Border Crossing: Jamaican Woman Details Failed Attempt to Enter USA via Central America | TVJ News

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  1. Jamaica’s government, over the past sixty-odd years, has been unwilling to engage in creating opportunity for the people. Why?. As a result – this. It could all be avoided, but people like this Minister Johnson, who lives as smug as a bug, all her life, in Jamaica, talks rich, speaking about how much the value of the passport is devalued by the actions of people seeking a better life; a way out of persistent poverty – something Kamina Johnson can’t relate to.

    1. Do I hear a hint of jealously? She didnt ask to be born…neither did any human being. That being said…she didnt chose her parents..neither did other human beings. I say that to say…be mindful of our comments. You could have been Ms Johnson!

  2. Problem is the citizens of those same countries are doing the same thing, so it’s a competition for them. As an aside, I have nothing to say about people who are desperate and believe this is the best option. Grateful everyday that my parents took a chance. Takes courage and it’s not for everyone.

    1. @Kattah B Let me give you a big tip:

      People don’t run away from something that is good especially if they are running away in droves and are taking all kinds of risks with their lives and their children’s lives. This is basic common sense reasoning and logic.

      Don’t come around here with the Stockholm syndrome or battered wife who still loves her husband reasoning.

      You can only come to the conclusion that Anju is the best pm if you fall into one of the following groups:

      1) Chiney
      2) Mentally challenged
      3) Foreign hotel investor
      4) A paid garrison warrior
      5) A JLP politician
      6) Rum bar owner
      7) IMF banker
      8) Local bank owner

      Which group are you associated with?🔥

    2. @Douglas Allen Let me give you a BIG tip. I’m associated with the SAME one you are associated with.
      I remember as a child…many people fleeing Jamaica under another PM…named Michael Manley…and guess what? They were the “richer” ones in Jamaica! Go figure! Im sure you knew about that.

  3. That’s a very dangerous practice. Many people have died trying to cross other Countries Borders. Corrupted Johnson needs to go hold a couple of seats 💺. Preferably in the back of the building or the Outside Toilet 🚻. Jamaican Government wasted million of dollars 💵 on this woman 👩 for nothing at all. That money could have helped out poor Jamaican Citizens. It’s the Incompetent Politicians who are responsible for people running 🏃‍♂️ away from Jamaica 🇯🇲.

  4. “People want to live lavish.” That is true but no one wants to help and build Jamaica so that future generations can have it easier. America was not built overnight. We need to cut out the selfish attitudes and corruption from our leaders and we ALL work hard to build a better Jamaica!

    1. As much as Jamaica is tough for many we must also bear in mind that the US has more mass shootings than days in 2023. Almost 280 shootings so far and we haven’t gone 100 days yet!

    2. A lavish life and she’s already 50! I don’t know her but she should by now have a skill, a small business, or even some academic papers! Maybe little farming? My poor mom threw partner from her little much until I was able to do the rest!

    3. @Jamaican Princess how does that work? Say you’ve decided that you gonna keep your drum of water that’s in your kitchen always at 3/4 full. Why do you do when drought comes between Jan – May? Are you willing to do with less water so fewer showers and less cooking? In a similar manner that’s what the Govt would have to do!

  5. It might not be better in the USA especially when you are illegal. What people don’t show is the struggles that some face, they pretend like once they get there they are living well!

    1. @Donovan Cameron or since you are able to do so, go right ahead. Cudos to you. However don’t try to knock those seeking a better life. And we’re counting those who want to gain more money to do things that makes no sense and sinks the country even more. If Jamaica is working wonderfully for you, congratulations to you sir.

    2. Some also don’t know that many in America living in deep debt, people in many parts of America don’t make enough income to meet their cost of living . Many are living 1 critical incident away from homelessness or uncomfortably living in tenement. While some of these people will remit funds back home, they’re not in a good place financially emotionally and otherwise.

    3. Not everyone is Jamaica is poor. .. if some people work hard in Jamaica as they do abroad they would have a better life. .. understand that you cannot compare Jamaica to the US or any foreign country. !! These countries will definately have more opportunities as they are richer countries!! Stop bashing the island. America is not paradise !!

  6. We need to import some new Jamaican to Jamaica people who know what’s it like to work hard not saying current Jamaican don’t work but people wants to work and have vision and goals for Jamaica and not just run the first sign of hardship things are hard everywhere right now and if you run from the hardship it will just get harder when your too old to do anything about it we can make this country a lot better if we work together.

  7. This comment section is so depressing. I love Jamaica and I never want to leave but to see 90% of the comments are people stating they are hell bent on leaving is a really sad case I wonder if the government take notes of this. It is like hell in this country for real you live in constant fear of going broke or losing your life whether due to a person just being plain Evil or because of their carelessness and disregard for the safety of others. The country is lawless and Poor I wish I had all the answers. I am studying political science rn at the UWI and I pray that I can make it to a level where I can help to start make real changes in Jamaica. I want to see Jamaica become a better place and it will be 🙏🏾

    1. Giovanni McKenzie. Your comment are so true, best i had seen for a while. If everyone was like you Jamaica would be a better place to live.

