1. @J idk, seems to me the last two prime ministers were the ones who didn’t want to _follow the law;_ the people voted for Brexit other than that you might be right….

    2. @BaronVonTacocat I can understand were you’re coming from, but lately I’ve been watching what’s going on there it’s seems to me that he’s the bad guy. I could be wrong, but thy way he handle things is a little of the book.

    3. @J yeah, you might be right…. I heard he comes from a long line of _Johnsons_ ; D
      Still, better than Theresa May (dancing skeksi) and David Cameron (Pig Fucker).

    1. @ISIS Member but don’t you rape underage children execute women on trivial trumped up charges, and look up to a pedo profit?? Not looking so good from the west but hey you give the unemployed $600

    1. It’s long due don’t you think Britain get your hands of ulster! You don’t belong here go home!

    2. @sile lynskey exactly right
      The people’s army who defended us when noone else would or could n what label them terrorist faction for protecting there own land that is hypocrisy at its finest the people of ireland will always stand by our republican Armed men and women. Who showed defiance when our so called leaders showed cowardice!

    3. @Scouser73

      1. Make NI overseas territory like isle of man.. separate from UK and ROI.
      2. How are any countries policed at borders with multiple crossings? It happens… what about US and CAN…. how many do you think they have?
      3. There will be no food and med shortages.. they’ll be flown if necessary until alternative measures are found… food wont be short.. but some might be expensive.
      4. If NI is not under Brit control they shouldn’t kick off. If it did that would mean GFA was finished. Even under Brit control, we have kept to GFA… as long as that’s case agreement still in place.

    4. @Saṃsāra’s Light simply not true… UK is still a power to be looked up to… a serious one. Maybe not a super power anymore though.. We’re still close 5th larges economy.. a nuclear power… place at head of UN etc..etc… banking capital of the world.

    5. @Dan Smith£1.32 trillion has already left the UK thanks to the brexit vote and it hasn’t even happened yet.

  1. Boris’s ploy to Brexit without a deal. Johnson just another Trump….a liar, former failed foreign secretary, proven to be a 2 faced backstabbing git who undermined Theresa May.

  2. Boris has no intention of forging a deal. He has realised his base is against it. Despite the majority of the UK population, and MPs, demanding that “No Deal” be taken off the table, even to the extent of enshrining it in law, he panders to the angry crowd.
    He has thrown together a mess on paper and like with Trump all he has to do is say “This is a great deal!” for his supporters to repeat the message, even though they know it isn’t and don;t want a deal anyway.
    So when the EU tell him to get lost, it will all be down to them being unreasonable, and not him simply trying to run down the clock.
    Brexit is all about people having the notion that it’s foreigners messing up the UK.
    Rather than allow themselves to be educated and learn the truth, they preferred to put their weight behind a guy who did not even believe it himself.
    They blithely ignore the fact that he waited for the Referendum campaign to be well under way before choosing which side to join, quite openly making it clear it was not because of any belief in the cause, just whichever side would be the easiest to pander to and raise his own profile.
    He’s dangerous idiot. He is smarter than Trump, just smart enough to be a threat.
    He is also all about self furthering himself and his chums but his family is still rich enough to not care about the money. He just wants to be the Prime Minister so he can rub it in the face of people like David Cameron who was always better than Boris.
    Cameron was a cast iron twat as PM, but Johnson makes him look like Churchill.

    1. Why don’t you just move to China? You can be happy being property of your central gov like you want.
      Those of us who enjoy independence can live how we want. Win win.

    1. Awwww that’s cute….little bitty lap dog is upset his globalist masters are losing control. Now go hop in the lap of you masters in Brussels maybe they will rub your belly.

  3. A mountain goat with equally ruffled up hair can come up with a better plan. This dork thinks he is Churchill reincarnate .. hang on to your collars Boris .. too late .. iceberg right ahead!!

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