Brawl breaks out in Arizona Bath & Body Works | USA TODAY 1

Brawl breaks out in Arizona Bath & Body Works | USA TODAY


Video shows customers, employees brawl in Arizona Bath & Body Works
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The incident was started by someone cutting in line and led to employees and customers brawling in the Bath & Body Works store.

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  1. I guess all the corona tension is finally making its way out. Beware people, weird things are about to erupt.

  2. Omg! The temperatures super hot in Arizona or is there something in the water? People shouldn’t be putting their hands on other people.

    1. No such thing as uppity. Just people who think they are. Nonetheless I can bet this is not employees behaving rude.

  3. I hope she comes back for a 2nd round to redeem herself… Very poor combat form. No jabs, no hooks, no kicks… I am not impressed.

  4. Lol Its an all out War! No Holds bars Karen’s vs Karen’s see who the strongest of them all will Truimph in Victory over Soap and Shampoo.

  5. Wow! This is one place I never expect to see a fight. Every bath and body works have always had the most friendliest and kindest employees whether in the hood or nice neighborhoods. Wow!

  6. *God bless Dr Godfatherspellcaster on YouTube for your urgent spell caster, I got my husband back after 24 of your spell casting*

  7. Why did the workers jump in so harsh, seem like it made it 20 times worse, the company will be mad

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