Boulder Police Identify Victims, Suspect In Colorado Grocery Store Shooting | MSNBC 1

Boulder Police Identify Victims, Suspect In Colorado Grocery Store Shooting | MSNBC


After 10 people were killed in a mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store in Colorado, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold read the names of the victims and identified the name of the suspect before promising a "thorough investigation" Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Boulder Police Identify Victims, Suspect In Colorado Grocery Store Shooting | MSNBC


    1. @Obeyance DeKat you should spend more than 10 seconds thinking before you speak. You pointed to one incident, gangs. How many does that compare to US mass shootings? The US has these shootings on a regular basis, in churches, synagogues, in malls, in hamburger joints, at concerts. That is the point

    2. @daniel goings my post was a response to Andrew who wrote that the US was attacked first (referring to 9/11) which is completely false. That attack on the US did not happen in a vacuum for no reason. Others in this world hate the US for the actions we have taken around the globe. I completely disagree with you about who is “rightful owner” of the Middle East. You seem to believe it belongs to the Jewish people, others strongly disagree with you. I believe the US has NO RiGHT to be the decider.

    3. @Salty Sailor I asked where it doesnt happen. You said where it doesnt happen. I proved you wrong. Now you are trying to flip it as if i dont know what im talking about.

      Its just leftist argument style, you move the goal post. We all know thats how you argue, and i dont have time to keep proving you wrong. It is what it is. Have a great day.

    4. @Obeyance DeKat your exact words to Lee Miller “name a country where terrorist attacks don’t happen.” You are a he one moving goal posts. Criminal gangs shooting each other are not terrorists. One person walking into church, store, etc randomly killing many innocent people including children is terrorism. You repeatedly keep proving my point, but I’m sure you will keep trying to twist the facts.

    1. @YouTube Censors Free Speech
      What free speech actually means?

      the freedom of speech

      …abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” What does this mean today? Generally speaking, it means that the government may not jail, fine, or impose civil liability on people or organizations based on what they say or write, except in exceptional circumstances. … The First Amendment restrains only the government.

    2. @FWDC Norac Like when Democrat Reps send letters to cable companies wanting them to shut down republicans?

    3. @FWDC Norac Like when You Tube deletes my comments because truth isn’t acceptable to Democrats and leftist.
      We all know censorship is the favorite tool of the left.

    1. @Writer’s Block logic also says the innocent dont need co trol measures. And rights are not negotiable.

    2. @Mel Gillham Not a problem. We can always revert to the supreme court’s original ruling on the 2a that it only applies as written: To state militia members, not private citizens.

      Did you think it always applied to everyone willy nilly?

    3. @Writer’s Block cry and lie harder. Heller vs DC confirms it an individual right. Waaa. now back to school for comprehension remedial studies.

    1. Another lovely result of _ diversity , integration , melting pot or any other such leftist nonsense . millions more are coming across southern border .

    1. Alright, just wanted to pop in and don’t turn this reply section into a war zone, we all have our own opinions and we might not agree with other people’s.

    1. @davey dudely and I never voted for a Republican so both Bushes’ actions were all wrong, starting with Iraq. Why are Muslims here? This isn’t their homeland. If people behave, they can stay. If not, get out. Simple.

    2. @Karen Shumer God you bigot. You judge one person for talking about religion has you just called race. You made the Karen meme a reality.

  1. This is so tragic. I hate hearing about this kind of stuff. This is why I left Albuquerque… My heart goes out to all the affected families.

    1. Oh weird, you left a leftist stringhild city because you noted the high crimes and violence in said leftwing shitholes. Hope you dont vote the same.

  2. Hurts more to hear names and ages..
    I’m so sorry
    To friends and family,sending strength,love and Prayers!

  3. Terribly unfortunate and heartbreaking condolences to everyone who will feel the ethereal sting of this loss.

    1. @Kevin H dems are already on tv making a “call for action”. More political theater to get sheep to vote for them.

    2. I hope they’re not planning to make the Asian TRUMP hater who did the shooting famous by mentioning his name

  4. Didn’t the shooter see the sign that said “NO GUNS PERMITTED ON THE PREMISSES?”

    1. Totally agree, I have been saying they are going to create an incident theywant your guns. The only thing stopping NWO is the guns the Americans have, they are an army themselves. Go to Debra Tavares In Canada, New Brunswick last year there was a mass shooter dressed as an officer, a dentist or something like that, that supposedly was trafficking drugs,1 day some guns were banned. Here’s my theory I know it sounds crazy but the persons committing these shootings are being controlled in some way. Not to mention the psychological stress with cv19 They are going to make up a story about him. They want your guns, more episodes are going to be happening more frequently. The most we have seen mr.b since January

    1. And the shooter of the Asians wasn’t? In fact most mass shooters in the US aren’t. Careful, your racism is showing.

  5. Message to Joe: Stop ordering airstrikes on other countries, and then giving their citizens in the USA the money to buy guns.

  6. A deeply disturbed and paranoid schizophrenic was
    allowed to purchase a military
    assault rifle no questions asked

  7. I’m so sick of hearing about these senseless killings. Praying the lord take all of these victims to heaven!

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