1. Eh, “grew up” implies maturing took place. Bojo & the impeached POTUS are more akin to freakishly overgrown adolescents…with nuclear weapons, unfortunately.

  1. Somebody please buy the new PM a comb as the balloon just isn’t working. Besides, that’s a Bernie Sanders trademark coiffure.

    1. Yep. With your battle hardened “bone Spur” king leading you to victory. March you peasants behind his majesty and make sure you bow every 10 yards. You deserve the leader you got

    2. @Mus R you have made it difficult, for anyone to understand your comment,. No one here can read your mind, bruh…

    3. @RickK RocKStar : What Mus R was saying is clear. He was mocking Trump/Johnson supporters for their slavish devotion to corrupt, incompetent, amoral, wanna be dictators. Not suprised you didn’t get it though. If you had a brain you wouldn’t support Trump, Johnson or any harebrained policy they might propose.

    1. @giovi b and who gonna ask you? when you put your hoof here, i can comment on what ever and whomever i want, deal with it.

    2. *Somebody needed to buy baby Trumpy a hair brush for Christmas. Does the world really need to see his hair grow longer all year looking like a shaggy neglected dog* ? 😭🤪😭🤪

    1. MTW
      The left is MENTAL anyway, and they are history. The idiots have been in office fifty years or longer, they screwed up everything they went near. Now we see the adults in the world have decided that play time is over. Maybe in another 250 or 300 years people will get complacent, go to sleep, and the retards will BS their way in again. Much more likely we have learned our lesson. BYE libtards

  2. Bruh why did you cut him off. Oh wait I forget this news station doesn’t show the full story but I do like the idea of the “trump deal”

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