Boosters for All, More Harm Than Good | TVJ Midday - Dec 16 2021 1

Boosters for All, More Harm Than Good | TVJ Midday – Dec 16 2021


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    1. I cannot understand why stressing about vaccinated . If people don’t want to get the vaccine leave them alone stop forcing people to get vaccinated am sick of this

  1. Follow the Cloud not the Crowd, so I stay home and wait until God make January 1st arrive I will be just fine at home.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. What a Bam Bam.. 😂😂I know they would give ppl more vaccine for booster enuh🤷🤷 this is above and beyond madness 🤦🙆

  3. Unu nau stop jab people until all a we dead, the death toll too low su more jab, nau gu stop get jab until all kick over, the devil really a get him job done by all evil servants

    1. @Horrian Welch I’ve seen results in ppl not looking good so y should I Vax the blood of Jesus against their plans

  4. The JCF could help farmers by supplying camouflaged trail cameras to use to catch the thieves.
    Most farmers can’t afford these for themselves, but if local police departments had one or two to set up in areas the thieves are known to be stealing from, they might catch a few.
    Of course, the police would have to pry the money for the cameras from their local Minister 🙄

  5. This will never end… i wish I could stop hearing about all this vaccine and viruses and start hearing some positive things like how poor people going to survive and when everywhere is going to have water and some a dem real bad road when are they going to fixed

  6. The Farmers need licenses firearm just like any other business owner. They just have to be train well and be discreet.

  7. It’s well over the six weeks ago why can’t I still get a buster shots , that’s the big problem I have with the ministry of health.

  8. I have had the J&J in March & the booster earlier this month & thank God no issues. However, its been recommended that people who have had blood clots shouldn’t take the booster.
    So the MOH thinks that African money supercedes Jamaicans safety!
    God help us!!!!

  9. People need to recognize the word good no one in this world can help what is good I need anyone giving something in exchange for you to get something what that person is given to you is not good good already Elevate itself why do people live in ignorance and stupidity

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