1. The Brits are awesome at comedy. They’ve even put an acting clown to lead their nation just for laughs.

  1. Boris reminds me of trump, trump was beaten by umbrella getting on air force one so he threw it down on steps and went into plane. In both case umbrella was smarter than both.

  2. Boris Johnson — “i could never learn to handle my country, how can i learn to handle umbrella”

    1. @B.a.S.t.A.r.D How and why did you interpret my response as one of “excitement”? Or are you projecting your feelings? I suppose you find that procedure a most titillating aspect of the “funeral business”!

    2. @Bird Brain
      Yes I could see with your laughing face you was excited about having biden bent over on someones lap
      Nothing surprises me with the left your all weird
      Its ok your Secret is safe with me

    3. @B.a.S.t.A.r.D Is that the best response you could concoct? I’m hardly a “leftist” and I voted for Trump in 2016. What a bigly mistake!

    4. @Bird Brain
      Really did you
      So your point it
      Am i surpose to no that you could be in china for all i no
      Ok so what happened you had a stroke and voted for the potato
      That makes sence

    5. @B.a.S.t.A.r.D Your grammar and spelling indicate that you’re one of the “uneducated” Trump loves so much. In your particular case, he must be positively *swooning!*

      In the future, I suggest that you peruse a grammar textbook and dictionary before spewing more of your nitwittery! You’ll appear more literate, although it won’t improve the substance of your “argument(s)”.

      Carry on!

  3. Boris should have had a proper umbrella from Briggs. And yes Americans, we do inherit well made umbrellas.

    1. hes fucking evil, wants all black people stopped and searched whenever they leavbe their house, 14 years in porison no p early release for any journalist who embarrasses the government.

    2. Hes vile . He smirked as he announced another 200 deaths a press conference. Compared gay marriage to beasity

    3. @Calvin Walker Walker you know him and his mates got caught stealing 300 million poind sof tax payer money don’t you and he let himself ofc

  4. I like John’s “seriousness” at the goofy piece of news. It’s the kind of lighthearted fun I missed for 4 years.

    1. @Intel burbi ,oh i´m in good company lil buddy,hundreds of thousands of people get a laugh out of this. Youre the anomaly in need of some pills.Chill.

  5. Oh please…. It was funny.
    And he didn’t just drop it like the US “stable genius” dork who didn’t how to close his umbrella any more than he knows how to shut his mouth. He just threw it down in his normal childish tantrum fit.
    Lol…. At least Prince Charles has some sense of humor.

    1. And the secret is that Boris Johnson does this sh!t ALL THE TIME to try to make himself endearing to the British public. This may or may not have been done on purpose, but you can dam sure guarantee he has no problem with this. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is also what’s up with his hair.

    2. @Scoobot True, but his self depreciation shows he’s a much better person, than the last guy here. He may be a jerk, but he’s not a sociopath.

  6. It’s something to do with the hair.
    Umbrellas simply won’t behave, when handled by men with odd wild yellowish hair.
    Remember; trump had a similar experience with those volatile creatures.

  7. I might not support his politics, but Boris Johnson’s bumbling and self-deprecating nature is actually endearing!

    1. Johnson’s endearing quality as you put it is a show to appeal to the larger commoner masses. He’s actually highly educated and intelligent, but is appealing to the ignorant in his country. In other words, he’s a Fraud.

  8. Waiting for Fox News to broadcast this with the headline “Breaking News: New inverting umbrellas designed by leftist are being tested in the UK to infiltrate your home and release an aerosol version of the COVID-19 Vaccine.”

  9. “If the Brits were actually known for comedy”
    This is literally like a skit from Mr Bean. The brits know comedy

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