Boy Shot in Arnett Gardens Jamaica | TVJ News - July 15 2021 1

Boy Shot in Arnett Gardens Jamaica | TVJ News – July 15 2021


An eight-year-old was shot in Arnett Gardens, Jamaica this evening in what eyewitnesses say was a drive-by shooting.

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  1. This is not good and a right in na my area to this boy even if he get thu this he is mess up for life this is a head injury 😡

  2. Whats continuing to happen in my land on Jah land, we don’t see the problems with gun men till the gun is pointed in our community, we need to call out the gun men in our community to the police, Mothers, baby mothers, fathers and sisters tell them we don’t want them in the house, All shattas need to go to prison, a little youth fighting for his life and we sing in our music we love life and we want rich, this kid is fighting for his life , so it’s only my family life matters? No Jamaica all life matters, We Jamaicans get upset on police brutally on blacks in America, why can’t we get upset and rise up against the shattas in our county, what if this was your son, nephew or grand child, shattas, its time for our communities to call you out. Call the cops, these guys should be in prison, don’t care if they are politicians, pastors, reggae artist or miss Matty son, and when we lock them away stop and supporting them, then we will be a better country, alot of Jamaicans overseas wanna come back home and invest in our country and help we country. This makes them more afraid, it starts with residence getting rid of the shattas and gun men in the communities. Let’s have a 5 year plan, if it’s not for you let’s do it for our children. If you love your child let’s take a pledge for your child and all the children of Jamaica, my prayers is with this kid right now.

  3. What is wrong with these dutty dawg dem. I have to blame these women who always coming out demonstrating fi dem dutty dawg yah in their communities That they keep going around and creating havoc. I wanted to see which one of them is going to demonstrate the shooting or the death of this little boy, it is a shame. The government get reaĺ tough on crime, every day it is getting worst with no letting up.

  4. Grown men can’t find anything constructive to do other than to fire shots at each other. They won’t consider the children because they don’t even love their own kids much more a stranger’s kid. No one is safe, sad!

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