1. This was not a good result for Boris. Look at Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher as good examples. It is incredibly hard to govern when 41% of your party does not want you to be there and given that they are losing in the polls and could lose some important elections coming up I think that that could turn even more torries against him

    1. Hahahahahaha, what chaos they have put themselves into.

      Expect the US midterm elections to be far more chaotic than this! 😂

    2. The difference is he started out with an enormous majority. It is in nobody’s interest within the party to take the party to an election right now so if he governs well, which I have full trust he will, things are looking up. If anyone can manage, it is BoJo. Go Boris, Go!!!

    1. @MadShitty nah it’s true, he did attent party’s.

      But so did every other politician. So if he needs to step down i would say 95% of all politicians world wide need to step down.

      How can we forget Trump, Pelosi, Newsom, McConnell, Obama, Biden, lightfoot, Harris and ofc aoc having their party’s.
      But these people went even further.. They rented restaurants that where closed in the pandemic…

    1. There’s really not much of a difference between the British Parliamentary System and the United States Democratic Republic.

      Especially when examining both countries foreign policy. 😂

    2. @Anders Eckstrand yeah you’re right, you probably have a bit more respect for your president than we do the Prime minister 😂

  2. I vote a no confidence in chancellor velorum and wish to establish senator palpatine as the new chancellor!!

  3. What happened to Churchill after the 2ww. The brits have always been vocal and involved in their politics. I just wish that we as Canadians were even 1/2 as concerned about the state of our country.

    1. Really enjoyed Peter Facinelli in Twilight before he played Justin Trudeau.
      And I’m not even that big of a Twilight fan.

  4. Considering past ministers that did survive it
    Didn’t last long because…well…their party don’t like them
    And the public absolutely hates his guts

  5. I think we can all agree, our pm is an absolute snack, and if he was partying, he was doing so only under direct orders from the Queem herself, for only in honor of Queem and country would he sully himself in such a manner

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  7. Well that’s what happens when money and elections mix. Would hate to know what money actually comes out the back door.

  8. Emergency general election required immediately. The UK can’t go on like this. Something NEEDS to be done.

  9. I find it funny that instead of them applauding, most of them were just banging the desks😂

  10. It is really a sensitive time in this life looks like Boris is getting the boot in more ways than one🤔

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