Boulder Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Boulder Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the suspect in the mass shooting at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, made his first court appearance where he was held without bond. He is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Boulder Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

98 Comments on "Boulder Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC"

  1. 🤢

  2. Feldspar Hoobyshoob | March 25, 2021 at 11:41 AM | Reply

    General Population. 15 minutes.
    “Clean up on block three”

    • Proudtobe Awhiteguy | March 25, 2021 at 4:59 PM | Reply

      @Joshua Foster
      No, David is right. Liberal media is brainwashing their sheep to believe only white men goes on shooting sprees.

    • @Getora they still offending and they a whole bunch of different gangs n cult too boot. They (maga morons )100 times worse than the one guy. Hey he according to white power mentality HAD A BAD DAY.

    • @4cyl Freak yep according to white conservative type thinking he had a bad day. But the terrorists murdered innocents and tried in their own words to take over the government.
      The prosecution should be going for death penalty in dozens of the jan 6th terrorists court cases.

    • That is very true.

    • Andrew McLaughlin | March 26, 2021 at 7:53 PM | Reply

      Muslim convicts will protect him.

  3. “He understood the judge…”… well at least as much as any non-lawyer can understand that is.

  4. Georgia, what takes you so long for the mass murderer in your state? Is he going to be on probation or affluenza?

  5. Seven of Nine | March 25, 2021 at 12:20 PM | Reply

    My impression is that the murderer seems to feel quite comfortable in his shoes.

  6. Charles Phillips | March 25, 2021 at 12:22 PM | Reply

    He knows damned well what he did, and he knew what he was doing. He was just hoping to get killed by the police instead of just shot in the leg. Now they are going to toss him in a cage and throw away the key.

  7. He should face attempted murder for each person that made it out alive, as well. He would have kept shooting if there had been more.

    • Rocky Mountain Way | March 25, 2021 at 6:48 PM | Reply

      @Chef Asbury I’m not glorifying anything. If I know something is not correct I say it. That is a true statement I made about people hiding in the store and the cops gunfighting him. I make no money off of my opinion at all. I am interested in topics involving true crime because it is my area of interest and knowledge. What is it I said that you think glorifies this?

    • @Rocky Mountain Way you just upload scanner audio to YouTube for fun.

    • Rocky Mountain Way | March 25, 2021 at 7:19 PM | Reply

      @Chef Asbury Actually that’s not what I do. I uploaded this bc Boulder is my hometown but my youtube channel has mostly just places I camp and things I see. I have 94 subscribers and it’s not monetized so no commercials. Ask around how much a channel like that makes. I’ve had my channel for like 5 years never made a penny. I also never mention my channel or try to get subscribers. I wouldn’t have said a word about it if you hadn’t.

    • Green Eyes007 | March 26, 2021 at 4:34 PM | Reply

      No this is what they should do to him – throwing him down a Crocodile Pit and add a Grizzly Bear and a Python. Now that is “An Eyes for an Eye”!!!!

    • @Bob K and Biden needs to be charged for every death since they took over?.. what a simpleton 🤦‍♂️ Also what about the rest of the world? Trump is responsible for that too! It was probably his Chinese bats that started this 🙄

  8. Number one I haven’t seen an authority figure speak up to soften his image. Second I haven’t seen the spa killer show up in court already.

  9. Migdlia Carballo | March 25, 2021 at 1:03 PM | Reply

    There No Mental Diagnosis He Knew Exactly What He Was Planning And Taking Action

  10. Alvin Tostig | March 25, 2021 at 1:09 PM | Reply

    I am so sorry for all the grieving families because of this monster

  11. This guy should not be able to live well. He ruined many lives and left scars for their love ones. They don’t deserve to have their lives end by him!

    • News Now Adirondacks Redux | March 25, 2021 at 6:31 PM | Reply

      @Peter Dragon I have the natural right to protect myself that goes beyond the 2nd Amendment.

    • Magallanes Agustin | March 25, 2021 at 6:45 PM | Reply

      @jesuisravi are you really defending this piece of ****?

    • @Magallanes Agustin no, I just like to see it when someone who is really lost is somehow able to be reclaimed, saved, so to speak. That’s all….

    • AveryGamerDude | March 26, 2021 at 2:43 AM | Reply

      @Peter Dragon Well as far as I’m aware 56% of American Liberals are pro capital punishment.

    • Magallanes Agustin | March 26, 2021 at 10:44 AM | Reply

      @jesuisravi but he doesn’t deserve to be saved. He deserves to be punished for all the lives he took and destroyed.

  12. Brandon Jontz | March 25, 2021 at 1:33 PM | Reply

    How is it justice keeping him alive? What he took can never be replaced and he can never make up the potential everyone had to offer. People like this don’t need to be here.

  13. Hey so where is the Atlanta shooter? What happened to him? Remember he was having a bad day?

    • The reality of America – we immediately forget about the last shooting once a new one pops up.

    • Calvin Parish | March 25, 2021 at 7:31 PM | Reply

      Creepy how you weak minded betas can only parrot buzzwords. Has a non white shooter with more victims was just taken alive.

    • @Calvin Parish What are you babbling about? No one mentioned race. The guy above pointed out how we went from one shooter and cops doing PR for him one day, to another shooter the next. But fair enough, it was cringe seeing woketivist celebrities condemn the Whole Foods shooter as a white male before finding out he was Syrian.

      Turns out most folk in the US ain’t too bright, politics aside.

  14. He was such a good kid. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Said no one.

  15. Side control B.J. Penn | March 25, 2021 at 3:51 PM | Reply

    Worth less than scum These criminals need to start getting punishment the same way they deliver

  16. Reggie Overton | March 25, 2021 at 3:56 PM | Reply

    Trying to make SENSE, out of a SENSELESS situation, doesn’t make SENSE…

  17. The Watchman | March 25, 2021 at 4:03 PM | Reply

    The Way Of The Wicked Is Darkness…They Stumble over many things…

  18. If there is anything I’ve learned from this is you should always 2 gaurd trim your hair when it’s this far gone lol

  19. Let him loose in the prison yard, let the other inmates have fun with him.

  20. Rob Ziminskas | March 25, 2021 at 6:34 PM | Reply

    Firing squad works for me, tho that’s letting him off easy.

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