“Brace for impact”: Ford warns as he announces new restrictions amid ‘tsunami’ of COVID-19 cases


    1. I don’t take health advice from someone who looks like Ford… sorry…
      Not to be insensitive but the guy’s advice during lockdown was sit inside and bake cherry pie. This is about health?

    2. And don’t forget, the liberals had 15 years and during this time elected to shut down local hospitals to build brand new “state of the art” mega heath centers.

    3. @cooldudes4208 yea liberal gov’t installed those LHIN, or expanded them I forget. The administration networks that end up running health decisions instead of experienced healthcare workers

    1. @bdegrds ????? He’s a POWER LIFTER wich means he likes to lift HEAVY WEIGHT in the form of THE 3 MOST POPULAR LIFTS, Deadlift bench and squat. Someone who starts powerlifting at 13 is going to be a lot stronger than someone who started at 18 depending on genetics. By STRONGER I don’t mean bigger in muscle mass I mean STRONGER MUSCLES to lift more weight. Practice form ??????????

    1. @Burns Matkin Hold on there, I have a degree in Unicorn farts and a minor in cheese sniffing and I am doing very well as a Smurf Podiatrist.

  1. We should make reporters and politicians wear their sponsers names on their clothes…they would all look like Nascar drivers!

    1. This is all part of the world economic forum protocols.
      One mega back patch would do, since it he world Economic Forum members own the top of the umbrella companies.
      Want more info?
      Alison McDowell
      Corbett report
      Revolution in the streets

    1. It’s been brewing, but the pandemic started a firestorm of things that can’t be undone. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out …

    1. Too bad there ain’t no legislative authority !!! The meyers and chiefs of police are pulling off this stunt!

    2. @Richard Coupon Guy That foreign invading corporation is none other than Vatican curia’s council of Hittites!

  2. So you limit places and herd everyone to certain stores like Walmart and Costco. Costco gets unbelievably crazy every lockdown but you can’t go to a gym. The rules don’t make sense.

    1. I predict dummies will line up at Costco like usual. But this time it’s cold and snowy. Looks on them.

    2. By now I hope smaller stores have gone online. Which is a blessing for shopify and Amazon.

  3. Will the “Tsunami: be coming from the Atlantic or Pacific? Will the Provinces between the Ocean be wiped out if the “Tsunami” makes it all the way to Ontario?

    1. Kassandra Marie … YOU are the problem! You have no clue on how laws are passed and there is no law for this to happen!

  4. The only impact we’ll have to brace for will be on people’s livelihoods and finances. We’ll otherwise be okay in days to come.

    1. @Osmosisyour experts have gotten it wrong every step of the way. Is it safe to assume that any measures the government takes will have virtually no financial consequences on you? Ie, you’re a very well protected government employee?

    2. @James Bailey it started as something serious and quickly grew to a joke now it’s just opening the same book and hoping for a different ending 😆

  5. the experts have been so right about everything .Lol, this one sided debate is disturbing . science should be open to debate & challenging opinion .

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