'Brainwashed Americans' Pose Domestic Terror Threat In 'Staggering Failure' To Predict Riots | MSNBC 1

‘Brainwashed Americans’ Pose Domestic Terror Threat In ‘Staggering Failure’ To Predict Riots | MSNBC


MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace reacts to the handling from law enforcement of the riots in D.C. from pro-Trump mob in a 'failure of imagination' to predict the fallout from the protests. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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'Brainwashed Americans' Pose Domestic Terror Threat In 'Staggering Failure' To Predict Riots | MSNBC


    1. You know the Democrats rioted all 2020, right?

      Where were you with CHAZ?

      Condemn the repugnance of your own party first. Good lord. This, If anything, was simply following suit to the Democrats main theme of 2020. They set the tone for this.

      We condemned it all 2020. You guys excused it. Until now of course. Surprise surprise

    2. @Gary Quarty dude I thought of this in 2017 when my cousin went to go work in the White house for 3 years. Doesn’t take a Stable Genius to put words after letters. many people have played the
      Make America ( Insert Here) game

    3. @It Grew Legs And Walked Away I’ll condemn you first – thank you – Patriots do not storm Congress. Patriots do not support 2 bit con men who lie about everything and act like mob bosses. You lost but now you want to disenfranchise the majority of voters with Your Stupid Lies. No More! You Lost!

  1. This entire Treasonous ordeal started when McConnell and friends let Trump off the hook with the impeachment. Hold them accountable

    1. @Gary Quarty You need to dig a little deeper into that Ukraine issue. The facts aren’t on your side. Biden withheld that money to get that prosecutor removed because he was corrupt. The prosecutor wasn’t pursuing cases regarding people and businesses friendly to the former corrupt Ukrainian president, including Barisma (Hunter’s employer). Biden wasn’t trying to stop an investigation into Burisma. It’s quite the contrary actually. After the prosecutor was removed, the investigation into Burisma restarted after three years of no progress, and charges were made six months later. Also, the crime in question happened way before Hunter was employed by them; he was never part of that investigation. The motives described by Trump were literally the exact opposite of what was going on. He lied, as usual.

    2. @Trevor Lee and months of investigations turns out it was all made up. But there was no election fraud? Who are you to believe? After hearing by any means hard to believe anyone anymore.

    3. @Jamsie For being president isn’t a job in the sense that you think of it whether you like what they do or not how they do it or not it’s not how they were elected that’s not how we decide if somebody can stay in office. We based everything on merits of everything that people do then no president would ever stay in office. My president or your president does the job of people don’t like it doesn’t matter because he was elected by the people fit or not this is just always an excuse just because they don’t get there way.

    1. @C SI’m all for positive thinking but it’s a day late and a dollar short when the damage has already been done and those buffoons are still free.

    2. @Chas Farmer how bout stop telling our enemies we are weak. We are not weak. The congress and senate demonstrated that, but you didn’t watch it so you don’t know. But our enemies watched it and they know that we have already rebounded

    3. Think again… they have given Live Photo’s and video proof to all the countries who have been telling us to mind our own business, when we go and tell them how to conduct their election and their country

    4. @C S So tell our enemies not to believe their seeing eyes? We can’t even admit the truth to ourselves, smh.

    5. Maga Supporters stormed and took over an American FEDERAL BUILDING, with “NO WEAPONS”, while cops took PICTURES with them, & other cops cowarded inside. Only one shot fired, killing a WOMAN. 13 arrested, curfew established but unable to be enforced and it took HOURS for help to arrive but let’s tell our enemies not to believe their seeing eyes. smh, only Americans. How about unveiling the lies, by speaking truth, which is the only way to fix our issues.

  2. If thats BLM protest a lot of people would’ve been dead shot run over by a vehicle arrested and so on… This is our democracy being violated infront of our eyes…

    1. Watching from London, America is a laughing stock right now. Might aswell try and breach Area 51. Seeing how America’s security is like.

    2. Blm protests. The protesters get shot and killed by white vigilantes. Wisconsin example. Your point? False equivalence. Google it.

