Boycott of Portmore Toll? | Protests in St. Thomas | TVJ Midday News – July 11 2022

Boycott of Portmore Toll? | Protests in St. Thomas | TVJ Midday News - July 11 2022 1


  1. If jamaica people learn to unite everything would work out fine
    Every thing raise apart from our pay
    The people that work together will build a better future for our sweet sweet jamaica

  2. No unity in Jamaica so the people will continue to suffer. United we stand divided we fall …divided we fall…divided we fall!

    1. You should tell PJ that. There should be an alternative route adjacent to the toll road. PJ sold out the Portmore people

  3. jamaican peoples too full of pride , everyone want to prove that they pay it still united we stand and divided we fall

    1. Think a me alone see that but why Dem don’t do The same when gas and food gone up das y Dem stay poor not pride I will say Dem show off

  4. How about using the nurses in training and paying them a stifling which would be way cheaper.

  5. I been saying boycott the toll but my fellow Jamaicans doesn’t unite and that’s why Jamaica is the way it is

  6. We are not united that is why the toll fee even reach this high. Jamaicans have a can’t bother attitude. As the days go by let’s see how it goes.


  8. Never under estimate the PEOPLE’S POWER. People who elect rulers to power have every right to remove them

  9. Why the tolls? Road was there long long time before greedy people study how to get People in Portmore to dig in their pockets to pay Toll to Kingston. Yesterday I was traveling from Queens NY to Long Island way way out, road nice and no Toll. What’s up with some Jamaican Politicians who invented this on poor Jamaicans?? Raise the workers pay then!

    1. Trying to figure out what NYC and LI roads have to do with anything. Guess you just wanted to share your location.

  10. That is why the country is like this and leaders treat us like dog. Band toll road everybody and see if they won’t drop it .We as citizens need to take back our country.Price gone up but pay stand still .People a suffer man .Toll can stay for a while.

  11. I truly hope all of Portmore would use the Mandela Highway and every motorist coming from the Mandeville and Kingston ends, use the original road through Old Harbour. Only then a serious message would reach the people we want to hear our voices. I saw unity works once before when there was a gas price increase and all across Jamaica roads were blocked and in some areas the roads were even destroyed by fire. The price increase was eventually rolled back and a similar action would be really appreciated for the increases of the toll roads.

  12. Jamaica people must work together to accomplish better things for our sweet country Jamaica

  13. We as citizens need to come together for a cause if we want to see change. We have to make these corporations feel the effect. We need to exercise consumer power.

  14. Surgery cannot wait while ppl debate. 5000 surgeries on hold?!!! Ideally, medical staff should not be imported while staff in the country are underpaid and under appreciated, but the exodus for better has already began and the patients cannot be left unattended. They need to address the immediate need whilst compensating the dedicated staff who have remained. This is a dire and alarming situation.

  15. How Evil can those people be, to be raising toll-fee,in such a hard time for people who are trying to make ends meet..!!!

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