    2. Nice mind set but one person can’t do it. It takes everyone. People don’t understand the power they have when they are in numbers

    3. @Nashie fortunately I have a lot of friends on the same path as me I believe once this current administration is out my generation will make good and Jamaica will be nice

    4. @Giovanni Mckenzie trust me bro. Love the mindset but it isn’t that easy. I was in your shoes and the reality hit me. As Jamaican, I can say our culture is corrupt and the minds of most of our youths are poisoned. It’s gonna take a lot to bring the country back. It’s gonna take some hard times and some hardships. Many people love likes and fast lane so that’s going to make your goal near not impossible but it’s not impossible. It just takes unity

  8. While I don’t think life is easy in the US I know it’s far better than here in Jamaica and I use the teachers and nurse for example, they’re migrating in large numbers as well with the legal route because here in Jamaica you’re not been paid for what you worth. ‘Pam’ might want to live lavish but 99% of those who migrate or want to migrate just want better opportunities so they can make use of them and have a better life for them and their families. This mass migration issue is very very deep in the case that many aren’t given the opportunity here in Jamaica and they’re not been protected either. People feel far safer in first world countries than in Jamaica even though crime is everywhere. In first world countries though they’re many deterrence to prevent a lot of crime like cameras and other measures of security everywhere so even though crime is committed they’re sure it will be solved. That’s NOT the case in Jamaica, people here are even afraid to start a business because they’ll be targeted by criminals and corrupt people in society

    1. Teachers are walking off the job here in the US because they’re not getting paid properly and other reasons. Over here is not first world like you think. They’re starting to seem like developing countries just the same. Regardless of what’s taking place over here though, you can still see your way. Especially if you put in that work and not try to live lavishly.

    2. @anthonyjohnson5961  teachers from Jamaica will be grateful for what they’re getting as teachers in the US because they know it’s far better than Jamaica plus they have more opportunities to do a second job

  9. I will never discouraged a person from doing what they think its necessary for their personal well being. Foreign is not easier however, if an individual is willing to work hard with a positive mindset they can make it.

    1. For things to be better the government must build trade centers in each parish so that they can learn a trade Jamaica need good carpenter plumbers and electricians no body want to work jamaica is my home .

  10. Well people are doing what they have to do. It may not be safe, but I really don’t blame them trying when America is letting in so many Mexicans and Ukrainians.

    Just a thought though, wouldn’t it also be an option to just go live in another Caribbean country and try set yourself up or get established there _then_ move onto the US/UK/Canada? It may take longer but it wouldn’t be so risky.

  11. I understand that people need better and I truly hope both side of the government stop being selfish and greedy and actually do more to help the citizens of Jamaica.

  12. What’s the sense? If you manage to make it into the US illegally, you’ll be ostracized and forced to live in constant fear of deportation for the rest of your time there – which may be more limited than you think. It’s not worth it. As for the notion that they’re seeking a better life there; sadly that prospect is reserved for legal immigrants and citizens. I mean, you have to view this thing realistically. It’s better to use the money you’ve saved to fly to Central America to invest in yourself in an effort to enhance your eligibility for a US VISA and utilize the legal process, otherwise, you’re in for a rude awakening.

    1. I just don’t get it. Yes Jamaica hard but you have hundreds of thousands to attempt an illegal crossing?

  13. So let me get this straight, based on what “Pam” said people are risking their lives, and their freedom to cross the border illegally to come to America, because they want to live lavishly and owning a car and a house and living in Jamaica you’re working your whole life and they’re not getting any of that lavish lifestyle that they want. As someone that lives here in America, you work more harder than you would ever work in your life then you would’ve worked in your negative country and you really don’t have your neighbors to rely on when you fall on hard times like you do in your native country and the most important part Uncle Sam, which is the US government earth state that you live in the city that you’re living will be texting everything a dollar that you make and I can guarantee you nine out of 10 of those people who are risking your lives in freedom to illegal to cross the border to come to America don’t pay taxes in Jamaica whenever they make money. this so-called lavish lifestyle that jamaican is having their mind about America send me your throw it away and stop thinking like that.

    1. Stop being silly. All they are saying is that the basic stuff are attainable in America. No one should feel wanting of the basics. Stop acting as if going to America isn’t a good move. It has good and it has bad. Please tell people of the good things too. Stop discouraging people from having their own personal experience, like you did.

  14. Jamaica is lovely it just nee to build up when the foreign they came to Jamaica 🇯🇲 they say how beautiful the Island is and we we a run for it. We never no the good things we have until we lost it 😢😢

  15. What is dangerous is the Jamaican government not providing opportunities the citizens of Jamaica. The has no one to protect them from crime and violence. Andrew Holness and the government and opposition only care about themselves and their immediate family members safety.

  16. This is a rough time to come to America. Many people at home are living better than many in the US. It is not all that it appears to be.

    1. True but hey.. she trying a thing for a better life. Sad – not legal. There are opps for youngsters and understandably not much for persons her age. Hope she finds the legal way to get in

  17. The problem is people who do not even have a primary school education, made the wrong decisions in life want a lavish lifestyle. The fear of not being able to maintain or even acquire our increasing wealth and material goods often leads to increased unhappiness, misery, anxiety, and depression. Let me also say that not having any wealth can also lead to unhappiness, misery, anxiety, and depression. As a society we worship money, and we worship material goods. We have been conditioned to think we are nothing without it and everything with it.
    We are who we are simply because somehow, we have developed this sense of entitlement, greed, selfishness, nastiness, self-importance and a callous disregard for morals and values. Stop using poverty as an excuse for not having any morality, self-respect, personal responsibility and basic human decency…

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