    3. @Ryan Brown Time to kick Rupert Murdoch and his propaganda Fox Fake News out of our country! Also time to turn back three damaging laws that Ronnie Bonzo Reagan instituted when he was destroying our great country. Reagan got rid of the “Fairness Act” that allowed FOX ENTERTAINMENT to call themselves a news station , gave a permanent tax cut to the wealthiest people and he set into motion the destruction of Union Jobs , with his evil policies.

    1. @It Grew Legs And Walked Away you are incorrect and do not live in d.c. and therefore are not informed at all.

    2. @It Grew Legs And Walked Away you would say that!! The fact is that Donald Trump made it so that these people could walk around fearing nothing. But black people doing peaceful protect is labeled violent. This was a violent insurrection that broke into Capital Hill, rampaged broke glass and invaded spaces. And you mentioned the BLM. He and they treaded these people like babies. Its shows the USA systemic racism and Donald Trump’s leadership of the white Supremacists movement in the USA.

    3. @Samantha 1st when the BLM protests were happening, cops , secret cops and soldiers were there ready. The protest was corralled on certain streets. These people were allowed to roam wherever they wanted. Donald Trump made sure if that!! This didn’t happen by accident. It was allowed to happen

    4. @It Grew Legs And Walked Away never had a problem with protesters, just rioting and anarchy even last year.

    1. @Mickey Rosa Yeah they are. And you u can’t complain about people being shot then want other people to be shot after for doing the same thing. Dont be stupid

    1. @Ryan Brown They impeached Trump because he has committed criminal actions. He violated his mandate of power when he hindered the aid Congress had released to Ukraine. A President may not do that… ever… for whatever reason. But you are far to illiterate to understand why usurping the Congress powers is so dangerous to democracy. Because if the Presidents does, there is no need for a Congress.. the President can do what the f he wants. The Senators and House members you vote for become powerless. There wouldn’t have to be a Congress. The President would become a dictator.
      And be very, very, very scared. Because the Republicans set the precedent for this. Biden, with both the House and the Senate, could easily do the same and essentially manage to make himself tyrant because of the Republicans failure to remove Trump from office. And in the same way as many Republicans now vote to overthrow the election, the Democrats can now do the same in four years. And with both the House and the Senate, they would succeed. They would be able to make Biden eternal ruler. But remember… it was your guy and the GOP who made it possible. If Trump doesn’t pay a heavy price for this what he was impeached for (and obviously what he has done lately + a bunch of other evidently illegal stuff he has done) after he leaves office, any future President will know they can get away with anything. And if the GOP in Congress who have attempted to overturn the democratic election won’t suffer some severe consequences for this, any future majority in Congress will know they can overturn the election.
      But again, you’re not bright enough to understand these things.
      Trump is exactly like hitler. A malignant narcissist. And it was obvious it was going to end like this. Like hitler in his bunker and the destruction of America. Everyone with a brain knew it. Therefore they wanted him gone. And used legal constitutional means. Clearly defined in the Constitution. This what the Republicans are doing isn’t Constitutional. The Congress has absolutely no power to question the electorate. They are just to count and accept. But…. Uneducated people like you don’t know much. You only parrot idiocy.

  3. this is when pepper spray mace and rubber bullets should be used but the police are the most brainwashed of all

    1. I feel they should have better prepared, however these people where carrying automatic weapons, assault rifles and bombs…. if they started pepper spraying and shooting would have escalated things horribly

    2. Most law enforcement support this orange lunatic. Authoritarian government would be right up their alley.

  4. This happens when you don’t hold a rebellious president accountable for his actions. Four years later, i won’t think about eight years of this administration.

    1. Michael Cohen warned Congress in his closing statement, that Trump was not going to have a peaceful transfer of power when he got voted out of office!

    2. Hmmmm. I love it. When Democrats riot it’s Trumps fault. When Republicans riot it’s also Trumps fault.

      When Democrats hate, it’s their targets fault… not the fault of their leaders.
      When Republicans hate, it’s their leaders fault, not their fault of their target.

      It’s called: you’re a biased hypocrite.

      After violent Democrat riots all 2020, it is completely tasteless to act self righteous now.

