Bouwahjgie Nkrumie 9.99 Record Run Boys and Girls Championship 2023 100M FINALS Class 1 Boys

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  1. The young man that came second can run just need to work on his start then he will be unstoppable.

    1. So true he has a lot of potential I hope they see that and capitalize on what the country has at this moment

    2. @KT KRIS-ANN Usain Bolt still holds the class 1 200m record from 20 years ago. He was phenomenal at Champs. He just never do run 100 as a high schooler

  2. Imagine what his time would have been if he ran all the way through! What’s that slowing down all about, especially for a final?

    1. I doubt he did it on purpose. It looked that way because 1. He probably hit his top speed earlier in the race compared to the other sprinters and was out of gas at that point, 2. The guys to his right had better top-end speed/endurance, so they were closing him down towards the end of the race.

    2. @Purrple Mane Agree with your totally. They are talking nonsense. It was clear he visible slowed not from a natural de-acceleration but an actual effort was made to slow his forward motion. Plus he looked around, why was this necessary? This is a 100 m race, not a 400 m. It has become an habit for him and this is what cost him a better time. Just look at Alana she ran all the way focusing on the finish line ONLY and look at the result.

  3. You guys mentioned about him looking around that’s (nearly) the right personality to have at the end of the race because it helps you not to tighten up and keeps you relaxed and your strides flowing rather than begging for the line JUST RELAX YOU’LL REACH IT

    1. @ Dan D. Your explanation makes no sense at all. You just need to take a look at Alana and you will see the results speaks for themselves. Look at Bolt when he ran straight thru the line, once again the results speaks for themselves. Looking around in a 100m final is certainly not the way to go. It has become a habit for him and that’s the reason why he did it because habits are hard to die.

  4. Behold the Legendary Buwagie NKumue of Kingston College. The Future World Record Holder. FORTIS CADERE CEDEREy

    1. @Lobster Strange if Daley would have had a better start then Nkrumie wouldn’t have had to look around twice. Nkrumie might have gone 9.94 and Daley might have gone 10.08.

  5. Wow …just wow. He did the race NO JUSTICE because he didn’t look like he was pressing. It was actually the rest of the field that tells you he was going fast …I’m amazed at this!

  6. He can do 9.90 easy… Just dont lose your focus king, mind blowing performance still thou..💯🙏🙌

  7. The one spot media and TV Jay commentator. They are amazing. They know what they’re saying. They are amazing. Good job, TV, Jay, sports commentator dies. You are doing a great job. I’m so proud of you guys from 1spotmedia TVJ.

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