Booster Shots Review | Jamaica Bracing for Omicron | TVJ Midday News - Nov Dec 3 2021 1

Booster Shots Review | Jamaica Bracing for Omicron | TVJ Midday News – Nov Dec 3 2021


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    1. Vax and/or booster not gonna protect you. We have more fully vaccinated people who have omicron in the UK…….

    1. You go ahead playing with your life, but don’t encourage anyone else to committed suicide with you, you sick in a your head

  1. Time is of the essence so we mustn’t wait. If we can get our booster now we should take it. Enough time is wasted already. Too many people have died already.

  2. You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time.who call you for boosters give them and let people make them own decisions

  3. My cousin is in the public Hospital bleeding from her brain through her eyes, all you vaccinated I wish you all the best.

  4. Why is this argument about roads is continuing, talk, talk, talk, and the figures quoted for spending on roads when you look at the road network across the island that figure cannot be accurate. The construction and maintenance of roads is an absolute shambles. The roads are not constructed to carry those heavy trucks. Have a good look at how the roads are constructed they are flat, not built with a camber so the water runs off the surface to the curbside. But, worst still those that have drainage those drains are not regularly maintained. We need Civil Engineers who knows how to construct roads the property way.

  5. Jamaica the ginepig county for the Caribbean islands.Thank you Andrew Holness to show that Jamaicans will take anything come from foreign countries 😀😀☠️☠️ RIP TO COMMON SENSE

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