‘Brazen Lie’: Chris Hayes Calls Out Gov. Abbott, Fox News For Texas Power Grid Lies | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Brazen Lie’: Chris Hayes Calls Out Gov. Abbott, Fox News For Texas Power Grid Lies | All In | MSNBC


“But to the purveyors of the big lie—Republicans like Greg Abbott and his friends on Fox News—this very real and acute suffering is just a vehicle for their political objectives,” says Chris Hayes of the GOP blaming the Green New Deal as millions of Texans freeze. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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‘Brazen Lie’: Chris Hayes Calls Out Gov. Abbott, Fox News For Texas Power Grid Lies | All In | MSNBC


  1. Next on Fox News: George Soros invested money into the construction of windmills in Texas to turn the state into a communist dictatorship.

  2. And them Texans will keep voting republicans!!!! They did this to them self!!! and will not learn that republicans are not for the people!!!

    1. Republicans in Texas keep redrawing districts and suppressing votes to keep themselves in power. Texas is more blue than people realize.

    2. True Republicans are “not a part of the people!” The Democrats “are not even a part of the people neither.” It’s currently the dominant political ideology that is dominating Texas and virtually all of The United States. This political ideology is Fascism. This ideology is normally against new immigrants or any immigration of any kind.

      It is only for a nationalist ethnicity, in this case White-Nationalism. Calling for White Supremacy to “reign supreme and forever.” It also calls for Corporatism, which has happened gradually during the last two decades and has reduced competition to a very minimum. The Democratic Party calls for a “Multi-Cultural Fascism” while The Republicans are “all-out White Supremacist Fascism.” It is quite simple!

    1. Lets end all socialism by assisting Texas from Trump’s $750 taxes ONLY. They should be expert in lifting themselves up from boot straps

    1. As my Grandfather user to say, “If you want to upset a Democrat, tell them a lie. If you want to upset a Republican, tell them the truth”.

    2. I’m sorry but your Democratic hero governor Cuomo has cornered the market on lies and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers. Please don’t throw stones in your glass house.

  3. Texas didn’t spend the money to weatherize their power grid and it literally froze !
    Climate change is real and it’s only going to get worse. If states aren’t willing to spend the money on weatherizing their infrastructure to hold up better under extreme weather conditions then expect this to happen again and again.

  4. The windmills froze??? The windmills in Michigan are working just fine. What’s really frozen in Texas is the leadership.

  5. This is the 45 effect slowly coming into fruition, the worst is yet to come for the rest of the RED states SMH

  6. Typical GOP – when things go well, grab all the credit. When things go wrong, point the finger at others. From the party of personal responsibility.

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