Boris Johnson ducks questions about police call at his home

Boris Johnson, one of the two men who could become the United Kingdom's next prime minister, has repeatedly dodged questioning over what happened when police were called to an alleged altercation at the south London home he shares with girlfriend Carrie Symonds. CNN's Hala Gorani and Bianca Nobilo discuss.

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    1. @123 456
      In fact, not so funny, he will be asked questions about his presence in Syria and links with terrorist organizations, the supply of organs.
      This “clown” is a very strange person indeed.

  1. Obviously being separated at birth , Boris and Donald, suffered irreversible brain and psychological damage.

    1. As long as his good at his job…we don’t care about his personal life.a.k.a the Jimmy saville clause..

    1. No need to say sorry, we have a lot of villages ergo we have more than our fair share of village idiots.

    1. Typical leftie perverted comment. At least your not molesting your dog while you’re here.
      What gender are you today.

  2. So unlike Trump, Boris doesn’t even have to deny accusations… and he still gets the cheers?

    …wtf UK?

    1. @Zeus It is a complete mess.
      Fyi I am not English but I have lived here a long time and it is wrong to say that the “English are scum”, they are not scum.

    1. Yes we do.
      If Boris and Nigel get their way we are going to be in trouble, Isolationist, xenophophic, racist, short sighted, dickheads that appeal only to the uneducated.

    2. Si Sloan You will love the low unemployment , high GDP , prosperity and a leader that puts its citizens first and foreigners second.

    1. They all have LAID BACK BEND over the next couples. HUMMM HELL yeah CUNTFEELER YUMPFELICIA HOODRATS FREAKS. 🤪🎭🐭🐖🐷🌪️😜😜🙄🐀

    2. I know mate . They even tried claiming the democratic vote of nearly 17 million Brits was done by Putin and his magic ray gun ; he fires into the air and us Westerners are so stupid , lacking any capacity of judgment simply say , yes komrad I am your slave and will obey your orders .
      It’s fucking insulting to be honest

  3. Boris Johnson is living proof of the fact the USA is not the only country to be led by an imbecile criminal.

    1. @TheJonnyzeus I mean he’s clearly a genius, he got a scholarship to Eton College and a Scholarship to Oxford, how would an imbecile go about getting both of these

    2. @Stevio Gaming USgovt has long history of imbeciles graduated from Harvard & Yale & Princeton.
      But arguing that pt would (1) miss the pts that matter + (2) we’d both be more or less half-right & half-wrong.
      But in defense of the usage of “imbecile” above as a shorthand for matters need essays to say accurately…
      supporting coal over alternatives is an imbecile policy that a lot of very smart people are very well paid to sell; & strategies for selling it are deviously clever in a smartly effective way … but nonetheless imbecile policy.
      A lot of us in USA feel NAFTA & its endless variations are similarly imbecile; but the kabuki theater dance of partying parties that keeps it in place is very smartly executing the health of USA economy so far as it effects the lives of people who actually work for a living instead of just plugging into 150yr old bizgovt theft gigs.
      The examples of imbecile policies smartly sold are endless in both countries.
      F*ck geniuses devoted to toxic, cancerous, mass-murdering smartness on behalf of imbecility…
      …for f*cking all the rest of us.

  4. OMG HELP US… He isnt OUR Prime minister he WAS NOT elected by the UK or anybody.. We need a Election…

    1. @mhffc
      Actually I wasn’t a fan of Brown.. he didn’t like or enjoy being P.M. and wasn’t very good at it..

    2. mhffc he was elected by the Labour Party members, the same way that the next PM will be elected by Conservative Party members

    1. @Terry Black – Hence why he cheated on his wife and shouts abuse at his girlfriend…stop defending him

    2. @UCC2HSQKRzuC8txOho2Ye9rQ First of all I didn’t call you a lefty. But now you have mentioned it, you definitely are if you think Boris is “right wing racist”

    1. @Ronald Nesbit simply because of your biased desperation.
      Trump did for EVERYONE, including you, despite your ignorance and hate. If it makes you feel like a man to libel a President because you’re a nobody that can get away with it, so be it. There’s a 50/50 chance you’ll need his Prison reform and Second Chance bills. He won’t be as petty as YOU!

  5. first don the con now boris the blade…It looks like the movie idiocracy becomes real…

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