Boys & Girls Champs 2022 – Outstanding Moments | TVJ Sports Commentary – April 11 2022

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  1. True
    But there was a ute that did javelin discus and shot put and won gold gold and bronze
    He deserves a mention

  2. Serena Cole; triple gold medalist…sprint relay, long jump and triple jump should be applauded, but Kerrica Hill’s talent seems boundless.

    1. That’s the most “incendiary” and “divisive: argument I’ve heard, since Bag A Wire betrayed Marcus Garvey!!

  3. Big up to miss KERRICA HILL one for the future. I agree with mr Oral Tracey 💯 this is the top performance of the day at girls and boys champs 2022.

  4. If the wind was favorable in the the girls class1 100m n 200m finals you wouldn’t be saying this. Hill is supreme non the less

    1. @BROTHER MICHAEL it’s a pity that her class 2 team messed up on the relay cause she could have ended the championship with 3 gold medals

    2. @Track Boss so true, but for the relay her team is still the winner because they couldn’t lose if the team never mess up.

    3. @BROTHER MICHAEL true, they had the best quality in that class, they already went 44.60 earlier at Gibson

  5. She’s great but I think I would give Liston. I don’t think people talking about Lyston performance in the 4*4 anchor leg. That was beastly and we all know the 200 record which was even better than the final time considering it was done in a strong headwind.

  6. This young miss KERRICA HILL is to get all the big ups and also to be highlighted for her excellent performance just like a Tia, Tina and others. Who didn’t get to see her magnificent hurdle performance needs to check in out now. Me naa exaggerate but this performance is next to a BRIDGETTE FOSTER-HYLTON performance. Miss KERRICA HILL performance gave me goosebumps and I’m so proud of this young miss. What I am telling the whole world from now is that miss KERRICA HILL is the next Olympic gold medalist if she get a good coach, keep her focus and injury free. Again, big up yourself miss KERRICA HILL and GOD’S blessings to you and your family.

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