Boulder police hold press conference at site of reported shooting | USA TODAY 1

Boulder police hold press conference at site of reported shooting | USA TODAY


Authorities hold a news conference after reports of an active shooter at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

Police in Boulder, Colorado, armed with protective gear and rifles were responding to reports of an active shooter at a King Soopers supermarket Monday afternoon.

It wasn't clear whether there have been any injuries or fatalities. The Boulder Daily Camera said at least one person has been hospitalized, and citing police radio traffic, the newspaper reported one person has been taken into custody.

The Boulder Police Department at 2:49 p.m. local time tweeted an alert for people to stay away from the area around the supermarket.

At one point, authorities were heard over a loudspeaker telling someone the building was surrounded and “you need to surrender” and come out with hands up and unarmed.

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  1. “sir is the sky blue?”

    *sorry we don’t have that information at this time it’s apart of the investigation.*

    1. @Steve Ddad that’s still some BS that people are freaking out over that sheriff, people are seriously just digging for anything to be “outrage” at. That sheriff said, “during the interview he said it about his sex addiction and he was having a bad day”.

    2. ​@Senior cheese It is total BS. But still somehow that is the world we are supposed to live in now. If you are woke society is pretty manageable. If you are not, any moment of any day can be the last of your career.

    3. @Colorado Born Yes and no. There are more good than bad police officers and police departments. However I will not ignore that there are also bad cops and bad departments aswell. In some places criminals get away with literal murder while people committing traffic offences are behind bars. Not to even mention the justice system is antiquated and does not punish in a fair and just manner. Example you can murder someone and get out in 15 years with good behavior, but get caught with weed or pirated videos… could end up in jail for 40 years. Driving without registration can cost you 600 dollars. But paying for registration is only 100-250 depending on the state of course. Why not instead charge people with a 50 dollar fine and then force them to register the vehicle? Makes more sense than a fine rich people wouldnt even be bothered by… yet would land poor people in jail. I have met my fair share of officers that were shinning members of the community… I have also ran into quite a few who were straight up assholes. I have been given way more verbal warnings for speeding than speeding tickets in my younger years. (honesty helps as the law breaker ;P) WE human beings are fallible creatures. Police are also just as human. Id rather have police than not. But things do need to change. Marching down the streets saying pigs should die in reference to police is not the right thing to do. The justice system needs an overhaul. I will say judges can be much more corrupt than cops some let the power go to their heads. Though there are some who are yet again the people we should set as examples of what a good and fair judge should look like. Bisbee arizona. There is a judge. Whom from what I have experienced and witnessed gives fair sentencing based on the nature of the crime and whether or not the person is a repeat offender of said crime. Got pulled over for suspended license (due to registration expiring a few years prior) The sheriff officer felt bad after learning i was suspended because they then had to tow my truck as is arizona law. However he didnt put me in jail (which he could have for the night) he let me go told me to see the judge in the morning. Would type more but reply is
      already long.

    4. @Colorado Born no, it’s more likely that they want to CONFIRM EVIDENCE AND FACTS before giving it to the public.

    5. @nyambs Deborah We have a 3 hour livestream that reveals just about everything. It’s insulting the way they surpress information when much of it is clearly already known by the public.

  2. 50:54 Commander Yamaguchi. 52:30 Boulder County DA Michael Dougherty. 53:23 King Soopers spokesperson. 54:00 Q&A frustratingly little detail provided, many unanswered questions.

    1. @Steve Ddad well, you got an answer by this time. 10 including the officer and maybe more dependingf on whos still in the hospital

    2. @Anonymous Person The point is, Did it not strike you as ridiculous that they held a press conference with 4 officials presenting only to confirm that there was a shooting and that they arrested the shooter? Did it not even register with you how thick they were laying on the pageantry?

  3. No one was asking for the names of the deceased, just the number of deceased. They should have been able to say ‘at this time we know of ## people that are deceased.’ Waste of time for a ‘news’ conference.

    1. @Philip Edersson From the news we have seen, it seems the suspect is white, wearing shorts and no shirt, shoes or socks, and there are reports that the weapon was an AR-15 style. None of that is surprising. However, they should be able to at least say how many people have been killed so far in the investigation.

    2. @Philip Edersson Why can’t they tell us how many without giving personal info? I don’t get it and there have been many shootings where we learn the number before we are told the personal info.

    3. @Richey Wall yeah because they have already notified the victim’s families, only then can they release the name of the victim man. I don’t know why that’s hard to grasp. The family has to be ok with releasing the name, if it comes out it won’t be from the investigative parties.

    4. @Philip Edersson My point was they should have been able to tell us yesterday that they know of at least 10 people that had been killed. No names, just how many. They wouldn’t do so. They do not need to contact the family members before providing that.

    1. @Ángel Garcia- Do you think, even for a brief and fleeting moment, that your reply permeated the dense and discombobulated mass of cerebrum which finchborat entertains as a ‘thinking mind’?
      Inquiring minds want to know.

    2. @Ángel Garcia criminals will always be able to get AR-15s no matter if you bring in gun control laws. So what good would it do to outlaw them? It’s a people problem not a gun problem. If you took guns away this guy would of used something else.

  4. Wait, theres a whole foods right there and the guy chose a more local store? Ok dude, I’m not suggesting anything but seriously?

  5. going off the very little information given so far, the fact that there are many dead and only one injury related the incident, sounds like proper reports of the injured haven’t been gathered yet or, worse case scenario, the shooter managed to trap a group of people and left no survivors. If people where killed and no one injured, that speaks volumes about how evil this shooter is.

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