1. Wait a minute – are you insinuating that the border patrol is made up of mostly angry, racist, white men? I find that shocking! Absolutely shocking! #sarcasm

  2. it’s a clear sign of evil intent when people create questionable rules regarding cameras

    1. @Dang on man boo did you even reread what you said🤨 this isn’t a courthouse or jailhouse etc. But bottom line is if they have nothing too hide,professional cameramen an reporter’s should be allowed too record. Wait why am I even breaking this down too a Plump supporter🙄

    2. @Man you and the person below you sound real dumb. Typical Plump supporter 🙄.

    3. @Dang on man boo THat it is up to them says nothing, exept that it is a clear flaw of the system. There is not a single Argument in your post. To say “Its different” is not an Argument in itself. What is so different about it, that you can’t allow cameras in there?
      The only logical Thing, is only the most inhumane one.
      So that the crimes of the Folks running it can’t be filmed


    1. Do you tell everyone in your family the absolute truth about everything you have ever done or do? If not, are you no longer accountable?

  4. those guards are extremely dishonorable. as are their leaders, without honor you are nothing. yes the world is disgusted.

  5. Yeah… let’s have the accused investigate themselves. Why would CBP show bias to themselves? I am sure we can trust CBP.

    1. Most of these guys are thugs who couldn’t get into regular police or sheriff’s departments. Ex-military who aren’t good for anything other than bullying and arresting helpless refugees. Go to any job fair in the southwest, and there they are, the CPB scooping up the unemployable. It’s no wonder they’re of such low caliber.

    2. @James Pardue Wow. That really says something when police and sheriff depts won’t have you. Only requirement is HS diploma or GED.

  6. Zero tolerance policy for border patrol cruelty and abuse of power. The irony. Fire them and make sure they don’t ever get any government job. I would even say go further and press charges. That’s the condemnation needed to stop the behavior.

  7. Floaters? If your white toddler drowned would you like her referred to as a “floater?” This kind of speech shows psychopathy.

    1. For a “rational” guy, it seems pretty irrational to think someone chose to describe a floating body as a floater because of their skin color. Is the term callused, of course, but how many drowned illegals do you think they see? Id be willing to bet these arent the first. Furthermore, this couldve been fixed/greatly prevented if dems had come to the table at the beginning of the year. Do you honestly think people would make the journey if the hope of them actually getting into the country illegally was greatly diminished? Or maybe if the incentive of crossing illegally and jumping through a few loopholes was no longer an option; do you think their choice would be the same? Of course some will risk it no matter what, however the numbers we are seeing couldve been seriously curtailed had this issue been fixed at the beginning of the year. It wasnt a crisis when DT was calling that, but now thats what we have. And only a fool could deny that.

    2. I think if you see enough bodies of people you never knew you would start coming up with nick names as well. No one called their own toddler a floater. Calling someone elses toddler a floater because its the quickest and best way of identifying a situation to a large group? More likely when someone is more desensitized to bodies. Not saying its respectful but when you are exposed to so much death, detaching yourself from the individual is one of the healthiest ways of coping with the situation.

    3. @jonathan herrick, who had control before the beginning of the year? I stopped reading your comment after ” if dems had come to the table at the beginning of the year” because I knew it’d be more nonsense.

  8. Is anyone auditing where the money is going. I suspect someone is pocketing millions. If it’s Kelly, then it is also benefiting trumps pocket.

  9. A facebook group with 9,500 members can’t be much of a secret. If the people in charge of the Border Patrol weren’t aware of this group they must have their heads firmly planted up another portion of their anatomy.

    1. Jim Best I doubt they knew about it. When it comes to these things, I’m sure superiors are too busy and too old to think about it and if it’s truly a secret, aye I bet it’s just like fight club don’t fucking talk about it lol.

    2. Jim Best they also have a backup account of 300+ members. Obviously they haven’t learned and have no remorse

  10. They deserve to wear An inmate uniform and number, NOT badges! They’re a DISGRACE to the Law Enforcement Community. Then again, the ENTIRE so called administration is a disgrace!

  11. The hatred keep unravelling. Sociopaths are the only ones enjoying this level of cruelty.
    If they were open about what they were doing, they would open the facility to cameras and scrutiny.
    And ironically most of these monsters will go to church and read the bible.

    1. @Blue Finally Gets A Clue it’s the repoolicans who are killing the innocent poeple all of sudden when Trump starting talking about illegals the repoolicans started kissing Trump’s azz

    2. That’s were most of your sociopaths and monsters congregate. They go under names such as clergy, priest, ministers, missionaries, deacons, pastors, scout leaders, teachers all protected under a false veil of decency…..

  12. Anyone who can speak so brutally about a father and daughter who have passed is just plain evil

    1. hannah kostoff then I’m evil. lol. They should have done the otter swim method. Probably would still be alive.

    1. Well maybe if they came to the country LEGALLY instead of ILLEGALLY, they wouldn’t be in the situation they are.. oh we are seeking asylum from our own country and yeah we traveled through Mexico.
      IF they truly wanted to escape their own country which for most of them it’s Venezuela, then why didn’t they file for asylum in fucking Mexico… Which is the right way to do it…
      Oh yeah I forgot, Mexico actually has a immigration policy, whereas we just have a bunch of cocksucking libTURD POS who only cares about them cause they normally vote Democrat..
      I betcha that if a bunch of Russians were coming over our boarder and were able to vote for Trump then the fucking Democrats would be all for the wall.
      What a bunch of hypocrites

    2. Jacob Schneider that’s doesn’t mean it’s right for them to be utterly disgusting in how they treat HUMANS. That shows there’s too much evil still and you guys should be the ones living in the cages (:

    3. @jasadela alvarado
      You’re essentially trying to teach a cat how to jump rope, it’s pointless. These people are disgusting and inhumane. As Forrest Gump says “stupid is as stupid does!”

  13. This ain’t new…
    Remember the families kidnapped separated and abused and sold for free labor. 439 years families were abused. American politics and commerce allowed it and never apologized or regretted its behavior toward man kind.
    So, I’m not surprised at what’s going on.

    1. We never want to talk about our shame… of cores, some aren’t ashamed by this…. So we will have to be ashamed for them

  14. Hey the world is appalled but what is America going to do? We’re praying that a new president is elected next year

    1. Static Core Melania international sex escort escaped human sex trafficking by spitting into a turkey baster – NO JOKE – to get citizenship via ANCHOR BABY. Apparently intel on Trump’s marriage to Marla Maples long since over and Trump’s sex escort SOLICITATION became GLOBALLY-KNOWN info by 2004-5… had Russian-Israeli mafia just asked Americans, we could just tell them to watch Howard Stern Show and see for themselves…oh wait; so THAT’S HOW OUR ADVERSARIES CHOSE TROJAN HORSE TRAITOR TRUMP.

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