Boston's Mayor Kim Janey Draws Insight From Racist Chapter In City's History | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Boston’s Mayor Kim Janey Draws Insight From Racist Chapter In City’s History | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Mayor Kim Janey, in her first national interview as the mayor of Boston, talks with Rachel Maddow about how living through the racist backlash against the city's school desegregation program in the 1970s shapes her perspective and her plans in her new role. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Boston's Mayor Kim Janey Draws Insight From Racist Chapter In City's History | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Another awe-inspiring story in Black history! Congratulations to her. But hold up, did she say she has teenage grandsons? Her?!! Get outta here! I don’t know about y’all, but she looks around 30 to me.

    1. She’s 56. Single mom at 16, but she still continued her education and entered politics, eventually becoming City Council President which elevated her to Mayor.
      That’s a success story against all odds. Wishing her continued success.

    2. @Lulu Favs Yea, I knew that she was a teenage mother, but even if her children had their own children while they were teenagers, that would still put her age at least in the mid-40s, considering that she now has teenage grandsons.

    3. @losrob27 As another pointed out, the Mayor is 56 and was a mother at 16. That means her adult child is 40 now but would have been in their early to mid twenties at the time he was born – depending on if the boy’s actual age.

  2. Rachel really has a way of making me say “oh my God ” while learning something new everyday

    1. THIS NEW TO YOU!!!!!! What country are you from. This is the problem with white Americans. Black people have been telling you people for centuries that this country is racist to the bone. But when we tell you about the real America white people close their ears and eyes when it comes from us. But when another white person tells you all of a sudden you’re so shocked that is like this. Martin Luther King warned black people about people like you. He warned black people that the Klan and white supremacists are not the real Danger. It’people who are oblivious towards anything that black people say or do or go through.

    2. @marquis international; That is a powerful message, unfortunately we are dealing with the lowest sniffling trash ,and that lying psychopath gave them validation. I do believe many have open their eyes as of late, and that they truly do understand that Black Lives Matter. What people fail to realize this same nonsense has been going on, since the Southern Booth shot President Lincoln dead.

  3. reminds me of footage i saw of the first day of school in Northern Ireland. was either protestant kids walking through a catholic neighborhood, or vice versa. people were standing on their porches screaming and cursing at children. CHILDREN. what has to be broken inside you that you think it’s ok, it’s the Christian thing to do, to attack CHILDREN.

    1. I wonder how many people regret being so evil, these years later? Or, whether they just doubled down and brought up racist kids? . . . Fascism is a serious threat to America. Needs to be stomped

    2. @Ash Roskell they not remorseful, I was just in another section where a guy was inferring that we are not people….there are white folks who still think we are not human in 2021….

    3. And Irish decents treated black kids this way! Smh. You’d think they’d either know better, or they heavily carried hate in their hearts and taught it to their own children. Smh. In many ways, it still goes on.

  4. To think that the descendants of Irish origin who endured so much suffering in their land of origin can treat any other citizens this way says a lot about humans never willing to learn from history.

    1. @Bill Clark You Pink Troglodyte!!!! I served in the Military defending “Racist, chunks of Sh*t, like your FAMILY TREE” for 14 years . After the despicable way Black Americans were treated, we’ve (Black & Indigenous) been helping FIGHT WARS while AT WAR!! Don’t come on the internet spouting that False Narrative with False Facts…………………….Kick Rocks !!!!!

    2. To think someone who is not educated to what actually happened. ………. should comment .
      A very middle class racist judge forced very poor citizens ( most from housing projects) lose control of their children (their most and possibly only asset )to – yes neighborhoods they were afraid of ( in those days for good reason) The reason being is that bigoted middle class white politicians who lived in comfortable Boston suburbs arranged it all like evil puppeteers and certainly did not bus their private school children anywhere, and were 100% responsible for gerrymandering the zones in boston prior to all of the boston busing mess that ensued. The city was gerrymandered to keep poor whites and blacks separate
      There is no excuse for some of the white citizens of South Boston and their violence then , but there is an explanation
      And there were others who watched with horror and risked their safety to stop the violence. ( My uncle being one of them)
      They were watching powerlessly as their community was being torn apart and nationally slandered — while the puppeteers in Brookline and Newton watched on.

    3. Exactly how I feel, they should had made and ally instead. America has tarnished many mind’s, throughout the centuries. But now that we have the power, we should use it to force a change, by any means necessary. “Just look at what’s happening in Georgia” To me It look’s like the republicans are hard at work, making sure they secure the win.

  5. Very sad what has been done to human beings. Everyone deserves respect. In love in peace we should lead forward.

  6. Thank God for all the wonderful nonracist white people that stand up for us black and brown people, mostly Democrats I would think.

  7. Congrats MAYOR, you deserve this. Prayers, blessings and continued success as you govern for equal rights and opportunities to your constituents.

  8. As a child I was bused in my city in 1964. It was bad for us, but not as bad as they showed in Boston in 1974. Hard to believe they were just getting started TEN YEARS LATER when I was graduating from H.S. The history of this country is very sad when it comes to racism. And here we are almost 50 years later still dealing with the hatred just because we were born brown.
    I wish the mayor of Boston all the best in her tenure in that city.

    1. @Ray S Yea the sad thing is, I think the majority in America have always placed skin color above God.

  9. And ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call PROGRESS!! Congratulations Mayor Janey! I cannot wait to see what you do in Boston and beyond! #WomenChangemakers

  10. Black folks, we should have stayed in our own schools. They should have not forced those kids to endure that bs.

  11. Thanks Rachel for bringing us this story, I’ve been to Boston & other US city’s, strange how you don’t notice the history of a place, what an awesome lady, she is & will be a role model of what anyone can become, Rj in Oz

  12. I cannot believe this happened. My heart breaks for them. I wish we could go back and correct it. So sad.

  13. All my adult life I have never wanted to go to Boston because of not only its history, but its present state.

    I will always remember Mission Hill.

  14. But remember they say there is no racism,funny how proof doesn’t mean anything when it comes to black people

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