Booker on impeachment: Politics be damned right now

Booker on impeachment: Politics be damned right now 1


Presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) weighs in on the formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, calling it a "sad day for the country."

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  1. He’s a hack, worse Mayor Newark ever had. Deprived? Grew up in Harrington Park

    • He loved the AC casino revenue generated by Trump. He received $500 million in state grants for Newark (North Jersey) , while Atlantic City (South Jersey) barrelled into ghetto status.

  2. Just confirmed my vote for Trump in 2020.

  3. Present the facts allow me to make up my own mind please

  4. CNN is feeding us bull again.Trying to change our vote in 2020.Brainwashing.Not news.

  5. “Politics be damned…” Yep, pretty much….

  6. Hey CNN why don’t you bring back your favorite guest Michael Avenatti, at least he has more credibility than Cory Booker at this point. 😂

  7. Everyone read the transcript, listen to media and dems lie about what’s in it. READ IT FOR YOURSELF

  8. BOOOM!!!. transcripts are out and as usual Dems and their fake news cronies LOSE!
    Trump in 2020

  9. Russell Henderson | September 25, 2019 at 2:25 PM | Reply

    Fake news Biden bragged he did it. This is why yogi bear is higher than CNN

  10. It’s been sad for this President. Because the left and Dems have Attacked him since he announced he was going to run for President.

  11. We don’t believe ANYTHING you report on anymore CNN. Give it up Sociopaths.

  12. The President has met with about 10 foreign nations over the past 3 days and signed several great trade deals. Where are your reports cnn? Forget Smearacus.

  13. Looking like the Dems are getting ready to fall on their face once again. Are they trying to hand 2020 to Trump? Looks like it.

  14. What we impeaching him for this time jaywalking? 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @Vicki Daniels “rival candidate” is a criminal, if i was Orange, i would extradite Bidumb to Ukraine, let them rip his balls for robbing Ukraine gas and make”quick back” on poor country.

    • @Alla Veles and where is the proof. It works both ways.

    • @Vicki Daniels poor delusional Vicky. I will cut you are break, you are obviously mentally challenged.

    • These idiots don’t even know that it is the Presidents duty to look into crimes committed by US reps, and especially when these reps are committing treason against America like Joe Biden and his son have done. All the democrats did here was help expose the actual crime even more. They’re just too stupid and “programmed” to only see and say what the programming mainstream media wants them to see and hear.

  15. Trump raised over a million dollars just after pelosi said impeachment Trump keeps winning

  16. Those who first supported Corey Booker’s Campaign are known as “First Corinthians.”

  17. Da Pumbaa Weapons Hog | September 25, 2019 at 10:15 PM | Reply

    Thanks to CNN they have killed Joe Biden’s nomination for President!!

  18. I guess Booger raising his “presidential ” money on CNN :):):) thats the only supporters he has

  19. So sad when you realize people still watch cnn even sadder to think there are people who trust cnn.

  20. Politicians are the worst kicking problems down the road while fixing nothing.

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