is losing the war. He is failing those he responsible to protect.
      Pandemic modelers expect loosening restrictions to lead to coronavirus case increase in coming weeks.
      Historian: 1918 flu pandemic lessons we should apply today. Cities that closed quickly, stayed closed longer, and reopened in phases had more success at mitigating 1918 flu.
      August may bring more US coronavirus deaths than expected, but next wave in winter could be worse.
      Timeline chronicling the Trump administration’s massive coronavirus failures.

    1. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 there isn’t anything like burning the system down and letting black babies and black children be gunned down

    2. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 the biggest snowflake is these bots thinking there white privilege and pandering to me as it makes me sick as a free thinking black man

    3. @Zk Burning the System down by tearing up the Constitution and tossing it in the trash like Bonespurs has been doing since noon on Jan 1, 2017?

    4. @Just Say’n yeah dont forget to vote by mail from south America as AOC likes black babies and black children gunned down in the streets

  2. Instead of billions in bank bailouts, give the money to those who are about to default and people will not get foreclosed on AND the bank gets its money.

    1. @Tim – supporting and investing in working and lower middle class has the biggest boost to the economy but the gop are pathologically unable to see a world where the top 1% are not the priority.

    2. How’s that trickle down your leg economics working out for the majority of Americans? Let’s give trickle up a shot for a change. At least the stimulus $ will have a chance to circulate through the economy a few times before the top 1% get there hands on it. IMHO

  3. Won’t defend Americans from Coronavirus and won’t protect US troops from the Russians putting out hits on them

    1. Jim Battersbee @we still have our troops in Afghanistan. 9/11 brought us economic hardships. It’s part of what led us to real trouble. And that’s how the department of homeland security was created. And a lot of this was due to the fear of another attack. I sound like the expert here… but I am not. Just another frustrated American. Pandemics are tricky enough. And..unrest over police brutality. That’s plenty. Think positive. Be safe. The good part about all this is different voices from people and that’s great.

    2. @Kary Herndon
      Notice your politicians build nearly all their cases on “fear”, Trump is doing right now. American must be the most fear filled country on earth. All that fear and all those guns, not a good combination.

    3. Jim Battersbee @my brother ended his life with a gun and normally I wouldn’t tell this fact. Be more careful. Be well and safe. We all are frustrated. I am not gonna argue for the sake of trying to be right. These are challenging times. Nighty night.📝

  4. The stimulus package is of no value!!! Everything in regards to the virus is worse than ever and there is no plan to help Americans!!! The amount they have offered is pathetic and will not help support Americans!!! Schools cannot reopen safely and this will be the death of us all!!! Pathetic!!!!!

    1. This is so bad and because of the first stimulus and $600 per week over 50% of Americans were earning more at home and they don’t feel the full effects of 11% unemployment. If that money wasn’t budgeted correctly I suspect we’ll see mass evictions and foreclosures. I’m really uncomfortable about this. I’m undeclared politically but I’m fiscally conservative so I’m quite ambivalent about these stimulus packages. I really believe only small businesses and those earning less than $60k per year should have gotten any stimulus money. Although the Los Angeles Lakers are my team I don’t believe they should have gotten stimulus money.

  5. Just give all the money to the rich, and give them the work, while the rest of us will use the barter system.

  6. republicans:
    $1.3 trillion for corporations = money grows on trees.
    $1.0 trillion for working Americans, schools, city employees and small businesses = shaking the couch cushions.

    1. @Ace Gkhan so stand up for yourself and join other patriots to drive them out and deliver them justice.


  8. It’s a wake up call, these representatives do not and have not reflected the Average Americans interest nor do they have are financial well being in mind. I consider myself middle class and have only seen my taxes raise yearly. While corporate America gets tax cuts and bailouts left and right.🤔

  9. They’d rather start a war and run from their obligations than to help people including ***Military Families*** and spend on health!

  10. As an outsider, a citizen of the world, what confuses me is the impotence of the people, it seems like you have no ability to rein in your dictator in chief. I see 3rd world images in your streets, all the actions of a totalitarian society , lots of noise in the media, but apparently no way to stop a lawless dictator??? What happened? The facade of America is gone and what’s left is ugly.

    1. That’s what I noticed, lots of big talk about “liberty and freedom”, lots of flag waving and brandishing guns, lots of mass shootings of school children and bombing of the third world, but when the chips are down they’re like lambs to the slaughter.
      One thing Trumps incompetence has done is to lift the skirts on the cowardice, stupidity and corruption that is the USA. A land of fantasy, of lies, of movies, television, advertising, marketing and home of the “alternative fact”.
      A quick look at this will help tell you why”.

    2. We tried that through the impeachment inquiry and trial. Suggesting an illegal coup d’etat isn’t going to happen. Voting is the only legal solution.

  11. The Defense budget gets passed because the Military Industrial Complex gives KICKBACKS!! How do you think they got to be Millionaires and more on $200,000 a year?

  12. All that money for weapons yet nothing for our kids. Nothing for the elderly. Nothing for the oppressed. Mr President, are you listening?

    1. Iggy Morts – This has always been the Republican agenda, for decades. Democrats are the ONLY members of congress who put people first.

    2. Alana Sise Thank you Alana. I know it takes both sides to make our country work but it’s scary sometimes when the radicals from either side start gaining headway. Stay safe hon😉

  13. Make the top 1% billionaires surrender the sickening billions of dollars they profited off the coronavirus crisis from Trump funneling billions into the stock market to inflate it artificially in the hopes of his reelection. It was THEFT of American taxpayer dollars, and we should all rise up together and DEMAND it be returned to us and rightfully used to help the lower and middle classes buy FOOD AND SHELTER AND HEALTH CARE.

  14. What do we need to defend ourselves against? It seems to me that the worst threat to our country are COVID-19, racism, and the man who fancies himself president. All of our ‘enemies’ are domestic, our threats from within. Republicans once again prove how out of step they are with reality. And, guess who has made threats to overthrow our country from within–the Russians, friends of the Republicans!

    1. And they seem do be doing that quite nicely, hence Putin’s smirk in Helsinki. Donnie is his cabana boy.

    1. He is a disease perpetrated by the GOP starting with Reagan & his voodoo economics! 1 of the rare democrats who also hurt American workers was Clinton, with NAFTA, although he was the only President that put the country in a surplus for the first time & in comes Bush/Cheney trashing it all!

  15. At this point you have to be extremely challenged to believe anything Benedict Donald and his administration utters

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