Brandy Zadrozny On Online Vaccine Misinformation | MSNBC

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny and MSNBC medical contributor, Dr. Kavita Patel to discuss the spread of vaccine misinformation through social media.

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Brandy Zadrozny On Online Vaccine Misinformation | MSNBC


  1. I know there are some ignorant, narrow-minded, and just plain dumb people in this country,
    but I never realized how pervasive it is.

    1. Dam if the election was stolen then why is it so hard to prove? So fn tired of you fn cry babies whining about a “stolen election” . If it was stolen the my pillow guy would have proved it to us by now. Move tf on with your lives before it’s too late. 💯

    2. @Jock Young People blocking windows with cardboard is just one small piece of evidence. There is a lot more. I do not even care for Trump and I seen the fraud.

    3. There is no credible evidence whatsoever of voter fraud on the part of the Democrats in the election.

  2. Out of all the good the internet did and has done the ugliness gets worse with no relief in sight.

  3. The irony of any American media, having the balls to point out misinformation. You people should be ashamed

    1. yea she says social media is new? 20 years + is not new, tho she may have been in grade school when it started and her parents wouldn’t let her on it.


    1. Yes, we are so skeptical, we don’t believe the news. We are so skeptical, we believe a random post online!
      That will show those sheep who live with facts!

  5. It should not be called social quote-unquote media. Our media has standards checking ethics etc etc. I’m not naive enough to believe that our media Outlets are perfect but at least they do try as long as they’re not opinion pieces. Maybe the social quote-unquote media should be renamed social opinion because a lot of it is not based in fact

  6. I disagree with dr Patel – sone ppl only respond to being told to shut up, MAGAs especially

    1. President Trump announced today in his press conference a class action lawsuit against Twitter Facebook and Google, our government was coordinating with them to supress our free speech, removing their 230 protection.

  7. Brandy is the single most person that spreads the most DISINFORMATION and misinformation of anyone

  8. We don’t want your experimental drug. Take the hint already you evil people. Go away!

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