      Perfect example: Republicans condemn rioters of their own party today. Democrats can’t do that. They sided with CHAZ. They sided with rioters attacking federal courthouses. They sided with rioters tearing down public and private monuments, and against police. They pushed defunding the police, packing the courts, and against acting civil for all of 2020.

      The BlM riots lead to a lot more damage, injury, destruction, death, and was entirely excused by Democrats.

    3. @Republicans are terrorists you should not be allowed to vote, and should never be allowed near children. You are a vile, repugnant person.

    1. @TheDarkknight04 I live in d.c. and have lived all year with BLM in the streets. Now I cannot go out of my own house because we are on lock down due to the Trump Taliban attack. GTFO troll.

    2. I live in d.c. and have lived all year with BLM in the streets. Now I cannot go out of my own house because we are on lock down due to the Trump Taliban attack.

    3. But MSM calls the same acts by BLM or Hong Kong protestors “peaceful protests”. You liberals are brainwashed.

    4. Nonsense. These people are brainwashed and Trump is mentally ill. Rep`s, Murdoch and Putin are to blame.

  5. This is what happens when the branches of government refuse to check a president falsehood and dog whistles and corruptions. #hold trump accountable and lock him up

      (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

      (B)appear to be intended—

      (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

      (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
      (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
      (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States;

    2. Law must be passed to remove the OLC GUIDELINE THAT PROTECTS A SITTING PRESIDENT FROM INDICTMENT…. It’s not even a law…. But law must be drafted to remove the possibility of it continuing…..

  6. Vanilla ISIS has just sunk themselves forever…..
    Any willingness to consider any of their claims just went out the window

    1. SO GLAD THEY’RE SO STUUU-PID!!! Even the international community will forever not agree with you! Plus our enemies, are enjoying your temper tantrums! Also thanks for dying for a dummy, & bringing bombs. Your opinion is no longer warranted & respected. GOOD JOB!

    1. @El Desgraciado Ok, so Social security payments and funding cops and fire departments aren’t …Socialism??
      I live in Michigan and I also lived in Winnipeg Canada. So tell me oh Great Sage..what is Your experience? Because your opinion SUCKS!

    2. @Jonathan Mol I’m more than happy to educate you: The U.S. Constitution has a preamble, and within that preamble there’s a part that refers to “The proper role of government”, so you see your argument of SS, police, fire departments, roads, or schools, are not good ones because our constitution already established that certain services must be provided by the government. Yes, the most silly socialists believe that “roads and schools” are an example of socialism. I’m a Latino man and I already experienced the same degree of socialism that Biden and AOC dream about. And, yes, it sucked, it didn’t work, and everything went down the toilet. Maybe you’re confusing high-taxation societies with socialism?

    3. @El Desgraciado I am.
      No mistake Socialism isn’t horrible,but I believe it is Your greatest fear? Hey, who doesn’t want to over pay for insulin or any other type of medication in a capitalist society that would be substantially less in a socialist country, like..I don’t know Canada?
      Keep living the dream Brown person.

    4. @El Desgraciado Oh, I intend to pass my pesticide tests and go on to better days. I could get a different type of health problem than blood clots. I also hope to have health insurance for the 2nd time since 1997. I don’t get sick, is my mantra.
      I appreciate your candor. I don’t see you as an adversary.

  7. These people almost got their hands on the bag that held ALL the Electoral votes from ALL states that had certified their election results….This was a COUP!!!

    1. And we can thank Senator Duckworth for grabbing the bag of electoral votes on her way out the door. Thank you Senator Duckworth!

    1. @El Desgraciado Here is the simple difference between the reasons people on the left protest versus the on the right: The Left protests FOR Human Rights or AGAINST Human Right Abuses. The Right protests AGAINST Human Rights.
      BLM= pro Human Rights
      ANTIFA=Against Fascism
      RightWing=pro racism, pro white supremacy, hateful (nearly all HATE groups are from the right wing) pro-FASCISM.

    2. @Julie B BLM is a communist organization with a clever name, did you read the official BLM manifesto off their website?
      Antifa is another communist organization, to them anyone who isn’t a commie like them must be a “fascist”. Hey, the Black Panthers is a leftist organization that also happens to be a racist organization! Learned something?

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