Brain cancer 101.

Hi every one,

As u all know,my younger brother succumb to brain cancer on June 2,2011.He was unfortunate
to have been diagnosed with the most aggressive and recurrent glioma (tumor or neoplasm) possible.
This short paper is dedicated to his memory.

Around 400 B.C.,Hippocrates said,” All the most acute,most powerful,and most deadly diseases,and those
which are most difficult to be understood by the experienced,fall upon the brain”.
Today,diseases of the brain are powerful and deadly,and understanding brain tumors remain challenging!

In 2010,an estimated 22,020 new cases of primary brain and other central nervous system (cns) neoplasms
were diagnosed (Dx) in the U.S.,and approx 13,140 deaths occurred from those tumors.
The incidence of primary malignant brain tumors has been increasing over the last 30 yrs,especially in us older
Brain tumors are a group of neoplasms that originate from the glial cells of the brain.The brain is the 3lb mysterious
pink-gray substance,between your ears,sealed in liquid,and encased in a tough white membrane;and this blob,the
brains of the operation that makes u uniquely u,and people human.
It contains the glial cells that make up 85% of the brain and they give rise to star shaped astrocytes and cephalopodlike
oligodendrocytes and sausage – schwann cells wrap around neuron s like sheaths speeding their electrical transmissions
and helping control muscle contractions throughout the body.

The astrocytes ferry neurotransmitters,food and water and the oligodendrocyes wrap around the axon and protect it the
same way an electrician use tape to protect electrical wires.
There is much more to to it than this,but for this article and because i need to keep this short and simple,that is all u need
to know.

Cancer of the astrocytes is called astrocytoma and cancer of the oligodendrocytes is called oligodendroglioma.
Astrocytoma,especially grade 4 astrocytoma,which is also called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most deadly
form of brain cancer,life span is 13 mths or less and it is very recurrent.

Treatment is what we refer to as SRC,– Surgery,Radiation and Chemo.
Surgery removes most of the tumor,Radiation is an attempt to burn it and Chemo is used to destroy or alkylate the DNA
structure of the cell and inhibit growth thru a process called angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is a process where the tumor exploit our physiology to grow vessels which helps it to obtain nutrients
and oxygen to grow and grow and grow.
You see,normal cells are formed in the bone marrow,they live and die thru a process called apoptosis (programmed cell death)
Cancer cells because of angiogenesis,do not die,- they grow and grow and grow until they overwhelmed the body.

How do u know u have brain tumor?If u get get persistent headache,and u keep passing out,if u get fatigue often and if u have
difficulty with thought process and u have seizures,go see your Doctor asap.

That’s it folks,i have to keep this simple.
Hope this helps.
Dr J.Celaire (HEM/ONC)

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